Earth Island Journal: Page 28: Winter 1993-94

Turning Forest into Phone books: British Columbia's Clayoquot Sound, for Californian. Clayoquot Sound was one of the two largest forests, contains 17% of the surviving ancient forests on Vancouver Island. 2/3 have already been cut MacMillian Bloedel supplies 98 % of the woodpulp for US telephone directories, 60% (or 650,000 tons) goes to satisfy the needs of California. Mac Blo, Canada's largest integrated forest company , is now making record profits on timber after suffering a $49 million loss and laying off 1800 employees in 1993. Pacific Bell, ITT & GTE are the major consumers GTE said it wanted TV linked electronic directories by the end of the century. Twenty years ago, when directory assistance was provided free by most telephone utilities, phone books were optional. When phone companies began to charge for directory assistance, however, phone books became a necessity. Clayoquot's forests also supply newsprint to 22 newspapers in the US: San Jose Mercury News, The New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Examiner Cove-Mallard at Risk: remote Cove- Mallard wilderness region of the Nez Perce National Forest in the largest remain (re: Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection) Cove-Mallard rests in a notch between the River of No Return & the Gospel Hump wilderness areas, in a vital "corridor habitat" for endangered and threatened species, including Rocky Mountain Gray wolf, wolverine, goshawk and Chinook Salmon. Cove- Mallar comprises the largest intact US ecosystem outside of Alaska. USFS has sold 200 15-20 acre "harvest units" in a 600 acre zone would be clearcut. The 20 mile long Nobel Road is the first of 145 miles of invasive roads that will be build to open the wilderness to loggers. Nopiming Gnashed for Newspring. Canada: The Nopiming Forest in SE Manitoba , its old growth forests are home to the southern most herd of endangered woodland caribou, is also domain of various First Nation peoples with sacred sites. lives disrupted by clear cutting. In 1992 Manitoba officials sold Abitibi-Price a license to log 3000 square miles of the Nopiming Forest. timer supplies newsprint markets in Colorado, No. Dakota, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Nevada, & Missouri. Elders of Sagkeeng First Nations say Winniped river destroyed by mill.

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