Debby Moore, Founder Kansas Environmentalists for Commerce in Hemp DBA/ Hemp Industries of Kansas State Education Center & Political Action Headquarters Kansas State Lobbyists Freedom Fighter August 1994 Wichita, KS, 67214 (316) 681-1743

July 7, 1997

Don Wirtshafter, President The Ohio Hempery, Inc. 7002 State Route 329 Guysville, Ohio, USA, 45735

Dear Don:

I am writing to inform you of the present status of my legal entanglements, and to share with you the enclosed document.

1) The brief prepared by the appellate public defender regarding my October 23, 1995 arrest. My attorney: Charlie O’Hara has informed me within the last two weeks that a ruling has recently been rendered in another case that justifies them upgrading my charges to a class 4 felony. However he still believes that I will win on the search issue.

2) National Interagency Counterdrug Institute Counterdrug Managers’ Course, July 1994.

I am told that this organization is so top secret that the US House of Representative for this area of California was unaware of their existence. I am also told that the organization is so top secret that they change their telephone number every four months. While the years of 1995, 1996, & 1997 have proved that their plans of actions, no matter how outrageous have been implemented.

This document was smuggled out 10 pages at a time by a high ranking officer who did not agree with policy being designed. You will note that Maureen M. Bossch, an executive in this organization is the often quoted Officer at the Joint Task Force Six located in El Paso, Texas, regarding the shooting of the young man last month while tending his herd of goats.

I hope you willfully, and with great exploitation share this document with one and all interested parties. Of course I do intend to publish its entire contents on my home page, but this will take some time, and as we all know it tends to make my computer disappear.

3) My cases of March 20, 1996, & April 2, 1996:

My trial date has been postponed indefinitely! The reason being is Charlie filed a motion to suppress regarding the fact that law enforcement here in Wichita continue to wear hoods and masks to hide their identify.

Over the last ten years at least seven judges have ruled that law enforcement can not wear hoods and masks to hide their identity.

The motion to suppress is being heard by two judges, and it involves five cases, and another attorney besides Charlie. If these two judges rule in favor of the defendants, of course the state will appeal to the Supreme Court. If the two judges rule in favor of the state, of course the attorneys for the defendants will appeal to the Supreme Court.

Disclosed so far in the hearings: So far only one person has testified. A Lt. Lambdee who was in charge of the vice department from 1994 to 1996. During cross examination Charlie asked Lambdee: “In previous testimony you testified that you believed that officers should be able to wear hoods to protect their identity.”

Lambdee answered “yes”.

Charlie asked: “Don’t your police identity cards have your pictures on them?”

Lambdee answered: “yes, but they are not shown”.

Charlie asked: “Don’t your badges have your identity number on them?”

Lambdee answered: “yes, but they are not shown”.

Charlie asked: “Well what do you show when entering a private residence.”

Lambdee answered: describing the helmets, and goggles, the black clothing with the printed police on the front, and printed badge on the shoulder. He told how within the first thirty to sixty seconds while they are securing the property that there is such chaos that no one can identify them, once persons are face down on the floor with a foot in their back, and a gun at their head, they pull down the masks.

Charlie asked: “You have testified that you believe that officers should be able to hide their identity by wearing masks. Do you also believe that officers should be able to wear masks while testifying in court?”

Lambdee answered: “yes”

Charlie asked: “In previous testimony you stated that vice officer automobiles were kept in a different garage than regular police vehicles to protect their identity. Then do you believe that officers should be able to enter and leave the court house in masks?”

Lambdee answered: “yes”

Charlie asked: “Then I take it you believe in a secret police?”

Another point Charlie covered was: Why they used terrorist style tactics when kicking down the door and throwing persons to the ground with guns in to their heads. Lambdee answered that because at least 95% of all drug cases involved guns. Charlie asked Lambdee if that was a documented statistical figure he was using, or just a figure he made up. Lambdee answered that it was a guess from his previous experience. Then Charlie asked him how he came up with that figure since not one of these five cases being heard today involved a firearm.

*** This hearing lasted about five hours. During cross examination Charlie also discovered that at some time over the last eighteen months, The Judge who convicted me, and signed my search warrants: Judge Owens, Nola Foulston, the District Attorney, and Lt. Lambdee had a meeting and just decided that police could wear masks. Totally disregarding the previous rulings of seven district court judges.

4) The March 20, 1996. & April 2, 1996 case consisted of over 300 pages of evidence against me. I numbered these pages, and summarized them for Charlie so they would make sense to him. Because you are an attorney, I am sending you these pages of summarization.

5) The tax stamp trial has been postponed presently until October 1997, however, states it will be continued until the state rules on the motion to suppress.

6) A note of good news: Last week I received my Employers Identification Number for “Hemp Industries of Kansas” from the Internal Revenue Service. I filed in January 1996. They sure took their time to reply. This must mean they know it is going to happen?

Love, and thanks for the support! Looking forward to a dance.