SIDE BAR: Between October 1996, and December 11, 2003, I have responded to 4,121 articles by newspapers, magazines, and media productions. This was a start over since the government took my computer hard drive in 1996 .

1990 - Founded Kansas Environmentalists for Commerce In Hemp Registered for the first time as a lobbyists with the State of Kansas. During the month of January, I go office to office, department to department, talking one on one with Kansas legislators, and their staffers. I get a lot of pats on the shoulder, and thumbs up as I walk the halls doing business.,

1990 Began attending the national educational concerts @ Hash Bash - Harvest Festival - 4th of July in the park across from the White House, Save the farm concerts.,

1990 Began publishing promotional, educational, book annually,

1990 Imported first hemp fabric through CHA - Don Whitshafter of Ohio Hempry,

1990 1991 - Lobbied month of January in Topeka - Kansas Day Concert Continued distribution of educational literature. Contacted all schools. Spoke before city council urged change through use of “Home Rule Law”. Presented first bill to Kansas Legislature to decriminalize cannabis,

1991 First Kansas Day Celebration Concert at state Capitol, in Topeka, KS,

1991 Gave clothing I had made from hemp fabric to media to promote issue.-

1991 Met Seth Warren, a High Times Freedom Fighter, Jack Herer, Mark Cramer of Lawrence, KS, other activists with the CAN tour this year. Many long friendships have been formed from this event, I pay special honor to acknowledge Seth Warren, who’s body is no longer with us,

1991. Took first internet presence - met Laura Green - fantastic drug warrior hero - e-mail address Website - spread the message to the world. Lobbied legislators in Topeka. Promoted Kansas Day Concert through the media,

1992. By personally purchasing tax stamps from the Kansas Department of Revenue, subsequently exposure of governments additional punishments. Warned fellow citizens if this was acceptable it would eventually spread to everything else. -

1992 Gathered with the national activists for the San Antonio Tea Party in February 1992. Fifty like minded people as myself made a pact that we would begin to push and we would not back down until we won. I still think of that pact often, and what a long journey it has been. -

1992 Opened hemp store - sold fabric, books, jewelry. -

1992 Met Dr. Eric Voth for the first time. I get 30 seconds on TV, he gets the other 30 seconds. 

1992 Participated in city wide “River Festival”. Maintained educational site for eight days. Watched fellow neighbors place legalize stickers on the asses of the horses carrying law-enforcement officers. Officers brought dogs to prohibit Saturday evening candle light vigil for prisoners of war. Collected 51,000 drawn leaves and submitted to the CNN sponsored “Tree’s for Life” campaign targeted toward attendees of the Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Environmental Conference,

1992 Took my message to the Kansas State Fair. I was positioned down the isle from the Kansas Bureau of Investigation’s exhibit of Tax Stamps,

1992 Police lied to judge to obtain warrant to confiscate 31 copies of Jack Herer’s book “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”. On the toss of a coin (of course I lost) law enforcement took every bracelet, necklace, T- shirt that had a cannabis leaf on it from our hemp shop. I was charged with possession for the hemp suit I wore the night before to meet then vice-presidential candidate Al Gore. -

1992 News media picked up on my e-mail address giving me the identity of hemplady, which has been my nickname since,

1992 First encounter with the Kansas Department of Revenue. Exposure gave me international exposure, CNN carried my story for three days. Hundreds of national interviews on radio and television,

1992 Sent Christmas presents of Hemp to president elect Clinton’s family. Included was a present of catnip enclosed in hemp pouch. Associated press picked up on it and printed socks comment: “Ah, yes, I love the catnip...but I never inhale.” -

1992 Lobbied legislators in Topeka during month of January,

1993 State of Kansas try to deny Tax Stamp Issue - eventually I won this one - I kept buying tax stamps. Accumulative total between 1992 and 1996, $30,000. worth of tax stamps purchased most of them through the mail. The Wichita Eagle Beacon fought the District Attorney in our behalf as to their rights to refuse to submit requested interviews by journalists,

1993 Ran for my first public office: Citizens Participation Organization Representative of district 1.3 for the city of Wichita. With more votes than any one else in the city, I won a four year term. Took appointment to the city budget review committee. Took appointment to the Community Development Block Grant Review Board,

1993 ATT published my 1-800 number as the rehire contact number for their former employees. I took advantage of the foul-up and educated the thousands that called on the attributes of cannabis and hemp. Cost me about $2,300 a month to do this, ATT said I talked to long. The Wichita Eagle Beacon gave me excellent exposure for this,

1993 Guest Speaker at Harvest Festival in Madison, Wisconsin,

1993 Made hundreds of speeches at farming organizations, county fairs this year

1993 - educational. Launched my website at:, which was updated in August 2001.

1994 - Lobbied legislators in Topeka - every US Congressman and Senator received a copy of my research. Cost $150,000. to mail every one thorough information. I have continued to update all incoming legislators from all states. So are legislators know the facts. They know they are telling lies. Serving 4 year term as District 1.3 CPO representative,

1994 Appointed to City Budget Review Committee -

1994 Appointed to the Community Development Block Grant Review Committee,

1994 Earth-Day Old Town Market Place - I brought in the Kansas Department of Alternative Energy vehicle that ran off of alcohol (bio-mass fuel) to the exhibit where I handed out samples of fabric, paper, plastics, and insulation.,

1994 Spoke at Earth Day gathering on Sunday KC NORML,

1994 Brought Chris Conrad and Mikki Norris to Wichita - rented hall - lots of hype - Great TV and radio response interviews with Chris. Chris painted mural on the wall of my home,


1994 Held second annual Mean Green Mega Marathon Bash - unbelievable concentration of law enforcement.- Walton Lakes, Newton, Kansas Recognized as the High Times Freedom Fighter of the Month: August

1994 As an educational exhibitor, I attended the “Save the Farm Festival” in Athens, Ohio. I was privileged to be able to share my milk with the wonderful chocolate cake others had readied for Jack Here’s birthday party. Sitting under the trees. Grooving on awesome music - sharing experiences with the hero’s of the movement - ‘twas life in the forward movement. -

1994 The Department of Defense prioritized cannabis as an alternative fuel crop through my application to cultivate hemp in Kansas under Executive Order 12919. Monumental! -

1994 Spoke at the Freedom Festival, Perry Lake, Lawrence KS

1994 1995 Lobbied my state legislators Serving 4 year term as District 1.3 CPO representative,

1995 Appointed to City Budget Review Committee,

1995 Appointed to the Community Development Block Grant Review Committee,

1995 Did hemp fashion show for Earth Day Celebration in Wichita Farm and Art Market,

1995 Spoke at KC NORML Earth Day Celebration,

1995 Spoke at the National NORML Convention in St. Louis. In March.,

1995 Lobbied in Washington DC,

1995 Held the third annual Mean Green Mega Marathon Bash. Spoke at the “Save the Wild Life Festival” in Lawrence KS Encountered another arrest, this one vehicle stop - lost state appeal - sentenced two years - felony possession - with tax stamps. Had the privilege to play in Amsterdam with dear friends in the movement.

1996 Influenced the Kansas legislature to introduce SCR 1605 directing the agri-business division of the Kansas State University to study the cannabis plant. The DEA told the state of Kansas it would make it cost prohibitive. Serving 4 year term as District 1.3 CPO representative. Appointed to City Budget Review Committee Appointed to the Community Development Block Grant Review Committee Lobbied my most heavy in Washington DC, and Kansas. In March Dr. Voth was published in a Topeka, Kansas newspaper proclaiming that all the legalizes on the internet were well funded and the government should silence us. Two days later he took this message to a Congressional House Committee Hearing. This is six days before the following occurrences. I wrote a letter to President Clinton (remember I already have six letters from him), in response to his attack on the Addis earth shoe debate. Basically in response to him telling Addis they will not distribute the hemp shoe in the US for it sends the wrong message to our children. - My letter read “Dear Mr. President, please read my lips, hemp shoes are made for walking, and in the 1996 election, I hope they walk all over you.” - President Clinton send me back a letter dated March 6, stating “I appreciate your candor” blah blah blah March 20, the FBI, DEA, CIA, and local law enforcement moved into my live, my live turned to shit, and remained so for the next five years. This is the first occurrence that law enforcement seizes a computer. April 6, the calvery returned to take everything but the plaster on the walls from the hemp store and my home. Two days before the statue of limitations expire, the state files charges against me, if sentenced, I will be imprisoned for forty years, no chance of parole. I joined 157 others in a class action law suit against the federal government. Lawrence Hirsh is the attorney filing suit, in Philadelphia. I also became acquainted with Peter McWilliams, who eventually paid for my expenses to attend the legal proceeding in our first hearing. Hundreds of well deserving patients of cannabis came from across the nation. Studied for and received my certification in cash flow diversity. Studied and received my mortgage note educational acknowledgment. Long term goal - to be in the position to sign the contracts, organize the investors, to make cannabis a viable agriculture crop in Kansas. In Kansas and most of the midwest it is environmentally impossible to grow a drug quality cannabis.

1997 Lobbied Kansas Legislators Won re-election (by more votes than any one else, even after the newspaper told every nasty detail of my political position), of CPO office - State of Kansas passed a new law that prohibited me from serving.

1997. I obtained my federal tax identification number for “Hemp Industries of Kansas”

1997 I was honored by the publication of “Who’s Who in America” by having a thorough definition of our goals and accomplishments, and my participation in these activities. I was so pleased for all in the movement. I felt it was bring us main-stream.

1998 Lobbied Kansas Legislators in January - Had two representatives call in interest. After they investigated the response actions of law-enforcement in other states to those introducing hemp bills, they decided no action was the best thought. -

1998 I was in San Francisco attending a convention, and was privilege to attend the closing party for the San Francisco Buyers Club. Truly most wonderful for I was able to associate in the good energy of many friends I had known for almost a decade by now.

1998 Lobbied Kansas State Legislature - MAP respondent -

1999 Class Action Law-suit Philadelphia - Compassionate Use - plaintiff -

1999 Lobbied Kansas State Legislature - MAP respondent -

2000 Appointed to the District 1 Advisory Board Appointed to the Community Service Review Board Lobbied Kansas State Legislature - MAP respondent -

2001 Appointed to the District 1 Advisory Board -

2001 Appointed Chairman the Community Service Review Board -

2001 In August 2001, I launched the greatest data research base I could produce with my years of experience. It get hacked often by the feds, however, I have a saint of a webmaster, who bless his heart thus far has kept us soaring, even though we encounter days with out serviceability. Lobbied Kansas State Legislature - MAP respondent -

2002 Appointed to the District 1 Advisory Board - 2002 Appointed Chairman the Community Service Review Board -

2002 Marched in Dana Beal’s “Million Man Marijuana March”, with the newly reorganizing South Central NORML.

2002 Honored by the Rosa Parks Foundation by having them place my name on the “Wall of Tolerance”

2002 Attended National NORML convention in San Francisco. Most refreshing to re-energize with extra wonderful people.

April 2002 Organized march on local DEA office June 6, 2002.

Opened Booth at 7707 E. Kellogg in the Thomas Flea Market - purpose to distribute information

2003 Organized and participated in Million Man MJ March 2003

Marched on the DEA office April 2003 - unfair attacks on hemp foods again.

Presently, as of December 2003, I sit on the
2004 Community Development Block Grant Review Board for the City of Wichita, Kansas, this is an appointed position.

I sit on the 2004 Community Services Block Grant Review Board for the City of Wichita, Kansas, and was chairman of this community service board in 2003. This is my third year to serve on this board.

I sit on the District Advisory Board for District 1 in the city of Wichita, Kansas for 2004. I have been elected or appointed to this board for fourteen years, except when the government took my right to vote away.

I have recently been appointed to the committee which will choose the new incoming city manager for the city of Wichita, Kansas.

I am also a registered state lobbyist for Hemp Industries of Kansas, a position I have held since 1990.

If you want to know more particulars about my activism, please check out Debby Moore link on my website. Please bookmark for future reference: (316) 681 1743