So many people, in all walks of life, from all social strata, in every country of the world, from the young to the old (for as long as there has been recorded history) have been and are now partakers of marijuana, who considered and consider their enjoyment solely recreational, without understanding that this magnificent natural remedy is actually and undeniably - in the strictest sense of the word ‘Medicine, i.e., “A substance used to treat disease” where dis-ease is literally loss or lack of “ease” (which defines disruption of the entire person - body\mind\spirit) - so especially needed in today’s stress-filled, fast-paced, competitive and insecure manner of daily living.

As the way marijuana works, in complete compatibility with the healthy functioning of all facets of humanness, becomes clear from the scientific presentation on the following pages, it is intended that the various, divided segments of the population espousing the employment of Cannabis Sativa for different purposes will realize that medicine, recreation, and sacramental utilization of this plant is actually identical. To be healthy is to be happy is to be holy, all of which is connected with the Cannabis Sativa. Although modern life has divided up the three-fold nature of man and woman, in fact, there is no division. Our bodies are the temples of the Divine, to be kept in the utmost health, as our minds are the tools by which we recognize the essential values - if we are happy. The path of righteousness and happiness is the Medicine Path!

Although this book barely addresses the miraculous healing ability that hemp\marijuana can contribute to the deforestation, pollution and devastation of our dis-eased planet (see The Emperor Wears No Clothes and Lifeline to the Future), this fact must let us understand that the gift of nature in the form of a plant is a remedy or holistic medicine of limitless extensions for the earth itself.

Those of us who know the truth have a choiceless commitment to expose it. Our commitment runs as deep as our souls. We enjoin you to dispel your own lack of knowledge and take your place among us.