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I'm writing to ask your input on two different revisions:

1) I'm going to update and reissue _Hemp: Lifeline to the Future_, hopefully this fall. If you are aware of any inaccuracies that need to be corrected, please let me know. If you have any information which you deem essential to be included, please let me know that as well. If you need a copy of the book to review for comment, let me know. This is a bit of a rush job, as usual, so I will appreciate hearing from you soon. It needs to be finished by early September, if possible.

2) Business Alliance for Commerce in Hemp (BACH) has a brochure which we issued in 1990 called "The Proven Way to Save America's Family Farms." The back panel lists some uses and hypothetical crop values. These numbers were provided by the Institute for Hemp, and have not stood the test of time. If anyone would like to look over the figures and provide more current data, we would appreciate it. Lots of people request the brochure, but we don't want to distribute it again until the numbers have been adjusted.

Drop me a message and I'll send you the material you need to look over for either of these requests.


-- chris conrad, BACH author of Hemp: Lifeline to the Future and Hemp for Health