Dear Legislator - Let Me Grow Hemp Nuts!                                                                             January 21, 2011

In the Drug-War, there are many Cheer Leaders.  Mega-corporations, industrialized prisons, societies, self-invented experts on the large salary, non-profit, for-profit, lawyers & or legislators, and government employees, who’s financial accomplishments in life, future financial stability, are dependant on the Drug-War to continue.  To lie, and deceive is acceptable behavior if your goal is profit, or job stability.

These Drug War Cheerleaders, are addicted to the cash flow.

The Cannabis Sativa l. Hemp plant is beneficial to the human body.  We are actually bio-chemically engineered to receive the bounties of Cannabis.        

Eating Cannabis Sativa l. Hemp for the nutritional values, is not the same as smoking the Cannabis Plant for its Medical Values.  Most Cannabis has NO – THC in its properties. 

Do we feel foolish yet? 

Allowing the cheerleaders to deprive citizens of optimum health, promote obesity, incarcerate, & disenfranchise millions, aiding their bulging profit margins, is no longer acceptable.

When drug testing corporations test to see if you have THC in your body, the test itself is a lie.  DRUG TEST ARE NOT TESTING FOR THC.  CANNABIS DRUG TEST ARE DETECTING IF YOU HAVE ANY CANNABINOIDS IN YOUR BODY.  A diet rich in green vegetables, will also give a false positive drug analysis.

This is the reason the FDA must keep secret the abundant nutritional benefits the Hemp Nuts, of the Cannabis Hemp Plant provide to living beings.

Drug War Cheerleaders do not make any money until some one buys their opinion…and another some one, is arrested for ‘smoking a doobie’, or prosecuted for parole viloation for eating a Hemp Nut Cookie..

Remember cannabis is a plant.  Growing cannabis is the healthy, green thing to do. GOD said he gave the cannabis plant to me, to us.  He told us, we could, and should, grow this cannabis plant.  Cannabis Hemp is a good plant.

I encourage people to engage in a ‘make it happen, do it yourself project’.  Recycle or pass on a copy of this simple note, do a postcard.  Send this message to:

President Obama - White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, N.W.,  Washington, DC, 20500.
Phone:  202 456 1414, E-mail:
        A ‘staffer’ is anxious to make a mark on the “let US citizens grow cannabis” side.
I want to grow this Cannabis plant in my garden Mr. President!