2011 Global Million Man Marijuana March

Meet at the south Riverside park, located at Central & Nims Wichita, Kansas. The fork of the river. Concerned citizens will gather 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM. Saturday March 7, 2011. We will occupy the nearby bridges, waving to traffic, BRING YOUR OWN sign promoting drug law reform. Stay on sidewalks, do not interfer with passing walkers, and cyclists. Event Sponsor Debby Moore, http://www.hempforus.com/2011_global_marijuana_march.htm - 316 524 6001

Be sure to bring your picnic lunch, and any lawn toys you'd like to share, (like frisbee's, soft balls, lawn darts - you get the idea.) Groups will share their lobbying experiences for 2011. It will be a great year for Activists in Kansas. Expect petition gathers.

11:30 - 1:30, Saturday, May 7, 2011.

Parking available on the north side of park by the Tennis Court entrance, the south side by the Keeper of the Plains park, and west of the Indian Center intersection, should there be thousands.

You are requested not to bring any illegal substances. There is no doubt that all will be photographed, and auto tags recorded by law enforcement.

Leave your dog's and pets at home!

Don't forget your lunch, hope to see you there, we will have lots of fun.


Start your plan of action now. Join in the forum lunch discussion.

'Hemplady' e-mail: debby@hempforus.com - be sure to put MMM March in the subject line

2011 participants in the Million Man Marijuana March are asked to begin their activities NOW. The Kansas Legislative Platform demands ABSOLUTE DECRIMINALIZATION.


*Join DrugSense, the Media Awareness Project

*Join think tank to establish "Hemp's Carbon Footprint"

*Dr. Jon Hauxwell, retired, Hays, Kansas, has brought professional accreditation to our group. MedCanKan.org, in Potwin, Kansas, under the direction of Cheryl Riley, is accumulating large numbers of interested persons. Thomas Ballard, Adam Turner, Dan Dawdy, David Mullford, Bob Weeks, are new activists stepping forward. I hope these people will empower their communities to deliver a message to our stale legislators: Drug Law Reform, or out of office you go, we'll elect some one who will. These people represent various areas of Kansas. Google them for contact information, and add your voice when they address the communnity for reforming drug laws.

*Contact Debby, and distribute 2011 posters advertising Wichita participation. Phone 316-524-6001 to arrange pick up.

*Design a post card to legislator, local-state-federal, make copies, and have friends sign and mail to the targeted individual, or agency. http://www.kslegislature.org


Support Kansas House Representative http://www.GailFinney.com in her HB2610 efforts. She intends to reintroduce a simular bill in 2011.

*Register to vote!

Sedgwick County Election Office, 510 N. Main St., Suite 101, Wichita, KS, 67203, Phone 316-660-7100 - or - Pick up voter application at Dillions stores, or print one out at http://www.sedgwickcounty.org/elections


Personally lobby a legislator, or agency with reasons to change present drug policy.

*Senator Sam Brownback - DC Office, 202-224-6521, Wichita, 316-264-8006

*Senator Pat Roberts - DC Office 202-224-4774, Wichita, 316-263-0416

While it appears no one listens, the staffer who answers the phone will make a notation of your opinion. The itch that is most annoying, always gets scratched first.


*Print flyer promoting legalization, decriminalization, or drug law reform. Hand out your creative flyer, at concert, or any mass gathering. Even on a street corner.

*Write a letter to editor of newspapers, magazines, broadcasting stations.

letters@wichitaeagle.com - or - Wichita Eagle, PO 820, Wichita, KS, 67201

*In conversations with friends, bring forward discussion to reform drug policy.

*Protest DEA interference with Prop. 214, by holding a sign on the sidewalk in front of the Wichita DEA office, showing sympathy for the California Compassionate Use Groups. Learn more: http://www.AmericansForSafeAccess.org

* Volunteer to help: Cheryl Riley, Medical Cannabis Kansas.org, Potwin Kansas. She needs many volunteers.

*Join DrugSense, the Media Awareness Project