Million Man Marijuana March - May 5, 2007 Report 

Global Million Man Marijuana March May 5, 2007 - High Noon Debby Moore - Wichita Kansas Reporting 316 524 6001

A very joyful noise rang for almost a mile as participants waved, cheered, and laughed with honking traffic. (picture - ) The Global Million Man Marijuana March in Wichita, Kansas was a total success. The event location at the fork of the Arkansas River in Wichita, was absolute beautiful. Some passers by stopped, and parked their vehicles to join in the parade. Every one had a lot of fun.

Wind was the only challenge of the day. Picnickers struggled to keep food on their plates with 50 mile per hour wind gusts.

There were new face's, and many creative new ideas discussed during the forum at lunch. Debby Moore, Hemp Industries of Kansas, stated that perhaps it is time to follow the money. Who's income is largely dependent on persons being arrested for smoking marijuana - ATTORNEYS

Debby Moore, Hemp Industries of Kansas, would like help establishing: Hemp's Carbon Footprint as it relates to each product. She is asking help from those who enjoy applying the mathematics. Commercial hemp growers in Canada have been collecting data from how many bee's, butterflies, other critters visit the hemp fields through growing season.

Debby Moore, Director of Research, asked think tank volunteers to consider, the forty pounds of airborne pollen produced by a acre of hemp, the cannabioid receptors in male testes, and the relationships of prostrate cancer.

Cheryl Riley shared her experiences at the MPP convention. LEAP sponsored and paid for here trip to the convention. Cheryl is laying plans to open a Compassionate Care Center in Wichita. Volunteer to help Cheryl Riley, Southeast Kansas Membership Coordinator - Kansas Compassionate Care Coalition - 316-685-7869 130 S. Greenwich Rd, #58 - Wichita, KS 67207 -, to support her efforts.

Debby asked everyone to autograph a copy of the 2007 March Poster. " Makes me feel all giggly inside" she said with a smile.

Debby distributed remainder of 2007 posters to others as mementos for themselves and friends. Hang it in a place you, and friends will see often. Then when the first Saturday of May rolls around, you know you are to be someplace special.

Everyone agreed that like a famous movie "We'll meet again, same time, same place, next year."


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Debby Moore P. O. Box 48258 Wichita, Kansas, 67201 316 524-6001