Ralph Loziers, general counsel of the National Institute of Oilseed Products, told the congressional committee studying marijuana prohibition in 1937 that, "Hemp seed…is used in all the Oriental nations and also in a part of Russia as food. It is grown in their fields and used as oatmeal. Millions of people every day are using hemp seed in the Orient as food. They have been doing this for many generations, especially in periods of famine.

Now we know hemp seed is the plant kingdom's richest source of life-giving essential fatty acids, and may well be the cure for cancer and heart disease.


No other single plant source can compare with the nutritional value of hemp seeds. Both the complete protein and the essential oils contained in hemp seeds are in ideal ratios for human nutrition.

Only soybeans contain a higher percentage of protein, however, the composition of the protein in hemp seed is unique in the vegetable kingdom. Sixty-five percent of the protein content in hemp seed is in the form of globulin edestin. (The word edestin comes from the Greek "edestos," meaning edible.)

The exceptionally high edestin content of hemp seed combined with albumin, another globular protein contained in all seeds, means the readily available protein in hemp seed contains all the essential amino aids in ideal proportions to assure your body has the necessary building blocks to create proteins like disease fighting immunoglobulins - antibodies whose job is to ward off infections before the symptoms of sickness set in.

Cannabis seed protein even allows a body with nutrition-blocking tuberculosis, or almost any other nutrition-blocking ailment, to get maximum nourishment.*

*Cohen & Stillman, Therapeutic Potential of Marijuana, Plenum Press, NY, 1976; Czech. Tubercular Nutritional Study, 1955.

Even more important to building a strong immune system, hemp seeds are the highest source in the plant kingdom of essential fatty acids, are responsible for the luster in your skin, hair, eyes, and even your thought processes. They lubricate (clear) the arteries and are vital in the immune system.

These essential fatty acids were used by Dr. Joanna Budwig (nominated for the Nobel Peace Price every year since 1979) to successfully treat ""terminal" cancer patients, as well as those suffering from cardiovascular disease, glandular atrophy, gall stones, kidney degeneration, acne, dry skin, menstrual problems and immune deficiency.

This, as well as other research, prompted William Eidleman, M.D., U.C.L.A., and R. Lee Hamilton, Ed.D., Ph.D. Medical Researcher-Biochemist U.C.L.A. Emeritus, to speak out on behalf of "the life-giving values" of cannabis hemp. They state:

"These essential oils support the immune system and guard against viral and other insults to the immune system. Studies are in progress using the essential oils to support the immune systems of persons with the H.I.V. virus. So far they have been extremely promising.

"What is the richest source of these essential oils? Yes, you guessed it, the seeds of the cannabis hemp plant…The insane prohibitions against the most valuable plant on Earth, cannabis hemp, must yield to public demand…The promise of super health and the possibility of feeding the world is at our fingertips." (December 29, 1991)

Hemp seed extracts, like soybeans, can be spiced to taste like chicken, steak, or pork and can be used to make tofu-type curd and margarine, at less cost than soybeans. Sprouting any seed improves its nutritional value and hemp can be sprouted and used like any other seed sprout for salads or cooking.

Sprouted hemp seeds make milk, just as soybeans do. Alan "Birdseed" Brady of Santa Cruz, California uses this milk to make a delicious and nutritious ice cream in many flavors that actually lowers cholesterol levels.

Hemp seed is ground and used like flower, or cooked, then sweetened and combined with milk to produce a nutritional breakfast cereal - like oatmeal or cream of wheat. This type of porridge is known as a gruel. (Like the fiber, hemp seeds will not get you high.)

"Hemp is a favorite [bird seed] because of its nourishing oily content." (Margaret McKenny, Birds in the Garden, Reynal & Hitchcock, NY, 1939.) Incredibly, when cannabis hemp is grown for seed, half the weight of the mature, harvested female is seed! In Europe, hemp seed is the favorite fish bait for chumming for most fresh water fish.

The byproduct of pressing hemp seed for its nutritious vegetable oil is a high protein seed cake. Hemp seed cake was one of the world's principal animal feeds until this century. Hemp seed can supply a nearly complete diet for all domesticated animals (dogs, cats), many farm animals, including horses, and poultry, and allows animals maximum weight gain for less than current costs. And without any artificial growth steroids or other drugs currently poisoning the human race and food chain.


By itself, widespread use of hemp seed food protein could save many of the world's children now dying of protein starvation! An estimated 60% of all children born in Third World countries (about 12-20 million a year) will die this way before reaching five years of age. Many times that number have their lives dramatically shortened and/or their brains decimated.

Remember, hemp is a hearty plant that grows almost anywhere, even in adverse conditions. Australians survived two prolonged famines in the 19th century using almost nothing except hemp seeds for protein and hemp leaves for roughage.

Furthermore, recent studies indicate that depletion of the ozone layer threatens to reduce world soy production by a substantial amount - up to 30% or even 50%, depending on the fluctuation of the density of the ozone shield. But hemp, on the other hand, resists the damage caused by increasing ultraviolet radiation and actually flourishes in it by producing more cannabinoids, which provide protection from ultraviolet light.

It's no wonder that some Central and South Americans hate America and want us out: They see us as ignorant killers. For years, our government demanded the paraquat poisoning of their lands; lands these farmers had grown cannabis on by law since 1545, when King Philip of Spain ordered it grown throughout his empire to provide food, sails, rope, towels, sheets and shirts - as well as providing one of the people's most important folk medicines for fever, childbirth, epilepsy, and poultices for rheumatism.

Today, if anyone is caught growing their old staple, cannabis, their U.S. supported government/military expropriates their lands. The leaders then qualify for more American foreign and military aid in exchange for adopting this policy of wiping out marijuana - one of their peoples' oldest livelihoods, folk medicines, food staples and joys.



Our politicians, who made these marijuana prohibition laws based on years of disinformation, may have doomed not only birds but also the human race to extinction from another direction.

Many animals eat birds and their eggs. Birds in the wild are essential to the food chain; and they continue to diminish in population due to - among other things, such as petrochemical pesticides - the lack of hemp seed! With hemp seed in their diet, birds will live 10-20% longer, have more offspring, and their feathers will have more luster and oil, allowing longer flight.

Prior to 1937, there were more than 10 million acres of seed-laden cannabis hemp growing wild in the U.S. Hundreds of millions of birds fed off them as their favorite and most necessary food until our government began its policy of total eradication of this most primary link in the food chain.

Oblivious to these inherent biocide (killing all life) dangers, our government continues this insane policy to exterminate the earth's number one life-giving plant - hemp - both here and abroad.