Resolving Our Energy, Paper, and Future Employment Needs With Hemp

by Cannabis Researcher Debby Moore

Legislative Platform - June 1993

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Resolving our energy, paper, and future employment needs with Hemp.

It is time we bring our attention to the global effects of Greenhouse, and what we as inhabitants of planet earth must do to immediately begin the reduction of CO2 from our atmosphere.

Few people realize there were automobiles (i.e., self propelled vehicles) for 60 years before petroleum products were used to power them.. These automobiles ran off steam, batteries, and bio-mass fuel. No other plant produces the amount of bio-mass per acre as Hemp. The first forty thousand Model T automobiles Henry Ford manufactured ran off Hemp Bio-Mass fuel.

In 1942, Henry Ford proved that Bio-Mass for fuel was the answer to environmentally safe fuel. One his estate, he grew Hemp to produce his "car from the ground" (Popular Mechanics, 1942). Externally the automobile was made from the cellulose fibers of the Hemp plant, the windows were made of plastics from the Hemp plant, and the automobile was also fueled by Methanol Bio-Mass produced from Hemp. Henry Ford was a man of vision. But the petrochemical companies with their own selfishs interest managed to

Henry Ford's "Car from the ground" 1942

suppress this knowledge by inventing Marijuana. Consequently, fifty years later the very ecology of the world is in danger.

Bio-Mass vs. Petrochemicals

Petroleum is the results of eons of Bio-Mass decay. Through centuries of decay, sulfur leached into the oil. When petroleum is burned, it emits sulfur, the cause of acid rain, and CO2 into the atmosphere, thus causing excessive accumulation of greenhouse gases. Add to this the fact that only 5% of the old world forests remain, you can see why we are smothering.

When you use Bio-Mass for fuel, it requires CO2 in which to grow. When you burn Bio-Mass, true, it also emits CO2, but necessary for next years growth crop. Thus you have created an ecological cycle with balance between the two. There is no sulfur in Bio-Mass fuels.

For the past couple of decades Bio-Mass for fuel has been investigated, but the conclusion has been that it is not economically feasible, hiding the fact that the only crop on the planet capable of making this and every country fuel independent is being held captive behind a smoke screen of prohibition.

In 1935, the legislature of Kansas appealed to the U.S. Government to reconsider its new prohibition on hemp, despite it's "narcotic" tip. In 1935, Hemp was the number one agricultural product of Kansas, so great was its value to Kansas at the time, the dome of the capitol building in Topeka was constructed, our forefathers honored the Hemp plant, and its economic value by adorning the ceiling of the Capital dome with Hemp leaves. In their appeal to the federal government they state that prohibition will economically devastate Kansas. The unknown of this travesty was the "dust bowl" years that plagued the Kansas farm economy for years to come.

Hemp for Bio-Mass will produce ten to thirty tons per acre, or the equivalent of 1,000, to 3,000 gallons of fuel. The compared agreed price to the farmer for Hemp bio-mass is approximately $300. per acre on a poor year, and $900. per acre on a good year. With 6% of the land in the United States planted with Hemp, about 10,000,000 acres, this country could be fuel independent in two years. This is less land than we pay farm subsides on.

Energy Farming works by installing in every county a pyrolethic converter. (About every fifty miles across the country.) Bio-Mass produces several types of fuel, Methanol, Butane, Ethanol, Diesel, and briquettes, (charcoal). Methanol can be burned in motor vehicles, and distributed much like natural gas. Briquettes can be used by industry with furnace facilities.

Just imagine, the United States could lead the rest of the world in Bio-Mass conversion, using our technology to develop the most effective procedures. The U.S. could be fuel independent in two years. More important, we could lead the countries of the former Soviet Union, those dependent on the sixteen dangerous, outdated, nuclear reactors, responsible for serious radiation contamination upon the planet, to a safe energy farming alternative.

On February 13, 1993, the United Kingdom took the lead securing it's financial future by legalizing Hemp as an agriculture cash crop.

Hemp: The Economic Corner Stone of American Economy

Until the early 1900's, most paper, and clothing (a hemp shirt costs $.50, and a cotton shirt at the time cost $150.) was produced from Hemp. Hemp sailed the great ships of our ancestors, covered all the wagons headed west, made the first Levi jeans durable, supplied the fabric for the first American flag, and provided the paper on which the United States Constitution was written. Presently we continue to import the Hemp paper on which we print our money. Why do we not grow our own paper for our money in America?

For thousands of years, Hemp was the number one agricultural crop of the planet. Hemp was so vital to the economy during the founding days of the colonies, because all ships of the time contained 60 tons of Hemp to rig the sails, and for rope. Consequently, who ever controlled the most Hemp, could have the most ships, enabling them the benefits of controlling the most commerce. The British made it law, that in order to own land in the new Colonies of America, you had to grow Hemp; thus George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, and Ben Franklin, were all Hemp farmers.

As a result of the British collecting the Hemp as taxes from the colonists, you could actually pay your taxes from 1631 to 1810 with the Hemp crop itself. I am sure when the Constitution of the United States was signed, and the Bill of Rights made law of the land, in no way was it ever intended to prohibit cultivation of Hemp in America. Much less world wide eradication.

* A side observance of the author: Considering the value of Hemp, and the taxation it represented, what do you really think our forefathers dumped into the bay the night of the Boston Tea Party?

Before the people of the world can understand the possibilities that lies in the exploitation of the Hemp plant for the economic and environmental benefit of the planet, we must come out of the smoke screen of the 'smoking hippie, hype'. If the world were planted in Hemp for Bio-Mass (fuel), paper, fiber, and protein, the greatest percentage of Hemp that would be of smoking quality would be .001%. Certainly not worth continuing to fill our atmosphere with CO2, and stand by as we watch people starve, and our planet die.

Hemp # 1 for Paper

What will be left of this hundred years? A few boxes of microfilm, for in the archives, where our culture is recorded, the volumes of books are falling apart on the shelves where they are stored. Until Dupont Chemical obtained the formulas from Germany as repatriations of World War I to invent the chemicals to produce wood pulp from timber in the early 1930's most paper world wide was produced form Hemp pulp. In fact, Ben Franklin invented the first Hemp Pulp Paper Mill, so the Americas would not be dependent on England for paper. Hemp pulp paper in history dates back 2,000 years. Wood pulp paper has not proved the test of time. Besides promoting the destruction of our forests, the production of wood pulp paper is one of the greatest contributors to the pollution in our rivers and streams. Hemp pulp paper can be bleached white with Hydrogen Peroxide. Wood pulp paper can only be recycled 4-5 times, Hemp pulp paper can be recycled 12-14 times. Hemp pulp paper can also be made from Hemp textiles, as it was until about 1930. (Rag is a old term used in the newspaper industry for the recycled fiber on which it was printed. These fibers were from used clothing gathered by the "Rag Man".)

One acre of Hemp will produce the same amount of paper pulp as 4.2 acres of trees. Trees are a very valuable commodity for wildlife. Hemp seed is essential for nutritional balance to wild birds and human beings.

Presently we are selling our raw timber to Japan at below market prices, approximately $2.30 to $2.70 per tree. The U.S. Citizens are paying subsidies to the timber mill owners to enable them to clear cut their lands, while putting the American laborer out of a job. Japan is doing two things with this timber. First, they are dipping in paraffin and submerging into Tokyo Harbour for future sales. The second part involves years of preparation. Over time, the Japanese have purchased Army surplus mine sweepers, and converted them into timber processing plants. They take these boats out past the 12 mile limit and process the timber into lumber. The Japanese are using the cheapest labor to achieve these products. Many Korean people work for room and board. The lumber is then brought back onto the shore, and sold back to us, one processed board at a time.

Once again, we find Americans out of work, and our profits going over seas.

I would like to share a little story that tells much about the insanity taking place in our country regarding Hemp prohibition, which exploits the unknowns which our government keeps denying. In 1988, a retired CIA man took a teaching position in the high school in Hays, Kansas. After he had taught at the school for a while, the friendly farmers offered to take him pheasant hunting. For those raised in rural communities, this is appreciated as quite a gesture of friendship. Upon approaching the most favored pheasant patch, the retired CIA agent starts screaming this is 'Marijuana'. He called the sheriff. The sheriff said, "Don't think so, been here since I was a kid". This is 'Marijuana' yells the CIA man, and he brought in the press, DEA, ATF, FBI, the National Guard, and he became famous. The farmer lost his farm, and was sent to jail. His children were removed from his home and put into foster care. The state received a large grant from the Federal Government. Certainly the Hemp was gone But...the birds still starved.

Imagine living in an environment where you can watch the atmosphere heal itself. Where trees are able to remain standing to produce oxygen, and we rely on an annual renewable natural resource that can only benefit mankind and nature for our paper, fuel, protein, & plastic needs.

Economically, besides the possibility of making all countries energy independent, I get excited about all the new industries that would enjoy new profits as the Hemp industry is developed. According to the last printed papers documenting the various economic values of Hemp, Scientific America, 1938: by projecting to 1993 figures, Hemp is worth $1,117,550,000, annually to the U.S. Economy. This means lots of Jobs for Engineers, Jobs for Chemist, Jobs for Tool & Dye Makers, Jobs for Machinery Manufacture's, Jobs for Auto Mechanics, Jobs for Auto Part Suppliers, Jobs in a new Paper Industry, Jobs in a new fiber board industry, Jobs for people in a new home grown textile industry, Jobs for farmers, Jobs for truckers, Jobs for Machinists, Profitable Farming, and much much more. There are over 30,000 known Hemp products, recyclable, biodegradable fiber for a Greener Economy.

The High Costs of the Drug War The demise of the family unit.

Several years ago, 1986, the Federal government began promoting programs @ encouraging students through the school system to turn their parents in for using "drugs", usually smoking marijuana. Not often did the child realize that while he was being praised for his heroic act, he would most likely lose the loving care given by his parent. The costs of destroying the family unit. When a child is removed from the family unit, and placed into the system, the child loses the love, and caring only a parent can give. Many times, the child falls victim to abuse, displacement. Often, the confusion cost are manifested as a poor education for the child. Mostly the child suffers, but so does society. We as taxpaying citizens pay for these services rendered by the state.

The media is responsible for assisting the money lords and government in spreading the lies regarding Hemp (AKA Marijuana). Because of the ugly faces and lies painted by the media, many parents do not understand why their children have an inborn desire to consume cannabis. They don't understand why their children do not come to dinner, or stay as long as they would like for them to on Holidays to enjoy games & laughter with the family. Many parents do not allow for tolerance with their children, they remain blinded by the press. Programming has taught them a conditional kind of love, which is what they offer to their children. Is it any wonder that so many families break down because the children are not living their lives exactly as they are dictated to by their parents, long after the child has reached adulthood. Successful families look the other way when the family members decide to go for a walk , between card games, or after dinner.

Never would I support the usage of Cannabis to negate the responsibilities of a parent to a child, an employee to an employer, or a citizen to the community in which they live.

Nor, should the use of Cannabis be used as a reason for depriving a person of employment. It is sad that we have given the insurance companies so much control over our daily lives. As business continues to take a beating, and jobs become fewer and more far between, I find it a travesty a company is willing to deprive itself of inventive genius, in favor of qualifications such as passing marijuana tests.

"study not only earned the maximum number of reinforcement points throughout the drug period, but there was also no consistent change in the pattern of work contingent operant acquisition that could be related to marijuana use. Subjects often showed very high work output while they were smoking marijuana and when they were experiencing the maximum effects of the drug. Thus, our data disclosed no indication of a relationship between decrease in motivation to work at an operant task and acute or repeat dose effects of marijuana.

Several other significant findings related to mtivation and marijuana smoking observed in this study should be emphasized. First, all subjects completed the study. This is again in marked contrast to similar studies carried out with alcoholic subjects. Alcoholics frequently attempted to terminate participation by overt or covert aggressive behavior, particularly when intoxicated. All subjects in the present study expressed a strong desire to complete the study and rarely tried to impede the research. Second, subjects maintained interest and participation in a variety of personal activities, such as writing and reading literature, interest in and knowledge of current world events, participation in both athletic and aesthetic endeavors." John Stewart. Chapter 14; pg 176.

"What may be surprising is that, according to a report published by NIDA last year, Utah Power and Light actually "spent $215 per employee per year less on the drug abusers in health insurance benefits than on the control group." Those who tested positive at Georgia Power had a higher promotion rate than the company average. Moreover, Georgia workers testing positive only for marijuana (about 35 percent of all the positives) exhibited absenteeism some 30 percent lower than average. Nationwide, Morgan says, marijuana accounts for up to 90 percent of all positive findings, both because it is by far the most widely used illegal drug and because it persists in urine for up to a month (compared with two days for most other drugs)." Scientific America; March 1990 "Science and the Citizen". pg 18.

One of our Activists in Salina, Kansas, has worked for the company he is with for over 13 years. Within the last six months his company took on a new insurance company whose requirements were immediate mandatory drug testing of all employees, followed by periodic testing. The activists took the courage to approach his employer, and explained to him that he was in danger of losing at least half of his best workers.

Upon research, the employer discovered there were several types of tests. One test shows consumption within the last four hours. The employer decided that if his employees did not consume within four hours of reporting for work, this would be acceptable job performance.

What happened to High on Life? Availing oneself with Cannabis means Optimum Health. That's what that special feeling good is all about.

Why do the power people claim Marijuana is the gate way drug? It could be that when persons use is they instantly know they have been lied to during all their previous years. It could be that a person, already feeling bad about himself due to previous programming, as he smokes, begins to feel more negative about himself, because he likes what he is doing when inhaling Cannabis. Because he is now breaking all the laws of being good, and pure, and now has tried drugs. He concludes to himself. "I think they have been lying to me about Marijuana. Marijuana, it is not so bad, in fact I really like it. I wish I could have more. If they have lied to me about Marijuana, they must have been lying about...". There the cycle begins. The big difference is between use and abuse.

It is far more important to teach a child how to set goals and reach those goals, than to identify the various substances on a "drug tree." My child in the second grade knew more about drugs than I as an adult. She obtained this information from her teacher.

Marijuana is presently more expensive by the ounce than Gold. One pound of Marijuana purchased as most do by the quarter ounce, costs $45. to $65. each. This equals $3,200. for one pound of Marijuana, that costs absolutely nothing but sunshine and rain. Due to most jobs, even minimum wage ones perform drug testing, (marijuana test is more appropriate,) society encourages persons who wish to use to experiment with other less expensive and less detectable substances. The author believes that any chemical you put into your body that is not naturally from the ground, is not body friendly.

Many Hemp Activists believe it is time we spend our hard earned dollars on things rather than simply burning it up. It is time we buy tires, refridgerators, and shoes. The end of prohibition would remove the high profits from a huge untaxed industry.

Man has always strived to change his state of mind. From the time a child is old enough to swing himself around a pole until he gets dizzy; Ever since he has lit fires in a hearth, and used aroma theraphy, and burned candles when setting a romantic scene, he has done so.

As long as there are chemistry students, pharmaceutical companies, alcohol, and numerous green herbs living on the planet, there will be stimulants. As harmless as chocolate, coffee, and tea, are; to the serious stimulant preferences as nicotine, sugar, alcohol, cocaine, and pharmaceutical medications, there will be users and abusers. It does not take a genius to acknowledge we have a society of over weight people. Being overweight is very harmful to your long term health. Are we going to put all the fat people in jail. Fat people disgust just as many citizens on a whole, as do those who smoke and use alcohol offend many others.

None of this is material if we are striving to build a society of harmony between all peoples. Tolerance for cultures, and allowing man to make for himself, personal preferences as to his own behavior, as long as it does not inflict harm upon others, will be the path of bringing peoples together.

Religion also has even become hazardous to some people's health. If you believe yourself to be a sinner, then you will fill your life with misfortunes, and punishments. If you happen to be verbally, pro-abortion, or gay, white in a black congregation, or black in white congregation, Catholic instead of Baptist, or Methodist instead of Jew, belief in a higher power, or no religion at all, we fill our lives with needless stress, not realizing our differences aren't really that important. In present times and throughout history, mankind has allowed indifference to destroy empires.

Where is there one so perfect, that he is qualified to make the decisions, and judgements for another. While one man may enjoy milk and honey, a lactose imbalance may cause another individual to become deathly ill.

Cocaine as a drug kills, and destroys many lives every year. However our government keeps the fact well hidden that it is necessary for the Indians in the Andes Mountains, who work at 14,000 plus altitudes to eat the cocoa plant to microbiotically assimilate oxygen. Nor does the government tell you that in 1924, and in 1925, they, and the United Fruit Company, tried to get the cocoa plant to grow all over the world. Which it will not, because our creator is truly infallible, and cocoa consumption is only necessary for humans who live at high altitudes.

The government also fails to tell you it costs $400,000. annually to keep one drug dog hooked on cocaine.

Financial Accountability

For several months I have been trying to get our elected officials to respond to my request for financial accountability regarding the drug war. I want to know how much we are spending on social services to cure the wounded family. How much do we spend on investigations, equipment for surveillance, salaries for officers to destroy property and stomp fields? How much for building costs, judiciary costs, incarceration, or rehabilitation, how much for appointed Governor's & Presidential Directors of the Drug Abuse Programs for the State of Kansas, Washington DC., and their staff, and expenses.

On a national level, there are far more costs than locally for there are failed systems such as the blimps that ineffectively cruise the boarders. Now we have installed a massive Gama Ray X-Ray machine at the Mexican boarder entrance to Arizona. This Gama Ray X-Ray machine is capable of X-Raying a box car of merchandise at one time. What do you think about all the food you now eat that comes through this check point, effective April 1993, being contaminated with Gama Rays long before it ever reaches the grocery shelf for your consumption?

The average costs of a drug rehabalition center is about $550.00 a day per patient. Insurance usually picks up 80% of these costs for their policy holders. Talk about soaring cost of medical care since it became vogue to admit ones personal failures, and leisurely recover from ones weaknesses, while discovering new pharmaceutical highs. Thank you, Betty Ford. The youth of today owe you much: Depriving them of guaranteed Constitutional Rights; inheriting from your generations idealism's, and the debts it incurred while keeping everyone looking the other way.

During the first week of April 1993, I received a phone call from Congressman Dan Glickman's secretary in Washington DC. For several months I have been asking for figures. I was not surprised to find out that the government does not have to keep the same kind of expense accountability as private business. So no one really does know how much we are spending as a whole on the drug war.

Congressman Glickman's secretary made me speechless when she declared that no one is in jail over Marijuana. People are only in jail for cocaine she proclaimed.

2.5 % of the total population in the United States is in jail for using Marijuana. These people are in jail through the mandatory sentencing established under the Bush Administration. Many of these are incarcerated because of dirty UA's while on probation. What does this mean to the average citizen? It costs $60,000. annually to keep one person for one year in jail. First time conviction is 5 years. Second time conviction, even if the first offense is twenty years old, is life in prison, or the Hard Forty. Third time conviction, can include the death penalty, as will cultivation if the present crime bill is passed as it is currently written by the U.S. Congress..

Rural communities all over America, where farming once was the leading occupation, are now hosts to immense penal institutions. No longer do they farm the land, for there is no profit in farming. To keep the rural communities alive, Congress over the years have guaranteed jobs as prison guards, and other support services. These prisons were built to surpass occupancy only after the turn of the millennium. These prisons are, over crowded now with millions serving mandatory sentences over marijuana usage. The important part of this game plan which Mr. Public seems not to understand is rape, murder, assault, and robbery; these crimes do not have mandatory sentences; consequently, these persons are free in 18 to 37 months to keep room available for the presently guaranteed flow of Marijuana users.

Marijuana laws cost police officers their dignity.

Many police officers can not give you logical reason as to damages of Marijuana, all they are programmed to respond is "it is illegal". Thus begins the disharmony between government and people. The people know that many officers smoke marijuana, and use other drugs. Alcohol seems to be the most preferred substance, nicotine is next. Many police officers' wives, and families are victims of alcohol abuse.

Officers know that persons who smoke pot will be caught over and over again throughout their lives. Police also know that the term mellow applicably depicts the Marijuana smoker. Officers expect no violence when attacking a Marijuana user, who causes no damage to themselves, or society. The user is simply a victim of power mongers, ignorance, and book burning. However, it is guaranteed revenue for municipal governments, attorneys, and job security for court officers. Who pays for this? You & I.

Most officers, and citizens will tell you they think Marijuana should be legal.

I have discovered through many conversations, the average business, and or educated person who uses no illegal drugs would be more in favor of the decriminalization of all drugs, rather than singling out Marijuana alone. They see the drug war as the failure it is.


The most outrageous of all the reactions of Marijuana Prohibition, is the destruction of the Constitution of the United States, and the repeal of the rights guaranteed to all.

We have an enforcement league who decides upon whom the hand of justice will fall qualified by the amount of possessions the victim has to seize. Static's prove that 85% of all seizures never result in any charges being filed. In has also been proven that 98% of all money in all banks will show positive for cocaine residue.

I have recent personal experience of the powers of government. On May 17, 1993, my attorney was able to expose that in fact the police did lie to the Judge to get him to sign a warrant to search my property. He exposed the fact that they knew they had two addresses, and did not take the warrant back to the judge to correct. The judge also ruled that only under rare circumstances regarding child pornography was the written word ever to be seized. In my case, 31 copies of the book The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer, and a library of 4,000 laminated sheets of documented facts regarding the economic, environmental, medicinal, advantages of Hemp as an agricultural cash crop were seized. The majority of these papers were U.S. Government Agricultural reports from years previous to prohibition in 1937.

But, to this date, I have yet to receive back any of the $16,000 in inventory confiscated because it had a hemp leaf on it, and charged against me as paraphernalia; nor have they returned anything taken from my hemp store, the address of which was not on the search warrant, nor the library, or books they removed , or the operating capital of $2,400.

And yet the property I was deprived of cannot overshadow the fear that I and my daughter felt as were ordered and shoved around by men swinging guns and wearing masks, who had just kicked down eleven doors in our building that evening. One of the officers bragged as the ordeal was over; I complained that with all the damage, I was lucky they left the plaster on the walls, and the carpet on the floor.

Police broke open nail polish bottles over my clothes, and emptied the trash can on my bed. They tore the clothing racks from the walls in my dressing room and confiscated personal private love letters, (among many other things), a suit I had made of the Hemp fabric, and spent 180 hours embroidering in Hemp facts, (approximate value, $600.) I have only worn this suit twice. Once to meet now Vice-President Al Gore, and the other to meet Governor of Kansas Joan Finney. The last time I saw this suit was in court, and they had so little respect for my labor and property, they had written all over the suit with a magic marker, and wadded it into a bag they also took from me.

No respect for my property is manifested when they opened and threw onto the ground to be stomped on almost 100 hats from 1880's through the 1950's. No respect for property is a very dangerous platform to develop and accept in the United States. Today the government can take from you anything it wants, and it does not have to prove you are guilty to take this property. Nor do they have to give you a receipt when they take your property. This could be your vacation money while you are touring with your family. Your leather coat if the officer likes the style. It could be your home if you own the property. Most definitely your automobile if it has any value. In my case, it can even include personal love letters that contain no words of drugs, unless that emotional high when you are in love, has also become illegal.

I would like to bring this fact to your attention one more time: 85% of all drug seizures never result with any charges being filed. There is much more property confiscated from innocent persons than from those who are guilty either in whole or in part..

Seizure laws allow law enforcement to obtain and drive automobiles neither they, nor you, and I could ever afford under any other circumstances. They say they are used for surveillance. However, one of the detectives on my case drove a new Mercedes to a hearing at juvenile hall this past month. Nice perk?

Another notable point regarding seizures is the DARE Corvette the police department drives around and shows off to grade school children. Recently while these officers were on a call-in television program, I asked them: "Exactly what is the message of the DARE Corvette. Are you saying if you grow up to be a drug dealer, you can afford to drive an automobile like this, or is your message, if you grow up to be a policeman you can take this car away from a drug dealer, and drive it for yourself?"

When the police break into your home, their goal is to confiscate anything of value, and destroy the rest. I take pride in the ownership of a china cup given years ago by a friend. When the police destroy that cup because it is on the shelf, and they are emptying the shelf, they have no respect for ownership of property. In effect, eventually people will lose their respect for ownership of all property, theirs, and yours also. Do we want these kinds of actions by the police to remain acceptable behavior from the government?

Lastly on seizure laws: Often there are small rural farmers that are arrested for the cultivation of four or five plants for their own personal use. Or let us go one farther, and let us say that he harvest ten pounds of marijuana a year, and he profits maybe five or six thousands dollars. Where does he spend that money? He pays his taxes, the mortgage on his property, the expenses of educating his children. He keeps the small grocery and hardware store alive in his community, even contributes to the church he and his family attends. But when the government jumps in there and removes that five or six thousand dollars from the farmer, the government is also removing the money from the rural community, and it will not ever return. That money will be gone forever into the hands of war mongers, who will waste it on more war toys, to destroy more lives.

Marijuana is illegal because it allows the power and money lords to control the raw fiber resources of the world.

The primary reason Cannabis Sativa L Hemp, AKA, Marijuana is illegal is because it allows the small 3% of the people who control the wealth of the world to keep the rest of the people enslaved. It is so simple to understand if you can visualize that one cannot weave a bolt of fabric, manufacture any plastics, use any energy, grow any crops, make any paper, without attaching to those who control all of the raw fiber resources of the world.

The end of Hemp Prohibition would allow counties to energy farm for their local needs. It would encourage the development of new industries in textiles, building construction materials, paper, nutrition, to name a few. The most wonderful part of legalization, is this money produced by the Hemp crop would stay in the communities where it is grown. These moneys would turn over and over on the insides of the country, giving the wealth back to the people.

How much longer are we going to hide behind the lies of the smoke screen?