I wonder the cause and effect of home mortgage defaults, & the increased number of surprize corporate drug test on its employees.

I find it hard to believe that a persons would willfully give up their home if they had employment.

WWJD - I wonder what Jesus does every time some one else goes to jail, or loses his property because he reverences a plant God creates.

Last month family members spent the month with relatives in Scotland. Great Britain, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, do not drug test their employees. When my family exchanged their 100 USA Dollar Bill for British currancy, they only received 45 British Pounds purchasing power.

I am pleading to my fellow colleagues for financial support. For years I spent thousands of dollars spreading the Cannabis word. For three decades, I have paid for all my lobbying efforts myself. Even while I operated a 'hemp store', which actually never made any money, I went on publishing information, writing letters, making speeches, funded by my sewing skills, and part time work.

I have a DVD available, (produced ten years after the act), with the Kansas Department of Revenue showing my files, and stating that in fact I truly purchased twenty eight thousand five hundred dollars in Kansas Marijuana Tax Stamps. The government tried hard to make it appear I was a 'huge drug dealer', while in fact, I had sales record receipts proving ninety percent of all the tax stamps were sold to collectors through the 'hemp store'. The irony of the Kansas Department of Revenue DVD is: the only 'smoking' taking place is (according to the wall tiles in the back ground) in the Kansas Department of Revenue office. You know how the spin doctors are.

The government, three times in my life have taken everything I own. Why? Because I believe the plant cannabis should be available to all. Available to eat, smoke, exploit for numerous agri-business products.

My personal inability to keep silent when I know the misinformation about Cannabis is being manufactured by: self serving lawyers/legislators; mega industrial prison industry; law enforcement and the judicial system; pharmaceutical companies; and all the profiting support corporations (usually chaired by retired government employees); has brought me much pain.

Since 2001, my ability to find employment, and earn money, has totally dried up. My multiple felonies for not having "tax stamps", when the DVD, "Absolute Decriminalization" ($25.00) consists of the present Secretary of the Department of Revenue stating I did in fact have tax stamps, but they decided to prosecute me anyway.

In 2006, I found myself homeless. I was unfortunate to be employed by a corporation operating on a shoe string, using broken equipment, never having enough staffing. I broke four ribs in seven places, and my sternum in two places, when a table fell on me and crushed my chest. I lay in bed for eight months trying to heal.

A dear friend invited me to occupy land he owned, that I had been harvesting the past eight years. There is no house, but through the last year, a new roof and doors on a green house, emptying standing water from a cellar, have provided me places to habitat.

Don't misunderstand, I truly love my environment. I just do not think it is fair I have been made into a criminal. I don't think it is fair I have no money. I am most likely more healthy than most because I will eat leaves, and seeds, from plants, or weeds, few else will consume.

There is so many things I could do to honor earth, but like never before in my life, I need the help of friends. I need money to buy a tractor.

Debby Moore (316) 524 6001, P. O. Box 48258, Wichita, KS, 67201-48258