Absolute Decriminalization - 2007 Legislative Platform

Lawrence, Kansas passed an initiative to make possession of marijuana, the lowest of law enforcement priority, Italy, Germany, California 1, 2, 3, 4,

I can purchase this bottle of HEMP Suntan Body Firming Lotion at Wal-Mart. Why can not Kansas Farmers and Agri-Business Investors also reap financial rewards by growing hemp?

States that have passed legislation to allow for medical use of marijuana.

Milton Friedman 1, the United Nations Office of Drug Control, and World Health Organization, all believe that marijuana should be decriminalized.

Canada supplies the United States with nutritional hemp seeds, and many agri-business hemp products. 1, 2, 3, 4,

Cannabis Sativa L Hemp had numerous medical benefits. Cancer patients, those with surgery pain, others deprived of sleep from aging, high blood pressure, hepatitis C, testify to the miraculous gift of hemp.

Cannabis Sativa L Hemp supporters were the original promoters of bio-diesel fuel. Unfortunately, energy investors promote numerous oilseed products, not all are friendly environmentally. Oregon

Shared information, research, and responsible legislation, are necessary actions to end the war on 'cannabis sativa l hemp'. International response is available for you instantally through newshawks at Drug Law Reform.

Arguments worthy of consideration: election results, drug tests, gateway theory, scriptures, DEA, prisons 1, 2, General Accounting Office,

These concepts provided by Debby Moore, Director of Research - Hemp Industries of Kansas. Phone/Fax 316-524-6001. PO 48258-Wichita, KS, 67201