May 1, 1997 Please Copy and Distribute to Friends

Dear Hemp Friends:

As many of you are aware, I am scheduled to begin jury trial on May 19, 1997. Of many injustices that are involved with this case, that began on March 20, 1996 with the seizure of my computer which contained nothing but a research data base about the plant provided by our creator “Cannabis Sativa L Hemp.” My case is also about Kansas Marijuana Tax Stamps which became national news in 1992. See High Times August 1994.

I face due to Kansas Mandatory Sentencing Guidelines 40 years in prison.

My Attorney is a wonderful man, patriotic & religious by nature. If it were not for him, and his willingness to help me, I would be facing the wolves (law enforcement), with a court appointed attorney, while they would be eating me alive. I am more ingratiated to Charlie than words can express.

My request from you is A CARD PARTY FOR CHARLIE. Would you please participate in sending him a card or note within the next week to let him know that people all over the world are united in fighting these unfair laws destroying our Constitution, & the Bill of Rights.

Charles A. O’Hara Attorney At Law 1502 N. Broadway Wichita, KS, 67214 (316) 263-5601

***** Debby Moore, Founder Kansas Environmentalists for Commerce in Hemp State Education Center & Political Action Headquarters Elected CPO District 1.3 Kansas State Lobbyists Freedom Fighter August 1994 2742 E. 2nd Wichita, KS, 67214 (316) 681-1743