M(daughter) Moore's Original Hemp Report. This was submitted to the Wichita Board of Education by the teacher from Robinson Elementary. About three months after the rest of the class had had their research papers returned, M(daughter) received hers, it had a note on the front from her theacher. "A- M(daughter), I believe you are right on target with this one."

M(daugher) Hemp Outline

M(daughter) Report - Hemp To Save The Planet

Hemp to Save the Planet Bibliography

Side Bar: Added May 1, 2007 - after years of my personal activism toward drug-law reform, my family has requested that they not be mentioned as my children any longer.

While this hurts my feelings, to be rejected by my family. I thought I was fighting for them, their friends, and all the children, mothers, and fathers, in all the world, for years to come. The drug-war is bad medicine, period.

No, I am not repentant that I speak what I know to be true.

It makes no difference that I represent for many a ruined life.

I know that I was right when I began the Anti-drug war reform, and I know that I am still right.

Sometimes, being that 'folk hero' is a tough road.