Chris Conrad

It is with great pride I accept the opportunity to write a few words about my “HERO” Chris Conrad.

Chris Conrad is the individual who took Jack Herer’s years of collected research and through his journalism skills produced in 1990 the notable book: The Emperor Wears No Clothes. This book changed my life and quite possible motivated millions of others to commit their lives to changing United States Drug Policy.

Chris Conrad with the support of Mikki Norris Conrad, his wife and soul mate, have given unselfishly of themselves, traveling around the globe, influencing the change of consciousness toward the God given plant Cannabis Sativa L. Hemp. When Chris takes the platform to speak on behalf of Hemp, his charisma, enthusiasm, and intelligence compliment us all.

Chris has generously contributed to many publications the benefits of his years of research and knowledge. He has written several books: Hemp Life Line to the Future, Hemp and Health, and soon to be published, Human Rights ‘95.

Chris has always stood as a unyielding leader in the Hemp Movement. His creation of “Business Alliance for Commerce in Hemp” has remained a model for all to freely copy. Chris for years has produced and made readily available, for all who want to distribute, many one page fliers telling the attributes of the wonderful Hemp plant.

Chris Conrad’s talents go far beyond his literary skills. Chris is quite an accomplished artist at the canvass. One of his creations gracefully decorate the wall of the famous Hemp Museum in Amsterdam. Other of his talents contributed to the display of his wife Mikki’s, HR ‘95 which has been exhibited around the world.

In 1994 while on a National Tour promoting Hemp, Chris and Mikki, spoke for several radio broadcasters, and television stations in the city of Wichita, Kansas, not only supporting the Hemp message, but encouraging a state rally being held featuring capitalization on Chris’s knowledge.

One evening, while Chris was visiting at my home, I had prepared the wall of my bedroom as one would a palette, gathered the paint, and fixed a wonderful dinner. The dessert course consisted of a delightful chocolate mouse, which I carefully accented the top with marvelous chunks of Afghanistan chocolate chips. A couple of hours after consumption of our pleasant, palatable, connoisseur reward, I took Chris to the wall I wanted him to create upon.

I sat in the hall way talking with Chris as he addressed the wall with paint brush in hand. I asked Chris, “What persuaded you to give up your promising, successful career as a newspaper journalist in order to devote your life to the Hemp Movement”?

Chris responded, “Because I knew in my heart there were people out there like you Debby. We will change the world.”

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