Wed, 13 Aug 1997 18:05:35 -0400 From: Chris Clay

Subject: We lost, but appeal's coming soon :) " Hi everyone, Just a quick update! I finally finished dealing with the media frenzy after the verdict and rushed home to post the details online... Judge McCart basically agreed with most of our key points (i.e. marijuana has medical value; it's safer than alcohol & tobacco; it's never caused a death; it's not addictive etc.) However, at the end of the day he ruled that he doesn't have jurisdiction to change the laws; it should be left to Parliament. Obviously my lawyers & I strongly disagree. The politicians have refused to deal with the issue for decades, so Prof. Young argued the courts not only have the power but an obligation to strike down these archaic laws. Anyway, it's certainly a disappointment, but an appeal is already in the works. It won't take nearly as long as the trial (a 2-year wait); the appeal will likely be heard before Christmas before the Ontario Court of Appeals. The Appeals Court should be much more responsive to striking down the laws, and Prof. Young is an appeals lawyer so he will have a field day. I will write more soon, time to update the website right now! Chris P.S. Thanks to all who helped with the case!! _____________________________________________ Hemp Nation * Chris Clay * E-mail __________________________________________________________ For help, please send a HELP command to: no-zone-Request@fornits.