Knowledgeable of the probability of arrest and prosecution for speaking the truth, my FREE WILL impels my soul to shout the time for Absolute Decriminalization of the plant Cannabis Sativa L. Hemp is now.  Absolutely!

The United States is the only G-8 country, which does not recognize, productive cultivation of this bountiful, and multiple agricultural-business Cannabis Hemp crop.

My body, our bodies, is bio-chemically engineered to receive the nutritional benefits of Cannabis.  Dr. Andrew Weil has repeatedly advised that if you want optimum health, you will include in your diet cannabis hemp every day.

Free Will is stifled by over regulation, numerous rules and punishments.  It is my opinion; we can choke the life out of the US economy with a few more rules suppressing Free Will.  The aggressive anti-drug war policy of past plenipotentiary is again contaminating the scientific fact data. Of the plant, Cannabis Sativa L. Hemp. The United Nations, now in session, deciding the world drug policy of the next decade, with U.S. plenipotentiary of past administrations implementing their strategy, other nations are rejecting to continue failed policy.

Despite, what the U.S. anti-drug profiteers promote, use of Cannabis does not a loser make.  Micro-soft, and Michal Phelps, are two extraordinarily successful energies. that immediately come to mind.  The Latin motto published on many corporate logo’s, “impress your friends, destroy your enemies”, is a common occurrence, originating when the first pilgrims took aim at the Native American Indian.  The principal teachings of the 1970’s Harvard University class, *A RADICAL APPROACH TO ECONOMICS: BASIS FOR A NEW CURRICULUM *ADDICTIONS, DISTRACTIONS DEFINE WESTERN WORLD, reinforce these concepts to disenfranchise humans.

70 years since the state of Kansas wrote the federal plenipotentiary, “if you restrict the cultivation of Cannabis Hemp, it will economically devastate Kansas.”  The intentional miscommunication of this plant Cannabis, the restriction of Free Will by imprisoning those who speak up to change drug policy, continue.  All the legislative body, and media can discuss, is the smoking of the plant, by its media promotional name, “Marijuana”.  U. S. citizens should be building houses from the Cannabis crop, creating jobs for farmers, and manufactures.

If Kansas, (who was a major contributor in the cultivation of Hemp initiative, for the “Hemp for Victory” WWII efforts), were to restore Hemp as a respectful agri-business, Kansas farmers would enjoy exceedingly handsome profits, new processors would build new buildings.  The state of Kansas could grow their own paper, building supplies, composite plastics, food, animal bedding, insulation, fabrics, 22,000 other products.  A very healthy concept, keeping the profits from the Kansas citizens labor efforts, in Kansas.

I have a problem that our plenipotentiary, are given the opportunity, to invest in the business of building prisons, and the plenteous of mega support conglomerates, created to eliminate the Free Will of consuming Cannabis advocates.  Ultimately, the same legislators, pass laws, guaranteeing the full-occupancy of the prison industry, feeding the returns of their investments, completely forgetting to honestly pay their own income taxes.

At my local Wal-Mart, I can now purchase lotions and oils made from Cannabis Hemp, to smooth my skin, wash my hair.  I can fuel my body with the essential omega three protein acids.  I can wrap my self in Hemp fabrics.  I can drive a car made of Hemp plastic composites.  Economically, not one single American Farmer can enjoy a profit from growing this bountiful Cannabis Hemp crop.  All Cannabis Sativa L Hemp raw fiber resources, must be imported into the United States, including the paper, used to make the money you and I spend.

We need to insist our plenipotentiary, support the desires of the many states, whose state voters, have enacted law for medical marijuana to be available to its citizens.  If we continue our failed path, the judicial system revolving door, our children, and grand children, will pass through, and live in fear of; the laws of disenfranchisement for using a restricted plant.  These bad drug policy laws, will continue to destroy our futures, as a whole.  Bad laws, which certainly negatively affect the poor in far greater proportions, than the wealthy.  Bad laws, which will continue to fill the coffers of the plenipotentiary, corrupting governments, restricting free speech, and destroying the pride of ownership, through seizure.  Bad laws, which are much more damaging to the individual, than the use of, cannabis, in itself.  Bad laws that put the price of a drug test, and law enforcement expenses, in each and every product we sell and purchase.

I thank Michael Phelps, and others with winning spirits, for inspiring me to share these thoughts with you.

Respectfully yours,
Debby Moore, Director of Research
Hemp Industries of Kansas
P.O. Box 48258
Wichita, Kansas, 67201
(316) 524 6001

February 8, 2008