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June 2, 2015 - Richard Rose – Medical Cannabis – Facebook - Dr ElSohly, the U.S. Government's only federally-legal pot grower, found 7 new Cannabinoids, bringing the total to 111.xxxSHERIFF WILL ENFORCE 9.31  Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman said after his meeting with a Pinoleville tribal representative Wednesday that while the laws around medical marijuana have always been confusing, he will act to enforce state lawxxxUlbricht Was Convicted of Running Underground Online Drug Bazaar  Ross Ulbricht, the convicted founder of Silk Road, has been sentenced to life in prison for running the underground online drug bazaar, signaling the government's seriousness in combating Internet crimes.xxx
PROVIDENCE, R.I. - Members of a local church who use marijuana in various forms for what they claim is a religious ritual gathered at Roger Williams National Memorial on Saturday, while several U.S. Park Service police officers watched to make sure no one in the group smoked on federal property.xxxFARTS SHOULD BE PENDLETON COUNCIL'S NEXT ORDER OF BUSINESSxxxODOR ORDINANCE WILL SPARK AIR FRESHENER INDUSTRY BOOMxxx
Robert Raich, an Oakland-based attorney who specializes in medical marijuana law, said if California joins Colorado, Washington, Alaska and Oregon in legalizing recreational weed, it will only complicate the already-chaotic system.xxx
June 9, 2015 - Cannabis Corner Transcripts June 9, 2015
THE HOUSE THAT HEMP BUILTxxxHealth Canada has asked a Vancouver radio station not to promote marijuana, saying a CKNW radio host made "promotional representations" about a marijuana dispensary.xxxThe Arizona Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that police can't search a home without a warrant to address a possible safety issue unless there's a true emergency that could affect the public.xxxIn her May 31 Sunday Opinion commentary, "Caught in the drug trade," Danielle Allen proposed decriminalizing marijuana and other illegal drugs as a matter of justice because drug prohibition laws are administered inequitably. This reminds me of T.S. Eliot's line, "The last temptation is the greatest treason: to do the right deed for the wrong reason."xxxDecision Invalidating Plea May Save Him From Serving a 20-Year Prison Term A 31-year-old man who was sentenced to 20 years in prison in Baltimore after he pleaded guilty to possessing 5.9 grams of marijuana won an appeal Wednesday invalidating the plea - raising the possibility that he will be released.xxxAs if Mayor Marty Walsh wasn't already busy enough boosting the Olympics. Now he says he'd be willing to spend more precious time and political capital leading a fight against legalizing marijuana, too.xxxWASHINGTON (AP) - The GOP-controlled House voted Wednesday to prevent the federal government from blocking state laws that permit the use of medical marijuana.  But lawmakers narrowly declined to direct the Justice Department not to interfere with states such as Colorado and Washington that permit the recreational use of marijuana.xxxTRIBE, SHERIFF DISAGREE ON MARIJUANA PROJECTxxxEver notice a pattern in the packaging your buds come in when you don't need the childproof bag? The pharmaceutical pop-top and push-down bottles many dispensaries use or packaging herb and infused products are already considered childproof, so there's no $4 bag necessary,xxxHASH-OIL BURNS ARE EXPLODING DANGER-On her cellphone, Tracey Clark keeps snapshots of her two sons dressed as groomsmen at a family friend's wedding last fall. The younger boy, 13, smiles under a mop of curly brown hair. His older brother, 15, is clean cut and handsome.   Flipping ahead in her phone's photo gallery, Clark shares pictures of her boys taken two months later, when they're almost unrecognizable. In November, the teens landed in intensive care at Shriners Hospitals   for Children in Sacramento, enveloped in gauze, breathing tubes in their throats, their faces raw and red from the massive third-degree burns suffered in a fire, which prosecutors say was caused by an illegal hash-oil lab at their uncle's duplex in Butte County.xxxFact-Finding Trip Over Legalization-HUMBOLDT COUNTY - Standing next to Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom on a hill overlooking southern Humboldt County, a second generation cannabis farmer pointed to the valley below. There's one," he said, gesturing at a clearing in the trees. "And there. And over there. They're all over."xxxLiquor is stored out of sight in a cupboard. The household cleaners are safely kept behind childproof locks. And the marijuana is stashed high on a shelf in a fireproof lockbox.   Evenings fall into a familiar routine. Family dinner. Baths. Then, after their daughters are snuggled in for the night, Jared slips out onto the back deck of their District apartment and a now-legal bowl of marijuana.xxx Down the hall in his chambers, Bennett was also considering the weight of 10 years: one more nonviolent offender packed into an overcrowded prison; another $300,000 in government money spent. "I would have given him a year in rehab if I could," he told his assistant. "How does 10 years make anything better? What good are we doing?"     But already his assistant was handing him another case file, the fifth of the day, and the courtroom was beginning to fill again. "I need five minutes," he said. He went into his office, removed his robe and closed his eyes. He thought about the offer he had received a few weeks earlier from an old partner, who wanted him to return to private practice in Des Moines. No more sentencing hearings. No more bathtub of guilt to drain. "I'm going to think seriously about doing that," Bennett had said, and he was still trying to make up his mind. Now he cleared Weller's sentencing report from his desk and added it to a stack in the corner. He washed his face and changed back into his robe.xxx
June 16, 2015 - According to priceofweed.com, a crowd-sourced marijuana pricing site on which a prominent RAND Corporation study recently relied, the average black market price of marijuana in Colorado is $218.91 per ounce, higher than the "expensive" retail price that Kunst claims is driving Colorado buyers to the black market. Colorado's black market accounts for just 5 percent of all the marijuana purchased there  not enough market share to be considered "thriving," especially since marijuana stores have only been open in Colorado since January.xxxxx Under the deal -- which is still subject to change -- the state could collect a 17 percent tax while localities could collect up to 3 percent.  The deal to allow local taxes is aimed at ending a standoff with cities and counties over just how much power they have to prohibit retail sales of both recreational and medical marijuana.xxxxx Bills from our two state representatives lurched forward in the last  couple weeks. Assemblyman Jim Wood's "Marijuana Watershed Protection  Act," which would task water boards with developing marijuana cultivation regulations, was passed by the Assembly and now moves to the Senate. It was the first medical marijuana related bill to leave its house this year, narrowly beating out state Senator Mike McGuire's "Medical Marijuana Public Safety and Environmental Protection Act." xxxx HOW DO I TELL MY FAMILY I SMOKE POT?xxxxx CANADA DAY POT FEST DENIED ART GALLERY SITExxxxx POT USERS APPLAUD NEW RULING  Top Court Has Expanded Ways to Consume the Drug  Local medical marijuana users are applauding a Supreme Court of Canada ruling that expands the ways licensed patients can consume the drug, including one couple who say they no longer need to be looking over their shoulder.xxxxx A North Coast Proposal Is Aimed at Ensuring That Marijuana Growers Are Regulated Like Any Other Sector  WILLOW CREEK, Calif. - The parking lot at the golf course began filling by evening - a procession of raised trucks coated in backcountry dust, an aging red Honda with a "Forever Stoked" bumper sticker.  But the 150 or so visitors hadn't come to this Humboldt County hill town to play a round. They were marijuana growers, seeking to learn how to do the right thing for watersheds increasingly strained by the state's epic drought.xxxxxx A video that appears to show a Santa Ana police officer eating a marijuana-laced edible after a raid on a pot shop has prompted a police department investigation.xxxxx MEDICAL POT RESEARCHERS CONVENE Medical marijuana researchers funded by the state will convene Saturday at National Jewish Health to discuss what they know so far about pot as medical therapy.   The symposium meets from 8 a.m. to noon with presentations on the safety and effectiveness of marijuana treatment for a range of  medical conditions, including chronic pain, insomnia, epilepsy, post-traumatic stress disorder and irritable bowel syndrome.  The symposium, accredited for continuing medical education for health professionals, will also offer presentations from patients on their perspectives. It ends with an interactive panel discussion and questions and answers.   National Jewish Health, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and the Cannabis Outreach and Education Health Foundation are sponsors.xxxxxLEGISLATIVE DEAL EASES WAY TO MARIJUANA SALES BANS IN ALMOST ALL OF EASTERN OREGONxxxxxD.C. SHIFTS ITS AIM TO BIG DRUG SUPPLIERS  Residents' Responses Range From Praise to Skepticism Citing disappearing open-air drug markets and new ways narcotics are  being sold, D.C. Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier says she wants her  detectives to concentrate on suppliers and not streetcorner busts   that have long been a staple of policing across the country. The strategy shift, will eliminate most of the plainclothes operations police have used for decades to target outdoor drug sales, coming at a tense moment in the nation's relations between police and the public, it could also ease confrontations involving officers not immediately identifiable as law enforcement. It is an admission that some tactics - which were viewed by some critics as heavyhanded even when the crack epidemic sparked record numbers of homicides - no longer make sense amid a decline in fatal shootings and the availability of synthetic narcotics sold over  the Internet, through social media and in convenience stores. "Our main goal is the supply," ….We don't want to focus police efforts on just people who are addicted. We want to be focusing on the people who are bringing the stuff in."xxxxxFederal drug-enforcement officials have made it a serious felony for doctors to overprescribe painkillers or, as the applicable law states, to prescribe controlled substances "other than for a legitimate medical purpose and in the usual course of professional practice."xxxxxSeth Leibsohn and former U.S. drug czar William J. Bennett give the "marijuana lobby" far too much credit for the growing support for marijuana law reform.  It's really simple: Most young adults have personally tried marijuana. In doing so, they could not help but realize that our government has been lying about marijuana for decades. Marijuana is not nearly as dangerous (or exciting) as government propaganda suggests.xxxxxSYNTHETIC CANNABINOID DATA POINT TO HIGH RISK   Poison control centers report a surge in calls, prompting a new push for tighter regulation.  Synthetic cannabinoids have been marketed as safe, legal, herbal alternatives to marijuana, but the data from U.S. poison control centers say otherwise.xxxxxGET BAKED SALE OFFERS MARIJUANA MUNCHIES  More than 25 local cannabis businesses hosted a bake sale Saturday, complete with "medical" marijuana-laced munchies.   The first Get Baked Sale, held at the SOMAStreat Food Park on 11th Street, included food trucks and booths lined with all sorts of wares - including Doritos, Chilean empanadas, ice cream sandwiches, pancakes and macaroons - for holders of medical marijuana cards to sample. The event featured cooking demonstrations and food-pairings with marijuana ediblesxxxxxPRIVATE MARIJUANA LOUNGE CEASES OPERATIONS   GUELPH - A private marijuana smoking club that opened in downtown Guelph in the spring has quietly ceased its operations.DLR 420 Vapour Lounge, xxxxxSONOMA COUNTY MARIJUANA GROWERS URGED TO FORM UNITED FRONT  Sonoma County marijuana growers came together Sunday near Sebastopol to talk about how their industry can come out of the shadows, flex some political muscle and position itself for a day when its product becomes legalized for all adults.  About 200 people gathered at the Sebastopol Grange for the first  fundraiser of the newly formed Sonoma County Growers Alliance. xxxxx(AP) - Marijuana companies in California and Colorado have tabbed prominent American Indian leaders from the Dakotas to help prod tribes across the nation into the pot business.xxxxxBANDA TURNS HERSELF IN AS ATTORNEY AND SUPPORTERS SPEAK OUT  As she approached the Finney County Sheriff's Office Monday, Shona Banda, the local medicinal marijuana advocate who gained national attention after the state took custody of her son, was surrounded by supporters, including Jennifer Winn, the Republican candidate who challenged Gov. Sam Brownback in last August's primary.xxxxxA Colorado Court Rules That Businesses Can Fire Employees WHO Use Marijuana During Their Off-Time.xxxxx  TEENS' USE UNALTERED BY LEGAL MEDICAL POT  NEW YORK (AP) - Medical marijuana laws don't trigger an increase in teen pot smoking, a new study concludes….The research showed no significant increase in 21 states with medical marijuana laws.
June 23, 2015 -  "Our findings provide the strongest evidence to date that marijuana use by teenagers does not increase after a state legalizes medical marijuana," lead author Deborah Hasin, a researcher at Columbia University in New York, said in a statement.  The study, published online Monday by the journal Lancet Psychiatry, … They found that marijuana use tended to already be higher in states that went on to adopt medical marijuana laws. But they did not see an additional spike after the law was passed.   xxx   Cannabis Corner Host Debby Moore always tries to present both sides of the issue, so that educated persons can make their own decision as to the truth.  In this case, the authors alone speak loudly as to the opinion being offered:  Authors: William J. Bennett and Seth Leibsohn Note: William J. Bennett was the nation's first drug czar, the secretary of education from 1985 to 1988 and is the co-author of "Going to Pot: Why the Rush to Legalize Marijuana Is Harming America." Seth Leibsohn is a radio host in Phoenix and chairman of Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy.   xxx CANNABIS-BASED OIL USE OK'D Memorial Hospital to Let Parents Apply Remedy to Kids Colorado Springs - Parents of children currently using cannabis-based oils to treat seizures can administer the oils at Memorial Hospital under a newly approved policy announced Tuesday.   xxx COATS VS. DISH DECISION IS A CALL FOR REAL CHANGE Many observers were shocked and saddened when Brandon Coats, a quadriplegic who is authorized to use medical marijuana under Colorado law, was fired from his job with Dish Network in 2010 after a positive drug test. Dish failed to make an exception for Coats, who used marijuana while off duty to control his seizures, and the company insisted on his being fired, leaving Coats no choice but to challenge this issue in court.   xxx FOLLOW THE MONEY ON MARIJUANA OPPOSITION  Doctors can weigh in on medical marijuana when they get their own house in order, meaning the addiction, deaths and black market business (rampant among seniors) caused by prescription drugs.These issues are far more serious and dangerous than any problems caused by the natural substance, marijuana.   xxx A TECTONIC SHIFT FOR MARIJUANA  With a Landslide Vote, the California Assembly Passed Sensible Medical Pot Regulations. This Is What the End of a Drug War Looks Like.  California's billion-dollar medical cannabis industry stands a good chance of getting its first-ever state-level regulations this year.   xxx HOW THE (POT) COOKIE CRUMBLES  There's this great natural pain remedy you can legally buy in Canada.  It's called salicylic acid. One source is willow bark. You boil the bark into a tea and drink it, as the ancient Greeks did. If you want, you can also source salicylic acid from castoreum, an anal secretion of the North American beaver, as was often done in the 18th century.  Alternately, if you like things a little more modern, you can ingest it in a modified pill form. You know it as Aspirin.   xxx MEDICAL MARIJUANA PATIENTS: BE GLAD YOU DO NOT LIVE IN KANSAS Shona Banda is a marijuana activist who attributes her recovery from Crohn's disease to her use of cannabis. Banda used a vaporizer to collect cannabis resin, with which she would create cannabis oil capsules for her personal use.   xxx TAKE ME TO CHURCH  The city of Arcata has declared victory in its war on the megawatt. In a June 16 press release, Environmental Services Director Mark Andre announced that the city's High Energy Use Tax, implemented in 2013 to discourage indoor marijuana grows, has paid off the $600,000 it cost for Pacific Gas and Electric to incorporate the tax into its utility bill collection.   xxx reviews of Foria describe it as more of a sex enhancer than a magic arousal lube. According to Foria's website,   the potion is made with coconut oil and solventless cannabis oil, so a two-milligram serving sprayed in your mouth will eventually give you a high similar to that of tinctures or edibles - but its main area of application is downstairs. Women who've used Foria describe it as having moderately to significantly enhanced their sex lives while providing new sensations in bed - both with a partner and riding solo. However, for the most part, their vaginas were left disappointingly sober. To Foria's credit, its website says the oil's effects are more about getting you off than getting you high; while some people use it as lubricant, for maximum effect it should be applied to your nether parts thirty minutes before you have sex. And even if it's not as uplifting as Viagra, at the very worst, it's a jar of edible sex oil that you can spray in your mouth for a good buzz.   xxx THE SILK ROAD TO NOWHERE  A federal judge recently sentenced a 31-year-old man with no criminal record to life in prison for running a website.  Russ Ulbricht ran the Silk Road on the dark net. Many don't know that Google-style search engines only sweep 30 percent of the internet.   The other 70 percent is accessible on The Onion Router (TOR) through a freely downloadable browser. The dark web is perfectly legal, used for legitimate research purposes. The dark web is anonymous, as the digital packets are rerouted over and over through servers in multiple nations.  The dark net has its illicit side, however. There are assassination sites and child porn and hacker sites. But Ulbricht was not running that kind of site. Ulbricht is an Agorist.  Agorism is a branch of libertarian anarchy that builds voluntary alternative markets to provide a way for people to exchange forbidden but desired items. Agorists want to decrease the violence in society by making non-violent black market transactions between willing buyers and sellers as safe and secure as possible. If you buy the product peer-to-peer on your computer instead of in a dark alley with a criminal drug dealer, the black market violence caused by prohibition will be significantly lessened.   xxx   SideBar:  Hemp Lady recalls in early days of educating the masses; when she held up samples of hemp fabric at a state sponsored Economic Development Convention in Topeka, (because she was bored) and started saying free marijuana.  Sure got some attention after that, became most popular booth at show. A question hung in the air at the Cannabis World Congress and Business Exposition at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in Manhattan on Thursday: How do you show off your wares in a place where actually using them would be illegal?   xxx LEGALIZING MARIJUANA OFFERS BENEFITS TO SOCIETY   xxx In 2014, Congress quietly ended the federal government's prohibition on medical cannabis with a provision buried in the 1,603-page federal spending bill, The Los Angeles Times reported at the time. The rule says that states where medical cannabis is legal would no longer need to worry about federal drug agents raiding retail operations and prohibits agents from doing so. The change was prompted by bipartisan supporters. The change, however, does nothing to protect patients who use medical cannabis because the scientifically flawed and old federal law, favored by the Drug Enforcement Agency, still considers all cannabis a dangerous, addictive drug, with no medical use.   xxx former drug czar William J. Bennett and Seth Leibsohn yearn for a time when shaming and fear-mongering, not facts, drove the marijuana policy debate in America. Those days are largely over.   xxx RURAL U.S. STRUGGLES TO COMBAT IV DRUG ABUSE  Hepatitis C and HIV Outbreaks Test Public-Health Resources in Midwestern States   xxx   LEGALIZING POT SALES MAKES ECONOMIC SENSE  Colorado Is Making Hundreds of Millions Taxing Pot. N.M. Could, Too  Why don't they pass a constitutional amendment prohibiting anybody from learning anything? If it works as well as prohibition did, in five years Americans would be the smartest race of people on Earth. Will Rogers   xxx   California: CANNABIS TRADE SHOW BUILDS BIG BUZZ   xxx   The Mile High City definitely is.  A survey by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment shows 18.5 percent of adults 18 and older in Denver have smoked, vaped or eaten marijuana in the past month.   xxx   TAMPA - There are a number of signs that a house is being used to grow a marijuana crop.   xxx   DOCTOR GAVE OUT HEROIN AND CRIME FELL  Chasing the Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs, by Johann Hari, is published by Bloomsbury, priced UKP18.99.  A DOCTOR hounded from Britain by the establishment has revealed how he slashed heroin addiction and crime by doling out the drug to addicts. Psychiatrist John Marks now works in Vienna. But in 1982 the South Wales Valleys-raised medic was working in Widnes, in the Wirral.   xxx   POT-USE STUDY TO ANALYZE SEWAGE   The federal government is chipping in money for a three-year pilot study using sewage samples to determine levels of marijuana use in two Washington cities - research that could help answer some key questions about pot legalization, the University of Puget Sound announced.   The National Institutes of Health has agreed to pay $ 120,000 so that Dan Burgard, an associate chemistry professor, can conduct the study, which will look at how per-capita pot use changed after Washington's first legal pot shops opened in July.
June 30, 2015 - Cannabis Corner Transcripts June 30, 2015 Hosted by Debby Moore, AKA Hemp Lady
Side Bar:  as always – Host Debby Moore always tries to include the opposition – else you might be blind sided in an intelligent discussion.:  CHICAGO (AP) - Medical marijuana has not been proven to work for many illnesses that state laws have approved it for, according to the first comprehensive analysis of research on its potential benefits.   xxx MEDICAL-MARIJUANA EDIBLES OFTEN MISLABELED, NEW RESEARCH FINDS   xxx U.S. House Judiciary Committee want to know more about why federal narcotics agents seized $16,000 from a 22-year-old African-American man in April when the Amtrak train he was taking to Los Angeles stopped in Albuquerque.   xxx WE'VE LOST THE WAR ON DRUGS, EVEN IN OUR PRISONS   xxx The Denver County Fair has canceled its attention-getting Pot Pavilion following a class-action lawsuit that accused a vendor of handing out marijuana-laced chocolates at last year's event, which was supposed to be drug-free.  About a dozen people complained of being given cannabis-infused edibles at the pavilion, which drew international attention amid the first year of recreational marijuana sales in Colorado.   xxx Nelson Leone, 72, agreed as part of a plea agreement to shut down the six dispensaries, which are called Green Cross Evaluations and located in Pacific Beach, El Cajon, Poway, Mission Valley, eastern San Diego and near the Valley View Casino Center in the Midway District.  Leone faces maximum penalties of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine for one felony count of identity theft,   xxx MARIJUANA NOTABLES IN THE YEAR'S FIRST BIG RAID  The largest law enforcement operation against Humboldt County marijuana growers of the year was underway just a day after summer began.  Officers from the Humboldt, Mendocino and Trinity county sheriff's offices descended on Island Mountain, a remote region at the convergence of the three counties where marijuana growers have operated for decades, serving search warrants   xxx Daeja called me and told me she was in fact fired when she showed up for work Wednesday with her non-negro colored hair.  I called Beneficial Bank, identified myself as a writer for The Trentonian, and attempted to ask the manager these three questions:  If a white woman had hair this color, would she be fired?  Why isn't hair color addressed in the handbook?  Was this firing a personal decision of the branch manager, or company policy?   xxx Is there any consensus based on scientific data or professional opinion regarding the need for pregnant women to stop smoking cannabis?   xxx The Golden State's billion-dollar medical-cannabis industry stands a good chance of getting its first-ever state-level regulations this year. Here in the Capitol, Assembly Bill 266 passed by a landslide   xxx LICENSE PLATE PROFILING LAWSUIT DROPPED  BOISE - A discrimination case against the Idaho State Police for targeting a driver for a marijuana search because his license plates were from Colorado has been dismissed at the request of both sides.   That means the court won't weigh in on license-plate profiling in this case. But a legal expert said Darien Roseen's lawsuit, the release of the state trooper's dash-cam video under the Idaho Public Records Law, and the subsequent national attention it drew helped shine a light on the practice and may cause law enforcement agencies to stick to "more traditional probable cause or observed infraction findings."   xxx    The Marijuana Legalization Train Continues With Five Weed-Related Initiatives Now Gathering Signatures   The group Safer Arizona officially parted ways with the Marijuana Policy Project, and joined ventures with the organization Arizonans for Mindful Regulation.   xxx Still, that means there are more than 728,000 Coloradans, including  more than half a million Denverites, not counting tourists, who use cannabis and a law that doesn't provide many places where those folks can legally consume a legal product in the presence of other people. Though the amendment was written and intended to treat marijuana like alcohol, there is no real provision for public consumption.   This was at least in part a sop to the prohibitionists to help pass 64. But as a result, there are few places outside your own home where you can consume cannabis legally.   xxx STUDY QUESTIONS IF MARIJUANA EFFECTIVE FOR MANY CONDITIONS   xxx Some of the world's greatest genius has come from imbalanced people. I can testify:   xxx David L. Nathan, M.D., is a clinical psychiatrist, writer and educator. He is a clinical associate professor at the Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and a distinguished fellow of the American Psychiatric Association.  DON'T FALL FOR WARNINGS ABOUT POT   It's no secret. Most Americans now favor making marijuana legal. The national numbers are similar to those in Rhode Island, where a recent poll showed that 57 percent of Rhode Island residents support legalization. Prohibitionists are rapidly losing the debate because the facts are against them. Nonetheless, they continue to repeat three arguments that have been thoroughly debunked by objective scientific research.   xxx More than 86,500 marijuana plants were seized this week during a four-day eradication operation in the heart of Northern California's Emerald Triangle, where law enforcement officials from three counties also reported finding "egregious" environmental violations.   xxx   "These people are either constantly going through treatment or the criminal justice system.  Treatment is housing, it's job placement, it's education, it's childcare  if we can't support those basic needs in the most humane way, then this person is never going to have a chance to be a productive member of our community." About 36 people are now in the program, financed with city, county and private dollars, but plans are to triple participants as the program gains traction.  Law enforcement officials from San Francisco, Baltimore, Atlanta, Chicago and Houston will be in attendance at next week's conference. The Ford Foundation and the John and Laura Arnold Foundation will fund the trip for Santa Fe participants.   xxx   Cautiously avoiding deadly contact with the third rail, we are shy about any mention of Mexican cartels in the context of marijuana.   Opponents of legalization hypocritically argue half-truths and lies about the evils of the weed, leaving us with the false impression advocates are attempting to introduce something to the public that is already supplied by the cartels.   xxx   MARIJUANA REGULATIONS MUST COVER PESTICIDE USE   xxx   And then senior governments began their long retrenchment. They got out of nation-building and into bookkeeping.  "Call it neo-liberalism, or the idea that government is the problem,"   Price said. "Its core idea was that government was wasteful, and the best thing you can do is cut off its funding and prevent it from innovating and producing new programs. And I think that political philosophy prevailed, won the day, particularly in the U.S. And I also think its effect spilled across the border and became the accepted philosophy of senior governments here. Less government is better. Less regulation. Less funding. The best thing you can do is cut taxes. And you're certainly not going to get into the business of innovating
social programs. In fact, you're going to de-fund the ones you already have."   xxx   The four major U.S. professional sports leagues prohibit marijuana use, though the NHL does not test for marijuana. Marijuana infraction policies vary from league to league but center around fines and suspensions.   xxx   There is a common belief that people become addicted to something because they enjoy the feeling they get from it, but the biological process of losing control over one's behavior is more complex than that, said Dr. Nora D. Volkow, the director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, in a session titled "oe The Biology of Addiction - Why Do We Get Hooked?"   xxx   (AP) - There will be no baggies of pot awaiting patients this week when Minnesota joins 21 other states in offering medical marijuana. Instead, the nation's latest medical marijuana program is a world of pill bottles and vials of marijuana-infused oil.   For the qualifying patients seeking relief from pain, medical marijuana advocates and some lawmakers, Wednesday isn't the finish line, but the first step. The state's restrictive approach, unseen in the industry, is expected to mean high costs, long drives and
reluctant doctors.   xxx
July 7, 2015 -