Now that I know your address is accessable, I will tell you more.

In 1993, I won by more votes than any one else an elected position

representing those in my city district on a pro-legalization platform a

four year term. I so successfully completed my duties that when I ran

for re-election in April of 1997 again I won another four year term with

more votes than any one else, even after the newspaper bashed me

regarding my felony conviction, (which I should point out is under


The mayor of Wichita, even after I was certified by the state election

commission as the winner, decided that I could not serve. A matter

which out raged many people that I would not fight, but you will

understand that my plate is plenty full at the moment.

On March 20, 1996, while I was at my step-fathers birthday party, police

& DEA raided my home, and the offices of Kansas Environmentalists for

Commerce in Hemp. Of course they left with my money, all records, and

receipts for tax stamps. (They did not take the actual tax stamps on

this raid.) For about six months, I had been publishing daily hemp data

on the internet in ten page increments to about 10,000 newspaper, radio,

television, and magazine news media.

I am an acute activists, and I have corresponded to and have received in

response hundreds of letters from elected persons nation wide. If you

noticed on my homepage, I applied for a license to cultivate hemp

through Executive Order 12919. The success of this endeavor was the US

Department of Energy prioritized Cannabis as an alternative fuel crop. I

have at least twenty letters from Clinton dating back to before his

election as president. I have Christmas Cards from him at the White

House. I have thank you notes from Hillary for Hemp Gifts, a mention

from in AP regarding the hemp catnip pouches I sent "Socks" on another

event. Needless to say, when Clinton refused to allow Addis to

distribute their 'Earth Friendly' hemp shoes in the US in 1996, I took

his reaction personal, so I sent him a e-mail in mid February 1996 that

read: "Dear President Clinton, please read my lips, hemp shoes are made

for walking and in the 1996 election, I hope they walk all over you!"

Of course knowing how ego-mania is, he sent me a letter stating "I

appreciate your candor".

As you may remember on March 6, 1996 the House Judicary Sub Committee

held hearings on the adequicy of present marijuana laws and

punishments. Dr. Eric Voth, of Kansas spoke at those hearings. Dr.

Voth has been the pain in my side ever since I began activism in

Kansas. If I received 30 seconds on the radio or TV, he received the

other 30 seconds. When I would write a book or paper, he would write a

essay calling me a liar. During the later part of February 1996, he

stated in the Topeka Capital Journal that all activists who are on the

internet were well financed, and should be silenced. Another message he

repeated during his presentation at the House Judicary Sub Committe

hearing March 6, 1996. RE Congressional Record.

March 15, 1997 while General McCaffey was the guest speaker at a

conference in DC of over a thousand nationally assembled guests, I

during the question section stood up and presented a regulation through

taxation question which dropped at least five hundred mouths to the

floor. I followed this up by presenting him with an expired Kansas

Marijuana Tax Stamp before he left the forum.

So needless to say, my life turned to hell March 20, 1996. I stayed in

hiding for several days. Once my attorney was able to reach an

agreement with the DA that I could turn myself in rather than being

arrested, I returned home, but was followed every where I went by the

black helicopters, and the FinCen officers in their little blue cars.

Imagine trying to eat breakfast at your local dinner listening to the

WHOP WHOP of the copter blades hovering overhead!?

On April 2, 1996, they raided me again. This time I was arrested. On

this occasion they took the tax stamps, again money, and every single

computer disk they had not seized before. I should mention that the

disk contain the data that are on my home page. The same information

that was seized from me in 1992 in xerox copy form at that time, along

with 31 copies of THE EMPERIOR WEARS NO CLOTHES. This they had to

return to me in 1994. (A case that brought me national attention.) I

would not have the aforementioned data, except that between March 20, &

April 2, a programmer that had helped me upgrade my computer system had

brought me copies of what was on my hard drive that had been seized on

March 20. I made 21 copies of this data, and immediately mailed one

copy out of state. The other copies, they seized on April 2.

Once the smoke died down I had the copies mailed back to me, and I

published them on a homepage.

As I mentioned in my first communication to you, count 2, a felony

conviction for .091 of a gram of marijuana ash scrapped from a closed

ash tray during a traffic stop on October 23, 1995. During the evening

of October 23, 1995, I had just come from the University where I was

taking a class in Land Investment Analysis (I hold a real estate

license). The officer that pulled me over knew who I was because we

held our city meetings in the police sub-station where he was

stationed. I was pulled over at 9:44, and at 9:46 another officer who

had come on the sceen were discussing that I was the hemplady at the

back of my car. After they held me at the stop for more than an hour,

given me three tickets, starting with the fact my brake lights were

deffective? The fact that I had picked up my lawnmower from the shop

that day, and either when the mower was put in the trunk or removed, the

lights came unplugged from their socket. So after I accepted the

tickets, I asked the officer if he would sign off on the fix it ticket

by opening my trunk, where the lights were shinning, totally workable,

he arrested me an placed me on a $15,000 bond. Besides the .091 of a

gram, he also seized 5 $10. current Kansas Marijuana Tax Stamps from my

closed purse.

On August 29, 1996, I was sentenced to eleven months in the state prison

for this, and committed to 2 years intensive supervision probation.

This means that at any time they can come to my place of employment, my

home, search me, demand a UA. I report three times a week, and they

visit unannounced about twice a month. I hate this invasion of my

privacy, and the degradation of my personal physical body. They do not

need a search warrant. I cannot go dancing, I cannot play bingo, I

cannot buy a lottery ticket, I can not eat in a restaurant that serves

liquor, ect. (The dancing is what bothers me the most, I love to

dance.) As the old saying goes; for every adversity there is a greater

seed of benefit, and it remains true in this instance also. If I were

not in the middle of all of this, I would not know how bad it is.

There is a joke about the little boy who is an optomist, and he is given

a box of 'shit' for Christmas, and as he excitedly digs through the box,

he declaires: "I know there has got bo be a pony in this box!"

In late November 1996, the state filed their charges against me on the

March and April incidents.

I have been to court hearings at least once every two weeks, sometimes

every week, and sometimes more than three times a week, since October

1995. I am actually about to lose it. It is to the point that

nightmares, and fear are affecting my health.

In November while I was testifying about the terrifying reoccurring

nightmares I suffer from resulting from the hooded men throwing me to

the ground pushing the barrell of a gun to my head, I totally blacked

out on the witness stand. This resulted to a short mental recess for me

in that the court ordered me to psychiatric evaluation. So at least for

the Christmas holidays, I have not had to be in court this month.

I am presently laying out my lobbying strategy for this legislative

session. In July of 1997, I received from the Federal Government my

Employer's Identification Number for HEMP INDUSTRIES OF KANSAS. Don't

you know the state just loves that one?

I could also share with you that I actively participated in upsetting 16

year incumbent Dan Glickman from the US House of Congress, only to have

him appointed as US Secretary of Agriculture.

Because of all my political activism, I have met and know these people

personal. I have had the opportunity to discuss one on one with Al

Gore, Hillary Clinton, Dan Glickman, KS US Senator Pat Roberts, KS US

Senator Sam Brownback, Congressman Todd Tiahrt hemp issues.

Besides the Prison issue, I also am working on research about the lowest

voter turn out ever in this country during the 1996 elections. I

believe it has a lot to do with the numbers of persons who have lost

their rights to vote over the drug war.

And last but least, when I came home from work Christmas-Eve, there in

my mail box was a Christmas Card from Vice-President Al Gore.