The Drug War Cheerleaders

There are several entities that profit immensely from refusing to reason when confronted with logic to end the drug war. I encourage you to draw you own conclusion, the discoveries are a 'real trip'.

Who Profits The Most By Continuing the War On Drugs?

United States Government Agencies

Pharmaceutical Corporations

Corporations That Contract To the US Government

Seizure and Looting by the United States Governments

Migration toward the New World Order

Is it all about slave labor?

10 Jul 2000 "human thermal plume." detector is funnel-shaped collector above the heads of people who pass through and pause a few seconds, draw the human thermal plume, analyzed in an ion mobility spectrometer, a device measuring electrons, for the presence of explosive molecules. - detect smuggled money, narcotics, chemical or biological warfare agents, nuclear substances like uranium, or other hazardous material - skin flakes could provide samples of human DNA, patent number 6,073,499.