March 3, 2003 - Resume for the Wichita City Council Appointments
Debora A. Moore AKA Debby Moore * 2742 E. 2nd Wichita, KS, 67214 * (316) 681-1743

Education: Certification as a Mortgage Loan Officer, and Processor 1998 Certification as: Diversified Cash Flow Specialists Open University; May 1996; Orlando, Florida Kansas Real Estate License November 1993 I have used my knowledge in these fields, working with mentally retarded, and the city of Wichita, I have been able to make homeowners of these citizens with the help of utilizing the retirement investment accounts of concerned citizens to finance their mortgage. I would do more of this but it makes mortgage company owners unhappy because there is no money rendered from these transactions for commissions, or adminstrative expenses. I performed several months of paper work, incurring postal, duplicating, and mileage expense with no income in several instances.

I also intended to use these skills and knowledge in real estate to procure contracts and agreements for cultivating hemp should the laws regulating hemp ever change. Through my research I obtained from the War Department, copies of the maps where hemp grows most abundantly. You need a real estate license to do this in the state of Kansas. I needed to know where the money was, and how to get it, which leads to other occupations I consider as much as continuing education. Wichita State University - Accounting - Land Investment Analysis. Wichita High School South Class President Debate - Speech - Drama Multitude of Technical and Trade School Classes in areas of personal special interest.

Long Range Goal: I am a magnet attracting to myself the people, the places, the circumstances of life which harmonize with my dominating thoughts. To be instrumental toward restoring the dignity of the plant known as Cannabis Sativa L Hemp for the benefit of planet Earth. Through these forces, I can commune with infinite intelligence and enter at will the vast store house of the subconscious mind, either my own, or that of some one else, living, or dead, a process which is all there is to genius.

Computers Skills: Purchased my first computer in 1980. I am a charter member of the internet. I maintain an international organizational research data base website. I write home pages for other people, corporations, & organizations.

Organizations: I am very civic minded, and have been elected or appointed to office for thirteen years, (except for the period of time the government took away my right to vote over a plant created by our maker). I am also a Kansas State Lobbyists for an environmental agri-business group commencing 1990.

1994 recognized by Trans American Publishers as the August 1994 Freedom Fighter of the Month.

November 1997, I was appointed with a life time membership and recorded in the Library of Congress by the Distinguished Organization of The National Registry of Who’s Who in America

2002, I was honored through a request of the Rosa Parks Foundation to authorize my name to be placed on the Wall of Tolerance alongside other great humanitarians. I do consider this one of my most precious mentions.

Occupational Experience: 1966 - Alumni Association Wichita State University I worked as a full time employee for Bill & Sue Ayesh as a member of the waitstaff while attending college. After I left a full time status, I continued working for them about ten days a year until they sold the club in the mid 1980’s. Bill Ayesh - Owner - 316-684-9534

1973 to 1978 - Wesley Medical Center I worked for Leno Jimenez, Vice President Finance. My duties included maintenance of the Miscellaneous Receivable Accounts @ Lamaze Classes, Pharmacy purchases by resident physicians, Miscellaneous equipment sales. Preparation and production of the monthly financial statement and the general ledger.

1978 to 1982 - Cessna Aircraft Marketing Division I worked in Accounts Payable for Don Walker, Controller of the Marketing Division, where I was responsible for processing all payments related to the sales of single and multi-engine aircraft, both nationally and internationally. These accounts amounted to approximately eight million dollars a month.

1975 to 1985 - Shaklee Food Supplement Company Shaklee is a multi level sales organization distributing food supplements, cleaning, and personal care products. I achieved the status of Supervisor where I received a company car every two years, and personally recruited a national sales organization of 2,082 distributors. I sold the business to my parents to enable myself to devote all my interest to fashion design.

1982 - 1996 - Debby’s Custom Patterns and Sewing Since childhood I have loved fashion, and fashion design. I enjoyed many years of a successful business. For several years I participated in trade shows showing my designs across the nation. I am highly skilled in this field. I still maintain a select group of patrons, including specialized design work for the staff engineers of the Kansas Cerebral Palsy Foundation.

1990 - 1992 - Sales person for a Time Share corporation with reciprocal trades internationally. I worked for a marketing company whose offices were at Carriage Park in Wichita, Kansas, selling the ‘Roark Resort’ located in Branson, Missouri, until all units were sold. I was very good in this market because I could sell buyers the vision and opportunities available by purchasing a Time Share. The marketing firm then moved its base of operations to Kansas City, Kansas. I worked several more months for them selling time packages for a Colorado resort. I left the firm because I did not desire at that time to relocate to Kansas City on a permanent basis.

1996 - Petroleum Club of Wichita I accepted a position in June of 1996 earning $8.50 an hour. My skills were immediately recognized by the General Manager, Roger Gouldner. In January 1997, I was promoted to Administrative Assistant where I incorporated into the Petroleum Club inventory and records obtained through the acquisition of the Wichita Club Membership. Occasionally I write articles for the clubs monthly publication “The Gusher”. I also assist the Banquet Director by filling her position when she is on vacation, or ill. Presently I function under the title of “Floor Supervisor” where I am paid $12.00 and hour, and time and a half for over forty hours. I have been offered the title of Assistant Manager several times, but have declined because it is a salaried position. My duties include interviewing, hiring, and training personnel. I write the weekly schedule. I am responsible for the execution of all club events. I am considered to be the closing manager. I also maintain the reciprocal club accounts for the Petroleum Club, in that I search for new participating clubs. I have had this responsibility since September, and have increased reciprocity by 120 clubs nationally and internationally. I use the reciprocity agreements to market new club memberships.

1999 - 2001 - Assistant Banquet Manager Wichita Country Club. Decided there was really not enough money to continue to allow myself to be abused by the continually long hours, usually 125 hours a week, with no meals of nutritional value provided. 2003 - Presently I have a small store at the Thomas Market,

7707 E. Harry where I strive to sell items you cannot buy at Wal-Mart. Due to a number of very bad laws, many opportunities others have, have been denied to me. Considering the date these laws were created, one might think they were written just for me. These would include, but not limited to the law I could not vote, thus serve as a representative of the citizenry. The law that I can not in any way touch or serve alcohol, a ridiculous rule since I never enjoyed drinking alcohol since it produces a horrible feeling inside me; but mostly it prohibits me from working in any restaurant or nightclub that serves alcohol. The most strange part of this law is that as long as I was on state paper, it was okay for me to work in these places, but as soon I was released from state paper, the state produced this new law and enforced it.

I am also unemployable because I have numerous felony convictions because I did not take glue and glue my tax stamps to my marijuana, which I was getting ready to consume. So every time the government touched a tax stamp, and they did in many places in my personal residence. A tax stamp in my rolling box, laying on what I was cleaning (the government calls it processing). A tax stamp inside a little tin in my purse, would have laid on anything that would have been in a little cigarette tin. Several tax stamps on the inside of various little jars touching the varieties of marijuana I had collected.

My government invented a new interpretation of their laws which minimized the actuality that I truly did purchase $30,000 worth of Kansas Marijuana Tax Stamps over a five year period of time. Law enforcement without a doubt corrupted the Judicial System by manipulating events and evidence to their advantage as to who testified, and who had wrote what in police reports. I witnessed law enforcement testify that they believe we should have a secret police. Six years later, we our not incensed, for we all know now we already have a secret police.

I have by law not been allowed the privilege of having a checking account since 1996. Try living with that handicap in 2003. The ability to obtain subsidizes for education, health care, housing, food, have been denied from me for life, as well as millions of others across the country. The absurdity of this law is the government in most cases have already taken everything you own, sentimentally and materially. In my case, the government has seized all my property and money four times in my life. I do not stand alone, as a nation we are going to have to address this, otherwise millions will starve to death for their preference of an herb.

I stood up when the question of the choice of having a manicured flat lawn v.s. a lawn abundant with Herb’s and random placing of flowers. Fortunately this law resolved to the advantage of all beings, and habitat awards are now presented to those who go the extra mile.

I also stood up when the whole town was selling chimenas and the fire department told me we had a city ordinance against using them. This incidence also proved beneficial to the citizens of our community who enjoy chasing off mosquitoes by burning excessive twigs from their gardens. Had I not requested this to be placed on our agenda, and requested that the law department interpret the law, and request the fire department explain “where there is smoke there is fire” concerns. Had the city council not reconsidered it’s position on the city ordinance, we could have been ridiculed again globally similar to the legislation prohibiting the teaching of evolution in the school system.

I introduced discussion to prohibit, restrict, or strongly enforce present fire code laws to reduce the war zones our neighborhoods had become every fourth of July.

In specific response to the question of serving my neighbors for another year, I can best respond by stating I strife to pay attention to the needs and concerns of others. I so much have enjoyed the past couple of years of Mayor Knight’s speeches as he devoted his energies to eliminating diversity among people. I much agree in the broad concept that war is about as far away from God as you can be.

Over the past thirteen years of official service to my community, I pick up trash randomly from the streets, and the park at the end of the block. In addition to participating with the organized clean ups. I am the benefactor through friendship to the abundance of orchards and country gardens. I harvest fruit and vegetables for my neighbors and the needy. I am always willing to help the elderly, many times it is as simple as helping move a piece of furniture, or carry in the groceries.

I am breaking into laughter remembering some the strange, crazy request I have helped my neighbors accomplish. I have learned a lot also. I do my best to attend the various meetings of the neighborhood associations, and participate in events. However every one has meetings and events, from the real estate company I am licensed with, to the Libertarian Political Party.

I have sewed bags, and quilts, and clothes for the needy projects through the churches, or sometimes just because I needed to use up the scraps. I usually am just a person when I present items like this, I don’t even leave my name. I do the same when I have a bushel of peaches or apples in my car and see a group of young people playing in the yard and stop at random to share with them the bounty.

I have a photographic memory, and read approximately four or five hours a day international media in my field of specialization, industrial and nutritional hemp. I am the expert, I wrote the books, and I provide the research data for others to think for themselves. For this my federal government attacks my website on a re-occurring basis. However, the truth is a very hard idea to avoid, especially when the United States government through NAFTA agreements has allowed all other countries to cultivate hemp, which they are doing to feed their people and enrich their economies.

I am published usually three or four times a week either in a newspaper or magazine globally. I speak at a large variety or events, ACLU, National NORML events, high schools and universities, civic organizations, farming organization and business groups.

My introduction of hemp to former CIA director Woosley while he was speaking at WSU resulted in him accepting a seat on the board of directors of the North American Hemp Council.

I would like to encourage my city to pursue sound ordinances. For those who have blown away their ear drums already it doesn’t matter. The reality is a boom box can wake an entire neighborhood at three in the morning. If the residents all worked the same hours it would be more easy to tolerate those who abuse the blessing of soft noises from their neighbors. People do not work the same hours. For the person that has to be to work at a hospital at 4:00 AM in the morning, the band practicing next door at 3:00 in the afternoon without any caution of being a nuisance is indeed intolerable by the person who needs to sleep. In my neighborhood, those who live there are mostly elderly. I do not think those who live there should be forced to exchange the song of a bird, the scamper of a squirrel, the chime of the church bells, for the infuriating drome of a base instrument which rattles the glass in the windows of these also elderly homes. At no time should the city find it toleratable to hear a band practicing playing music five houses, or a block away. If your neighbor can hear it next door, in my opinion it is too loud. Most people are willing to be considerate of others on this issue.

In July 2003 the new city ordinance took effect. The ordinance basically states if the noise can be heard 50' from its emmision, it is to loud.

The question as to my value and ability to represent a segment of my society can only be acknowledge by the person who would do me honor to appoint me, as it was from the voters who elected me with larger percentages of votes than enjoyed by others in the city of Wichita.

Manners are the happy way of doing things. - Debby