Debby Moore, President Hemp Industries of Kansas 2742 E. 2nd * Wichita, KS, 67214 (316) 681-1743 *

Steve Brisendine March 6, 1998 Associated Press 215 W. Pershing Kansas City, KS, 67108

Dear Steve:

I hope you enjoy the contents of the enclosed. It has taken years to acquire this information, and much effort and pain to be able to hold onto this information.

In November 1992, the police kicked down my doors, wearing hoods and masks, pointing guns at my daughter and my head. Law enforcement confiscated over 500,000 pages of xeroxed data, some of which I mailed to you, and 31 copies of the book The Emperor Wears No Clothes. I received these files and books back in December of 1994 through much court action. As I mentioned in our conversation, law enforcement also confiscated my hemp clothing during this raid.

In the fall of 1995, I began publishing this historic information on the internet. On March 6, 1996 President Clinton mailed me a letter stating, I appreciate your candor. On March 20, 1996 again law enforcement once again wearing hoods and masks kicked down my door and confiscated my computer. Twelve days later on April 2, 1996, law enforcement returned again wearing hoods and masks, to confiscate all the floppy disks they had not taken before. Fortunate for fellow Americans, I learned to keep my file copies in the hands of persons who live out of state.

In 1992, I made national headlines by introducing the nation to tax stamps, and the states that have drug tax stamps. Between 1992, and 1996, I purchased from the state of Kansas over $30,000 worth of Marijuana Tax Stamps which they sold me in person, & through the mail with self addressed envelopes they provided. With the full knowledge of the Department of Revenue, I sold these tax stamps in $10.00 increments to anyone who wanted to buy one. On two occasions they even post dated the stamps by a couple of days, so the date would be current when they were sold at rallies and public presentations.

Of course law enforcement always takes my tax stamps, and then they lie and swear that I never had any. I know the state knows differently. I am on personal terms with several of the staff over the years of doing business with them.

While I have been to court hundreds of times since 1992, I expect to return to court soon over the 1996 intrusions. In addition to: I also have a tax stamp trial pending.

The most negative side of this story is Kansas has a mandatory sentencing law. 28 eight years ago I had a misdemeanor charge for possession. The second charge is always a felony, and the third charge will get you the hard 40, if convicted.

My last year of trials have been over the debate that even though it was ruled by Judge Sanborn in March of 1993, and again by Judge Clark in May of 1993 in my case that law enforcement could not hide their identity wearing masks they still do. I know how terrorizing this is. I have continuous night mares, and live my life in fear.

While I will fight till my last breath for the freedom of speech and thought. I do not want you to think that I am a totally pure in my efforts. I know that should these laws in Kansas, or the US ever change regarding Cannabis, billions of dollars will be earned by those who are prepared. In all of my research, I have the land maps where cultivation has been the best in the nation for centuries, and I have all of the formulas for making the 30,000 known products. This is why I have a real estate license and a certification in brokering financial funds.