Harry J. Anslinger Collection Guide: Historical Collections and Labor Archives, Pattee Library, The Pensylvania State University:

In Box 9 HJA Archives there is the: United States Treasury Department Washington Bureau of Narcotics: Report of the Marijuana Investigation Summer of 1937: In Cooperation with the Department of Agriculture: 13 pages: Page 10: - Those which are shown in the table as "positive trace" have been referred to in other sections of this report as "negative" plants. The reason for our designating these very slight traces as "positive" in this phase of the investigation is based upon the fact that we were here looking for tendencies which a process of drying might have upon increasing or decreasing the reactivity of the plant. If the estimation of this laboratory such slight traces would not be sufficient justification for embarking upon criminological procedure and court action. However, for the purpose of scientific investigation that must needs be taken into account. These small traces fall within the category of bare indication of "positive" Beam test.

American Medical Association Opposes the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 - American Medical Association Bureau of Legal Medicine and Legislation Chicago, July 10, 1937

Hon. Pat Harrison Chairman, Committee on Finance, United States Senate Washington D.C.

Popular Mechanics, December 1941 - Pinch Hitters for Defense - After twelve years of research, the Ford Motor Company has completed an experimental automobile with a plastic body.

Hemp For Victory - see War Records 1942

Marijuana Research: For the 1938 Convention Book of the Association of Medical Students, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: by Hon. H.J. Anslinger, US Commissioner of Narcotics: Washington, D.C.:

The Marijuana Tax Act Review: pages 1,2,3

Letter from RE Curran, General Counsel, Department of National Health and Welfare Canada to: Mr. Harry J. Anslinger: June 28, 1968: First part of letter about Phoenix program. comes closest to what I regard as treatment in the sense of rehabilitation of the addict. pargh 3: Methadone support program

Letter from RE Curran, General Counsel, Department of National Health and Welfare to: Mr. Harry J. Anslinger: August 26, 1968: asking about more information on tetrahydrocannabinol in the illicit market.

The Protectors: Harry J. Anslinger, and the Federal Bureau of Narcotics: 1930 - 1962: John C. McWilliams: Newark: University of Delaware Press: London & Toronto: Associated University Presses: Page 149 - 217: Tentacles: 1943 - 1965: pg 156: