I am writing to introduce myself, and request that you consider me for a future media personality. I am looking for money to further my cause. I am unique in several ways, please let me share with you. I am the only person in the United States referred to nation wide as 'The Hemp Lady'. I know more personally about Cannabis Sativa L. Hemp than perhaps anyone else in the United States. As any goal oriented person, I wrote out a clear calculated business plan to legalize Cannabis once more in the United States, and proceeded to put that plan into action. Enclosed is a copy of my affirmation statement. I am committed to end the lies being told about Cannabis for a number of reasons, most do with survival of the planet. Because of the lies used to keep persons ignorant, I realize that it takes exceptional people's involvement to turn such a monumental tradition around. It is truly unfortunate while imposing these lies & myths of Cannabis, media has sought to expose the lowest of the occupancy in the US to express Cannabis usage, which is like using a homeless alcoholic, asleep in the alley with actress Joan Collins and her glass of wine at lunch. There is no similarity, except that they are both swallowing a liquid. In 1990 when I began teaching Hemp Education Classes through the Wichita Free University at the Wichita City Library, I will admit that I had no idea of the conflicts I was preparing myself for. In February 25 - 27, 1992, I jumped into the main stream resistance of openly objecting to bad laws, by joining 50 fellow activists to stand up against then US President George Bush at his San Antonio Drug Summit. It was my privilege to personally address 1992 Bolivian President Jaime Paz Zamora on the economic benefits of cannabis, which ultimately led to the education of the Presidents of Peru, Columbia, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, & Chile. It was exciting for me to be a teacher in the education of our southern neighbors as to all the benefits of Cannabis for its protein, paper, fiber, & fuel, a message they carried to the 1992 United Nations Environmental Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It has since been learned by myself that Brazil has been using Cannabis for their paper needs since the 1960's. In 1988, in the northern hemisphere alone, there were 1,119,000 acres of cannabis legally cultivated. To the farmers who thought we received such a bargain with GATT, one should ask why the US farmer was not extended the same provisions for hemp cultivation as other countries in the World. France subsidized their farmers $400. an acre to cultivate Hemp in 1994. Their present primary goal of Cannabis exploitation comes in manufacturing commercial construction building block from the Hemp. In March 1992, I began to purchase from the Kansas Department of Revenue, Use Compensation Sales Tax, the Kansas Marijuana Drug Tax Stamp. As a fashion designer, I started designing clothing from 'Earth's most rare fabric', 100% Cannabis Sativa L. Hemp. In May 1992, I opened the first Hemp store in Kansas, and third in the United States. My objective was to test the law. At this time the Drug Enforcement Agency was enforcing the action of probable cause if they saw the picture, of a hemp leaf, be it a sticker, on a business card, T-shirt image, poster, badge, piece of jewelry, or a BOOK. Well sure enough I finally was given the opportunity to test their law. The first thing I said to the officers was "I have tax stamps." The second thing I said to them as fifteen guns were pointed at my head forcing my face into the ground, as other officers had guns pointed up the stair well where my daughter sat in her room doing her studies. The police officers demanded she get to the bottom of the stairs in five seconds or they would open fire, I said, "I have tax stamps I will get them for you". .At the time of my arrest, I was fortunate enough to have tax stamps for ten pounds of marijuana. Well as I can tell you, it took me two years to get my things back, but I did get all my property returned to me. I still buy the Kansas Marijuana Tax Stamps, for the law says that you cannot buy, sell, transport, or possess marijuana unless you have a tax stamp affixed. I support the tax stamp law, and promote their usage by selling them in my store. "Tax Stamps, don't leave home without them". My case proved that the picture of a hemp leaf was not probable cause, and was not paraphernalia. My case also proved that only in rare cases of child pornography could the written word ever be seized. You see the Wichita Police took 31 copies of the same book, and a 40,000 page historical library obtained from Harry J. Anslinger archive files, & the United States of America National Library of Congress, including Agriculture and War Department records, Presidential Papers, & Senate Subcommittee Hearings in Washington, D.C. The judge also ruled that no longer could the officers wear black face mask, for when the judge asked my daughter which officer turned on the Monday Night Football Games while they raided our home, she would be able to identify the proper officer. The incident arose again when the judge asked my daughter which officer flipped a coin to decide whether or not to take every piece of merchandise from my hemp store. We lost the toss. Among the many outrageous things the officers seized, one item they took was a 100% hemp jacket I had worn only a couple of weeks before to meet then vice presidential candidate Al Gore. While all the above was happening, I ran for public office (Citizen Participation Organization, advisors to the Wichita City Council) on a pro-marijuana political platform. I was elected to a four year term receiving more votes than any other in my district. I am also a registered lobbyists doing my part to change the dangerous cannabis sativa L hemp laws in my home state of Kansas.The reasons these laws must change are so numerous and so often expressed, we as a nation must decide where we are headed and at what point we are going to stop what we are doing and tell the truth. As you will read in my research study enclosed called Cannabis Sativa L. Hemp, you will discover that Cannabis is the most complete perfect protein on the planet, providing the essential fatty amino acids responsible for keeping the arteries clear of HDL serium cholesterol, a cause of many diseases including Alzheimer's. Most important in this document you will discover that the rest of the world is doing extensive studies of the Cannabinoid Receptors discovered in 1992, & Anandamide, discovered in 1993. In the last 12 months the rest of the world has acknowledged that Cannabis on your Cannabinoid Receptors tells your body to produce white blood platelets, a preventative to Leukemia. Cannabis on your Cannabinoid Receptors also stimulates the molecules on the inside of your tissue cells to produce an inter-cellular calcium release, those little electrical impulses that enable your fingers, and toes, mind, and all to coordinate these functions all at the same time. Particularly, scientists know with Cannabis on your Cannabinoid Receptors you inhibit multiple sclerosis, and most likely many other motor-related nutritional deficient diseases. I do hope that you will assign one of your researchers to investigate my document, for you will learn as many world wide scientists now know, we need Cannabis in our atmosphere around us to survive on this planet. Not only human beings, but all beings, including our 800 million year old cousins the sea urchin. It is part of my ideology that the birds use to keep our environment abundant with the wonderful nutrition, and formerly unknown mystical properties of the Cannabis plant. I do hope I have sparked your interest. Personally, I am 47 years of age, quite funny, a body builder of 15 years, a mother of two, one daughter 26 a graduate of Kansas State University, and a daughter 18 with a present GPA of 3.79, yes they both inhaled. In 1990 statistics provided that world wide 800 million people use Cannabis. As we all know, the persons that purchase the most, and the best Cannabis, (some costing as much as $450.00 an ounce,) also have the advantageous avenues of earning power, and they will never step forward to help change the laws for fear of losing these favors. However, one at a time, year after year, the lie continues. The Government had designed a no fail system, for while your body craves something it needs, the government has established strong laws & unreasonable enforcement to be sure that you cannot have it. Even if not having Cannabis will mean eventual total nutritional breakdown. We must recognize the permission we have extended to law enforcement enabling them to literally search our feces to force their ideas upon us should open the minds of those who are going to use Cannabis through smoking to acknowledge, if you use, eventually it will be your turn to be accountable, then your child's turn, your grand child's turn. We must stop this madness. I call your attention to the enclosed yellow book called: Cannabis Sativa L Hemp the first lie is quoted in the first paragraph of my research document, from Harry J. Anglingers files the Summer of 1937, page 10. "In the estimation of this laboratory such slight traces would not be sufficient justification for embarking upon criminological procedure and court action."