June 12, 1995

Wichita Department of Finance Controller's Office
455 N. Main Street
Wichita, KS 67202
Wichita Department of Finance:

Thank you for providing the citizens of Wichita with easy to read financial reports. Your patience and ability to hand lead interested participants in government to a simple educated understanding of city government finance is remarkable. As a member of the CPO budget committee, I received authorization at our last meeting of June 2, 1995 to request additional information from your office.

This information is mentioned on page iv: Special Revenue Funds: "These funds are used to account for revenues derived from specific taxes, governmental grants or other revenue sources which are designated to finance particular functions or activities of the City. For purposes of budgetary comparisons, statements presented exclude Federal Funds." Our committee would like a listing of these Federal Funds. Our committee would like to know the department in the federal government that administers the fund, the purpose of the grant, and the percentage of the grant that is considered the drug percentage by the Executive Office of the Presidents National Drug Control Strategy.

I am enclosing a summary of the President's 1996 proposed National Drug Control Strategy budget by function, to provide you with a reference so you may provide us with through information. I am sure your office is aware that Community Policing in directly funded by the Executive Office of the National Drug Control Strategy Department. I assume that staff employed by the city of Wichita do painstakingly read every word of obligation before they request funds from the Federal Government. I have to wonder what direction the City Managers Office visualizes for the citizens of Wichita when acceptance of these funds encourage national policy that would: From the Department of Defense, page 41, of the Executive Office of the National Drug Control Strategy Budget Summary; "Demand Reduction. $97.8 million is designated for demand reduction within the United States. These funds will support the following efforts: early identification through testing and treatment of drug abusers ($57.0 million); and military department and National Guard community outreach programs to help at-risk youths ($8.0 million). To proceed with the community outreach pilot programs, DoD requires permanent congressional authorization permitting counterdrug funds to be spent on programs targeting youth outside the traditional DoD community boundaries. Such legislation has been requested by Dod for FY 1996." Thank you for your speedy response. Our next meeting is June 27, 1995. Sincerely, Debby Moore, CPO District 1.3 Member Budget Committee

cc: CPO Budget Committee Councilman G. Rogers Mayor Knight CPO Office: J. Goodvin