Pubdate: Sun, 15 Apr 2001 Source: Oracle, The (TX) Copyright: 2001 Stratford High School Oracle Contact: Website: Author: Michael Shanks, student reporter


Marijuana use has been increasing in the United States, and surprisingly, SAT scores are on the rise too.

It's time for America to face the facts. Not only has marijuana use been increasing but SAT scores are also on their way up. Now this may seem like some fluke statistics, but that just isn't so. There are many obvious reasons marijuana increases your ability to take a standardized test, and the first and most conspicuous is that it is a relaxant.

Marijuana sends this relaxed sensation into your muscles, especially the ones in your head thus calming you down before the big exam. I just recently took the SAT exam and I saw many people rush in there and proclaim that they weren't going to do very well. Now if they had used marijuana any time in the last week, then they would have been a little more confident and probably more optimistic. Marijuana not only relaxes you, but takes away that edge of pressure that anyone might feel when doing something that could determine the college you get into, kind of like the SAT.

Another important factor that may raise your test grade is that marijuana allows the user to concentrate on just one thing for a long period of time. Although you may be easily distracted, your focus will greatly increase in a quiet room in which the SAT's are given. It will especially help with those long reading passages in the verbal section which are usually boring. Marijuana will evince the message behind the concrete words and tap into your ability to answer the redundant questions even though you would be completely bored otherwise.

Then, there's the factor of creativity that become apparent when marijuana is used. Some how the chemicals in the drug make the creative part of the user's brain translucent and lets all creative light flow through. That would greatly increase your ability to solve intricate math problems by just looking around the numbers and outside the box.

So next time you feel that standardized test itch, sit back with a couple of friends and light up that precious pipe. Who knows, you may find that tiny little weed to be your key to the college of your choice.

( NOTE: Two graphs were included, the first graph shows Marijuana use by students from 1985 to 1995 and the second showing SAT scores from 1990 to 2000. Both graphs show increases from 1992 onward. )