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Debby Moore born Debora Vann Luther, born November 13, 1947

1998 Profile Ms. Moore is the President/Founder of Kansas Environmentalists for Commerce in Hemp, established in 1990. Doing business as Hemp Industries of Kansas, KECH goals are to lobby government, educate farmers, agribusiness investors, legislators, and media to the vast economic enrichment available to those states and industries who choose to exploit cultivation the bountiful hemp plant. Hemp Industries of Kansas offers imported hemp products made of oil, cement, industrial absorbents, fiber board, horse and animal bedding, cat litter, paper, skin care products, fabric, cordage, plastics, and animal feed. Ms. Moore, most often referred to as the hemplady, is a folk hero to millions. A renowned lecturer, researcher, and publisher, Ms. Moore has been instrumental in increasing global awareness and development of products derived from the Cannabis Sativa L Hemp plant. As a Kansas State Lobbyists, Ms. Moore’s home state of Kansas in 1997 was one of 15 states to introduce and consider legislation to allow cultivation of hemp for economic development. Ms. Moore received her education at Wichita University and Open University-Diversified Cash Flow. Her current memberships include: Kansas State Lobbyists for Reform of Cannabis Laws; Commercial Hemp Association; Coalition for Hemp Awareness; National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws; Libertarian Party; National Political Women’s Caucus; Sierra Club; World Wildlife Fund; National Wildlife Federation; The Nature Conservancy; Natural Resources Defense Council; and National Rifle Association. She has two daughters: Yaelonna Vann Moore Hosking and Mechell L’Dee Vann Moore. Kansas Environmentalists for Commerce in Hemp is located at 2742 East 2nd Street, Wichita, KS, 67214. Ph. (316) 681 1743 - Email: hemplady@hempforus.com - Website: http://www.HempForUS.com