Vann Cherokee Wildlife Sanctuary - Debora Vann Luther Moore, Park Ranger

Harvest Mid September 2007

42 acres of wonderful land located south of the center of Wichita, Kansas. The land has always been agricultural land, the original developing farmer John Crowl, died in 1998, after farming the land for 87 years. The land is an orchard of 1,000 peach trees in various varities, and 50 cherry trees.

Park Ranger (me) office, built from recycling telephone poles that had been abandoned on the land. Cost $1,000 in screws, sheet metal. and one laborer. 12 by 12 building

John Crowl was a genius. Everything he created was using the very best materials available at the time. I have had the honor to harvest this land since my friend purchased it in 1999. I absolutely love this meadow I share with a herd of 18 deer. Because the orchard loves to share its bounty, I have spent months harvesting the trees of their fruit, at the peak of ripeness. I share this wonderful food with everyone, neither, my friend the property owner, or myself, financially gaining. The property owners greatest joy in life is to feed other people.

I am executing a plan to acquire this beautiful land. I do not want to ever leave this paradise. I presently am utilizing the 'hot beds', growing table greens. I have five varities of lettuce, carrots, broccoli, collard greens, growning (the last time I saw them). It is February 5, 2007, and the farm has not been above freezing for the third week in a row. The hot beds are under 8 inches of ice and snow. The forcast shows another week of this freezing cold weather. This year is my learning curve. ***March 01, 2007 UPDate***, table greens survived the winter, and are delivering excellent healthy salads. Hot Beds June 07 - Winter Squash Garden

Three families of Eagles live here.

A 50 lb. bag of corn $8.50, only last four days - wild bird food $14.95 for 50 lb. -

Please send Earth Friendly Contribution to: Debby Moore, park ranger - PO48258 - Wichita, KS, 67201-48258 - (316) 524 6001
I am in sincere hopes other earth frindly people will send me at least $1 each - please show your love of critters: deer -1),2,fawns & mom), skunk, honey bees. Help me preserve the habit for the turkeys, gennies, racoons, a bob cat, possums, squirrls, fox, turtles, toads, lizards, snakes, spiders, and birds I share this land with. The original developing farmer John Crowl was a genius. I want to continue organic agriculture, and share with all the bounty of the cherry and peach orchards. The city has grown around this precious land, in May 2006, the city of Wichita annexed the land. The wildlife has been migrating here, via the railroad track that borders the west side, for the last ten years.

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