Earth Island Journal Spring 1993, Fall (Southern Hemisphere) page 19: Earth Island Journal Pioneers Use of Wood-Free Kenaf Paper: "The eight center pages of this months Journal are printed on completely tree free 50 pound kenaf paper. Netherlands, UK Push Tree-Free Paper: in 1990 Dutch started hemp on a national program. In 1988 France had 1000 ha (2,500 acres) of hemp under cultivation. Bulgaria 1000 ha, Yugoslavia 1000 ha, Poland 3000 ha, Hungary 7000 ha, Romania 50,000 ha, former USSR 100,000 ha, with Asia's is estimated that 334,000 ha (704,900 acres) of hemp being legally grown and commercially harvested in the Northern Hemisphere. Hemp Paper Available in US Until 1883, the majority of the world's publishing was done on paper made from Hemp. (The Hidden History of Hemp Fall '90 EIJ) .. In 1916, two chief scientists for US Department of Agriculture devised a technique to increase the production and lower the cost of hemp paper. - 1916 USDA Bulletin No. 404