Debby Moore, Candidate 1993 Political Platform Citizen Participation Organization, District 1.3 For questions, or additional information contact: Debby Moore 2742 E. 2nd Wichita, KS, 67214 681 - 1743

Isn’t it a wonderful thing that we do not get all the government that we pay for!

On April 6, once again we will be privilege to cast our vote for local officials. Hopefully, the candidate you choose will share similar ideas of government policy as you. You have until March 22 to register to vote. You can do so at most banks.

If I am elected as your community CPO representative, I would accept the challenges facing our city with the following idealism:

To strive for greater unity between all peoples, government, and law enforcement.

I would encourage meeting place for our youth ages 14 to 21, enabling students a means to meet peers city wide. I feel this could be accomplished by opening our parks in the evenings through the summer, and weekends through the fall, allowing live music. The city would also benefit through development of skateboard, skating, and or rollerblade areas. These projects presently exist, they just need to be redefined.

I would encourage the city to make available at reasonable fees vending carts to be used along the downtown river walk, welcoming musicians, providing interest toward development through usage of this scenic land.

I would like to inspire the bus company in Wichita to lengthen the hours of service. Convenient 24 hour service on major routes would encourage citizens to ride the bus on a routine basis.

I would encourage the city to investigate the economic value of exploiting the Hemp plant for it’s 30,000 known products in protein, paper, fiber, fuel, plastics, and medicine. Abolishing present Hemp prohibition laws would open thousands of jobs for machinists, tool and die makers, engineers, chemists, textile workers, auto mechanics, auto part suppliers, farm equipment manufactures. Restoring Hemp as the number one agriculture crop of Kansas, would provide the farmer with annual farm income of: $300-$900 an acre. Until 1935, Hemp was the number one agriculture crop of the state of Kansas. So vital to the Kansas economy, when constructing the capital building in Topeka, our forefathers honored the Hemp plant by adorning the entire ceiling of the dome with Hemp leaves, still present today.

The solutions to some world wide problems of excessive accumulation of Greenhouse gases, and clear cutting our forests for paper, and wood needs could begin at home if we were to Abolish Hemp laws. Economically, Hemp as a cash crop will contribute $1,117,550,000,000 annually.

I would ask our local government for: Case by Case, financial accountability to expenses incurred through the business of government. For months, I have asked for these costs. Either no one really knows for sure, or voter tax payers, are not privileged to this information. With computers, this knowledge could and should be available to all the people with a phone call, on “log on”.

We as a people must face the high cost of the “drug war”, which in essence is a war against the citizens of the United States for using Marijuana.


Through the lies, changing the botanical herb Hemp, into a controlled substance in 1988, we have allowed our government to nibble away bite at a time the constitutional rights of many of its citizens. This is a subject of discussion that cannot be ignored any longer.

At some point we are going to be forced to accept the fact being: The costs of the drug war go right to the top of the national debt. At some point, we are going to have to admit to the students, one of the reasons the class rooms are over crowded, or they lack high-tech equipment to learn the skills of the future on, are being deprived them for we are keeping millions in jail for using Cannabis.

The elderly will have to decide if they prefer losing some of their entitlements to continue to keep all these people in jail, or are we going to rectify a great wrong, and do what can be done to heal this nation and the economy.

Is it more important to the community we spend all this money on law enforcement on marijuana prohibition, or do we fix the pot holes in the streets? Are we as a community, going to continue to escalate medical, and pharmaceutical expenses, or are we going to open our minds to accept God in fact created Cannabis, placing it on the earth for the benefit of mankind. Through Prohibition, and eradication, man has destroyed the balance of nature. If we are going to stop the violence engulfing our world, we must accept the overwhelming proof we need Cannabis in our bodies presented by respected scientists, whether we benefit nutritionally, or through airborne particles.

Lastly, I would work toward restoring the pride in ownership of property through abolishing property seizure laws. When the police intentionally destroy its citizens private property, when the state takes a man’s life time of earnings through seizure, before due process of law: everyone suffers, for no one respects the pride in ownership of property. This is a dangerous direction for our nation to continue.


Election Results

April 8, 1993 - Eagle Eye - People Around Town by Bud Norman - Wichita Eagle Beacon

A Swingin’ Political Party

On every Election Day we marvel anew at the miracle of democracy - the people freely expressing their God - given right to govern themselves, expressing their collective wisdom - and Tuesday night was certainly no exception. As we scanned the results from the Citizen Participation Organization contests, where the recently overwatered grass roots begin, two names in particular caught our bleary eye.

Bob Shepherd, owner of Fat Daddy’s nightclub and a recent arrestee for displaying MTV there, joins the organization that advises the city. So does Debby Moore, familiar to courtroom drama fans as the admitted marijuana saleswoman who routinely bought tax stamps for her wares. Both were the top vote-getters in their districts.