Date: Fri, 13 Dec 1996 03:39:55 -0500 (EST)- Hi Debby, I'm sorry to hear you're having serious legal problems as well. The police here bought seeds from my staff in June, then waited until we received our Christmas stock before raiding us last week. I was also raided 1 1/2 years ago for selling clones, and that trial begins in April; I'm fighting it on constitutional grounds with the help of a law professor. We will be bringing many experts to testify, including Lester Grinspoon from Harvard and prominent Canadian scientists. I'm lucky to be in Canada, since the courts and police aren't as oppressive as their American counterparts. Even if I am convicted, I will likely receive a fine and no jail time. However, I plan to keep fighting to the Supreme Court if necessary. I was already offered a discharge if I plead guilty to "possession of marijuana" - all other charges would be dropped. The government doesn't want my case to proceed, since it may strike down all of our cannabis laws! If you are facing years in a federal jail, perhaps you should think about getting out of there? Perhaps you could head to Canada or Amsterdam or something. It's important to challenge these laws, but if the U.S. federal government plans to put you away, that's obviously not going to help anybody. Anyway, good luck and keep in touch. Chris -------------------------------------------------- HEMP NATION - Chris Clay, proprietor - 101-343 Richmond St., London, ON, Canada N6A 3C2 Voice (519) 433-5267 * Fax (519) 433-7725 --------------------------------------------------