Trilateralism: The Trilateral Commission and Planning for World Management by Holly Skiar: Black Rose Books, Montreal: 1980: Table of Contents & list of 1977 International Members *** Deb check out the name of George Franklin & Kiichi Miyazawa and CIA workings in Japan principally Okita Saburo, Miyazawa, Mushakoji, Yomamota, Takeshi Wantanabe, Nobuhiko Ushiba, & his elder brother Tomohiko started his career as a politician after he graduated from Oxford, the second eldest brother Michio is adviser to Mitsubishi, Nobuhike's younger brother, Daizo, is a Harvard- educated medical doctor , himself US ambassador 1970, director Sony, Nippon Credit Bank - family is Yoshisaburo Ikeda, president of the Emperor; to Tokugawa family; to Yoshisaburo Ikeda, president of Industrial Bank of Japan; to Yoshihiro Inayama, chairman of the Nippon Steel Corporation, to Susumu Kajita, the Japanese agent of Soriano & Company. Yusuke Kashiwagi, president of the Bank of Tokyo and an influential member of Japan's monetary mafia & Ryuci Takeuchi former ambassador to the US and adviser to the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Mukaibo Takasi, a member of the government's Atomic Energy Commission & president Tokyo University Japans nuclear development, Noboru Gotoh, Seiji Tsutsumi, Akio Morita - Japans Trilateral Commission are executive of large banks and corporations, Japanese MNC's (mostly trading companies and giant manufacturers): Sony; Mitsubishi Corporation largest conglomerate in Japan, Mitsui, Nippon Steel, Toyota, Nissan, Hitachi, Sumitomo Chemical, Toray Industries, Sumitomo Shoji & C. Itoh, Mitsui Bank, Mitsubisi Bank, Fuji Bank, Sumitomo Bank, Sanwa Bank, Daiichi Kangyo Bank, Honda, Marubeni , Matsushita Electric Industrial