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To consider Drug Policy Reform

Hemp: Kansas Farmers & agri-business investors deserve legislative support for economic development.

Medicinal Marijuana: Cityizens of the state of Kansas with medical necessities, deserve legal access to the properties of this unfairly prohibited healing plant.

Resolution: The elimination of the "black market" through de-criminalization, advancing a free market system governed by regulation and taxation.

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Hemp Industries of Kansas

Debby Mooe, Founder & President

Registered Kansas State Lobbyists

(316) 681-1743

AKA Kansas Environmentalsits for Commerce in Hemp

2742 E. 2nd, Suite 102 * Wichita, KS, 67214 - data base at

2000 Legislative Platform

States that have passed legislation to cultivate Hemp: Hawaii, California, North Dakota, Minnesota, New Hampshire - Legislation pending in Vermont, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Missouri, Colorado.

"La Chanvriere De L'aube" in France enjoys a profitable hemp processing business.

"Kenex" in Canada presently supplies several Fortune 500 companies with hemp.

States that have passed legislation to allow for medical marijuana: Alaska, Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, District of Columbia, New Mexico, Nevada, Hawaii, Maine.

31,000 articles have been archived discussing the debate leading to Drug Policy Reform. This searchable data base is available to you at: http//

To insure the promotion of free speech, the open international discussion of information and research, you are strongly encouraged to OPPOSE THE HATCH-FEINSTEIN INTERNET CENSORSHIP BILL. Please contact you US Congressional Legislators today.

Should you agree with any of this platform, please contact your State of Kansas Legislators today.

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What's Crazier: Legalizing drugs, or a war on drugs that spends billions of dollars a year in such specious activities as destroying crops in foreign fields and locking up casual users for years in prison?

Sonte-cold sober consideration show that the nation's drug war is wacked out on slogans, hyper-expensive but mostly useless technology and excessive punishment that does more harm than good.

Marijuana isn't right or wrong. My goodness, it's just a plant. It is a God-given resource for living. It was put here on earth to use just like all other plants. Genesis 1:29 speaks thusly of hempcannabis/marijuana and other plants: "Behold I have given you every plant yielding seed which is upon the face of all the earth, and every three with seed in its fruit; you shall have them for food."

As a nation we continue wasting tens of billions of dollars every year for a drug policy that simply doesn't work; a drug policy that puts our children at greater risk than no policy at all. We now commit more tax dollars on the drug war than educating our youth. After a 30 year long civil war against 70 million marijuana users and their families, over 13 million arrests for marijuana crimes, an eightfold increase in prison inmates, after the expenditure of a trillion dollars on marijuana prohibition, what do we have to show from the labor of our hard-earned tax money?

What kind of fools are we to continue to tolerate government stupidity of htis magnitude?