The Conspiracy

The Ropewalk Pubdate: 1859 Source: The Courtship of Miles Standish, and other poems Author: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Publisher: Ticknor and Fields Pages 171-174 THE ROPEWALK - IN that building, long and low, With its windows all a-row, Like the port-holes of a hulk, Human spiders spin and spin, Backward down their threads so thin Dropping, each a hempen bulk.

Marijuana Report of the Indian Hemp Drugs Commission: 1893 - 94: by John Kaplan: Professor of Law, Stanford University: Silver Spring, Maryland:

The issue 70 years ago was whether General Motors (GM), Standard Oil of New Jersey, and the DuPont corporation should begin putting tetraethyl lead into gasoline. At that time, the toxicity of lead had been well-established for 100 years,[4,pg.76] but a new gasoline additive was needed by the automobile and petroleum corporations and lead suited their purposes.[4,pg.6] - In 1923, the automobile industry was booming. In 1916, 3.6 million cars were registered; in 1920 the number was 9.2 million and by 1925 it would be 17.5 million.[5] Prior to 1920, Ford had grabbed the lion's share of the market by mass producing the standardized Model T but General Motors developed a successful strategy for overtaking Ford. - On February 1, 1923, in Dayton, Ohio, leaded gasoline went on sale for the first time.[4,pg.90] - Leaded gasoline was produced by the Ethyl Corporation --a joint venture of GM, Standard Oil of New Jersey, and DuPont.[4,pg.105] Tetraethyl lead is at least as toxic as normal metallic lead, but with this difference: tetraethyl lead is a volatile liquid, readily absorbed through the lungs and skin. Almost immediately, workers began to be poisoned. At Standard Oil's Bayway, N.J., facility, 5 workers died and 35 suffered severe palsy, tremors, hallucinations and other serious symptoms of nerve damage. Several of these workers spent the rest of their lives confined in insane asylums. - In 1924, General Motors and DuPont paid the federal Bureau of Mines to investigate the hazards of lead from automobile exhausts

Defination of marihuana from a 1936 encyclopedia called it a medicine.

Harry J. Anslinger Collection Guide: Historical Collections and Labor Archives, Pattee Library, The Pennsylvania State University: Note that on page 12, File No 12 lists for the first time UN Economic and Social Council Commission on Narcotic Drugs (1947) Box\Folder Listing is 14 pages long.

Marijuana: The Harvey Lectures: Roger Adams: From the Noyes Chemical Laboratory, University of Illinois, the Department of Pharmacology of Cornell University Medical College and the Welfare Island Hospital: Lecture delivered February 19, 1942 page 168 - 197:.

March 10, 1970 - Public Papers of the President Richard Nixon to 1974: Table of Contents:

The Protectors: Harry J. Anslinger, and the Federal Bureau of Narcotics: 1930 - 1962: John C. McWilliams: Newark: University of Delaware Press: London & Toronto: Associated University Presses: Page 149 - 217: Tentacles: 1943 - 1965:

The Evolution of Marijuana Law: Chapter Six: The Question of Marijuana: Still Unanswered: by Lawrence Miller:page 197: is about the lobbying for Marijuana Tax Act: assuring farmers that production of fiber, oil, seed cakes will not be damaged - Scientists find the THC content of wild marijuana in Kansas to peak at 0.06 percent in flowers, the most potent part of the plant. That level is far below the amount that French law specifies for fiber Crops. THC content of sample Indiana leaves is 0.10 percent to 0.50 percent. applying the French formula to wild marijuana descended from hemp crops in Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota, & Illinois yields X values of less than 1.

SEASONAL FLUCTUATIONS IN CANNABINOID CONTENT OF KANSAS MARIJUANA (Economic Botany 29: 153-163 April-June, 1975) - R. P. Latta and B. J. Eaton - Latta-- (Department of Agronomy, Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas.) Eaton-- (Agri. Chem Sales Rep., Elanco Prod. Co., former Asst. Prof., Dept. of Agronomy, Kansas State Univ., Manhattan, Kansas; and Sr. Plant Phys., Eli Lilly and Co.)

British Medical Journal - CANNABIS AS MEDICINE: TIME FOR THE PHOENIX TO RISE? - Since 1971 British doctors have been barred from prescribing cannabis under the Misuse of Drugs Act. Many otherwise law abiding people have subsequently thought it worthwhile to expose themselves to the risk, inconvenience, and expense of obtaining illegally a drug they believe can ease symptoms inadequately controlled by conventional medicines. Patients have told me how effective cannabis can be in relieving aches and pains, numbing the symptoms of opiate withdrawal, improving sleep, reducing anxiety, and alleviating the vomiting, anorexia, and depression associated with AIDS related disorders. Anecdotes such as these are all very well, but is there any scientific evidence that cannabis has real therapeutic value? - The BMA has addressed this question with an excellent report, which begins by reviewing the pharmacology.(1) Only a few of the 60 or so chemicals unique to Cannabis sativa (cannabinoids) have so far been studied,

Journal of Forestry: Crime In The Forest: by Jay Heinrichs, Associate Editor of Journal of Forestry: September 1983: page 17-49 talks about all the pot growing in the forest, especially in California, also talks about the vandalism, and also living in the parks year to year, also the stealing of animals for their fur, over taking of natural resources like fish, . page 21 Arkansas is now said to be the second-biggest source of marijuana in the country

American Nurseryman: June 15, 1993: News Watch: Drug Agents Investigate Hydroponics Suppliers, Customers: page 32: Last year, more than 3,800 raids - about one every three hours - were conducted on indoor growing sites across the nation. This was triple the number of raids conducted in 1988, and DEA officials say they expect the figures to increase.

Journal of Forestry: National Update: June 1985: Marijuana Still Rife on Public Lands: page 328 In 1983, law enforcement agencies destroyed about 1,300 of the estimated 8,200 marijuana plots cultivated on Forest Service land. In contrast, in 1981 only about 450 of the estimated 6,000 marijuana plots were destroyed. page 329: Watchdog Agency Summarizes Acid Rain Research: The agency stated, "any air pollution control approach to deal with acid deposition in this century would necessitate additions to, or a basic reorientation of, the ambient air quality standard approach in the present act."

American Forests: March April, 1987: page 37 - - 40 Focus: Forests Under Siege: Are the National forests Going to Pot? New enforcement authority is putting the bite on the billion-dollar business of growing marijuana, but lack of funding could soften it. page 38 has map of reported cannabis cultivation in national forest system. page 39: In 1983 Forest Service joined 12 other federal and state agencies to form a task force called CAMP - in 1986 100 local, state, & federal agencies participated in CAMP resulting in the seizure and destruction of 117,277 plant & 1,426 lbs of processed buds, estimated wholesale value of over $400,000,000. Total of 91 arrests, plus 113 suspects, confiscated 284 firearms, 27 vehicles, seizure of real property valued at $4,000,000. page 40 lists new federal penalties Page 41: The Timber Terrorists: Avowing "no compromise in defense of Mother Earth," some "ecotage" activists go beyond protest to tree spiking, fire, and money wrenching. by Karen E. Franklin

Science: Volume 259: January 1, 1993: AIDS Theories: This is the story that tells how in April 1958 more than 200,000 Central Africans had been vaccinated Wistar Institute, six scientists, assess whether a polio vaccine made at Wistar & tested from 1957 to 1960 in Central Africa could have spawned the AIDS pandemic. Two theories posit that this vaccine might have been contaminated with a rare simian virus tantamount to the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-1) (3).

Unknown: Shamans & Patent Lawyers: by Philip L. Berano: Department of Technical Communication, University of Washington, Seattle NIH biodiversity grants could benefit shamans,...When I led workshops at the Rio de Janeiro Eco Summit in 1992, indigenous leaders warned about attempts to impose foreign legal and property regimes on their people, referring to "the abhorrent position of accepting that the living diversity of this planet can be reduced to patented private property" Chief Leon Shenandoah of the Onondaga Nation (in New York State) who recently urged the National Science Foundation not to fund the Hunan Genome Diversity Project (that would take and store genetic samples of several hundred isolated and "endangered" human communities), calling it "unethical" because "it violates the group rights and human rights of our peoples and indigenous peoples around the world. In most indigenous cultures, medicinal knowledge is an example of a "group right," not the patentable property of shamans or a "resource" for First World corporation, scientists, "biodiversity experts," or government officials to privatize

Science: Vol 259: February 1993: by Tim Appenzelle page 90 : Searching for Clues to Ancient Carbon Dioxide. The oldest soil studied to date, from 440 million years ago. During the extensive glaciation period, the atmosphere had 16 times today's carbon dioxide.

Drug Wars: Drug Enforcement as Counterinsurgency: by Jonathan Marshall: Cohan & Cohen Publishers, Forestville CA, Library of Congress Cataloging- in-Publication Data: 1990 - pages 29 - 57:

CIA off Campus, Company Crimes by Ami Chen Mills, April 1990, Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data page 18) One February 12, 1992, a paper industry executive Virgil Horton, vice president of API, American Paper Institute, wrote an angry letter to Time Inc. Magazines chairman Reginald Brack, Jr, and had it hand-delivered to Brack's office in New York City's Rockefeller Center. The

World Watch: September October 1992: Whitewash: Pursuing the Truth About Paper: World wide, new paper produced in one year is about 240 million tons - or four times the weight of the world's total production of new automobiles.

Trilateralism: The Trilateral Commission and Planning for World Management by Holly Skiar: Black Rose Books, Montreal: 1980: Table of Contents & list of 1977 International Members

Trilateralism - Who's Who -1977 This book is by Holly Skiar & Ros Everdell page 90-99, Chapter four Who's Who on the Trilateral Commission:

Trilateralism: Energy & Indian People: Chapter Three: The US Colonial Empire is as Close as the Nearest Reservation: The Pending Energy Wars: by Michael Garitty:

Company Crimes: The Case Against the CIA by Senator Frank Church, EX agent John Stockwell-1988

Earth Island Journal: Fall Southern Hemisphere 1992: Page 20: Oxygen, Hydroxyl and Stratospheric Temperature Levels are Falling: More Trouble for the Earth's Atmosphere: by Gar Smith: $150 million project Biosphere II & acetazolamide the drug to fight debilitating effects of oxygen starvation- Biosphere I the Earth: Sept 12: The New Scientists, "Decline and fall of atmospheric oxygen", & Journal, "Are We Running Out of Oxygen"

Earth Island Journal: Fall 1993, Spring (Southern Hemisphere) 1993: Page 18: Green War Profiteers: by Gar Smith: Green War is the war against nature profiting billions for the manufactures of bulldozers, road-builders, treefellers, and chainsaws. To tear the Earth apart in the quest to extract resources and profits: Military weapons makers: McDonnell-Douglas, General Dynamics, Martin-Marietta, & Dow Chemical - Arm Makers in the War on Nature: Catepillar & John Deere; in Japan, Komatsu, Mitsubishi, Marubeni, Nichimen and Nissho Iwai, in Canada FMG Timberjack. Even smaller companies have world impact; In Wisconsin, the Manitowoc company produces a tree debarker that can shred 40 cords of wood per hour - 300 linear feet per second. Manitowoc's "flail debarker" can consume a tree of almost any size and regurgitate "150 green tons of debarked wood per hour." portable debarkers build by Chiparvestors, Inc. can roll into a forest and turn a grove into green pudding at the rate of 50-60 tons per hour.

Earth Island Journal Spring 1993, Fall (Southern Hemisphere) page 19: Earth Island Journal Pioneers Use of Wood-Free Kenaf Paper: "The eight center pages of this months Journal are printed on completely tree free 50 pound kenaf paper. Netherlands, UK Push Tree-Free Paper: in 1990 Dutch started hemp on a national program

Hemp Help for Forests: The San Francisco Chronicle April 13, 1993, Oregon lumberman William Conde & David Seber of C& S Specialty Building Supply & Washington State University used 1500 pounds of hemp fiber shipped from France to produce a fiberboard that is two to three times stronger than wood.

Earth Island Journal: Page 28: Winter 1993-94 - Turning Forest into Phone books: British Columbia's Clayoquot Sound, for Californian. Clayoquot Sound was one of the two largest forests, contains 17% of the surviving ancient forests on Vancouver Island. 2/3 have already been cut MacMillian Bloedel supplies 98 % of the woodpulp for US telephone directories, 60% (or 650,000 tons) goes to satisfy the needs of California.

Utne Reader: March\April 1994 page 40: Tree Free Paper: Products made from kenaf pulp save forests and reduce pollution: two to four times as much pulp per hectare as southern pine. In US only grows in extreme southern states: New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, California Hemp on the other hand can be grown anywhere. The best blend of paper is hemp\kenaf

Mother Jones: May\June 1994: Spies, The CIA has opened a global Pandora's box by spying on foreign competitors of American companies: Clinton - Ford, General Motors, Chrysler - CIA, espionage: Woosley says: But there is not the slightest hesitation among other top CIA officials that such information, when obtained, ought to be shared with American automakers Means they will have access to Government high tech

Outfront, Mojo on the Edge: by Petter Kornbluh: Oliver Twisted: A day in the former life of a would-be senator: will testify at trial of Richard Secord, Albert Hakim later this year. US says North absconded with more than $16 million in Swiss bank accounts. $3.8 million was actually diverted to Contras. Feds want $11 - 12 million still sitting there. From his diary: August 6, 1986,

Newsweek, November December 1992: page 20: Election 92 Inside America: A behind the scenes account of the campaign Changes That Toppled a President and Ended the Republican Reign: The Guard: Bush: aftermath of Desert Storm 70% approval rating, in 1991, 91% Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan had left Bush to manage the national estate just as the bills were coming due. There was no real Bush agenda beyond muddling through. even his new world order , like a house built by do-it-yourselfers in the dark. Indistinct figure, not really from anywhere, man of Washington, rootless in place, time and ideology. born to a gentleman's ideal of public service as an obligation of his class, and it remained his credo. He ran for president to sit in the Oval Office and serve. question Iraqi envasion, quibbles lost in the flutter of a million yellow ribbons, it was a famous victory for Bush, and for a season, become a national hero. 1988 read my lips no new taxes. Where Reagan had favored broad strokes, Bush painted by the numbers; inspiration tended to fail him when he was placed before a blank canvas and asked to do the big picture. Whiskey Rebellion of 1794 In 1988, half of the adult America stayed home on election day. in Fred Steeper's focus groups, people talked about the victorious end of the cold war only if you reminded them of it.

Rolling Stone: Responses to Articles on legalization : 800 marijuana arrests a day

Philadelphia Daily News: Friday April 23, 1993: Pro Hemp article - they were going to dump 50 lb of seeds outside US Senator Arlen Specters office, but it was too good said Alan Gordon the groups spokesman.

The Philadelphia Inquirer: A National Park Service officer reaches for Alan Gordon's marijuana joint at Independence National Historical Park. Gordon & 4 others were cited for smoking on US property yesterday at rally sponsored by Philadelphia Pot for Peace. Last year 272 million cannabis plants were destroyed in the US, about 97% of that was wild hemp.

Topic: Wit and Wisdom of Dan Quayle; April 7, 1991: Bitnet ACTIV-L mailing : first page mentions El Salvador, then quotes Quayle "I believe we are on an irreversible trend toward more freedom and democracy - but that could change...

The Washington Post August 7, 1991 A16: Quayle Drug Accuser's Prison Suit to Be Heard: by Tracy Thompson: US District Judge Harold H. Greene ruled yesterday that Brett C. Kimberlin, serving time in Tennessee has leveled accusations in a lawsuit against federal prison officials that were "tangible and detailed" enough to necessitate a trial US Bureau of Prisons Director Michael Quinlan November 4, 1988 while prisoner in Oklahoma, NBC News interview

Indianapolis Star: Wednesday: December 8, 1993: Humans were used in radiation tests, government admits: by H. Josef Hebert: Associated Press: Washington, The government concealed more than 200 nuclear weapon tests since the 1940's and conducted about 800 radiation tests on humans. unaware of the risks the Energy Department acknowledged Tuesday. Manhattan Project in the 1940's Conducted 204 more underground nuclear tests between 1963 & 1990 in Nevada than previously had been announced. The additional tests, bringing the total to 1,051 were concealed to keep the Soviets from finding out about them. The Soviets claim there have been 1,080 US tests.

Americans pay 60% more in for drugs than same drug in the UK & 32% more than Canada

George Bush appointed Treasurer pleads guilty to income tax evasion. She faces 15 years & $750,000 fine. Center Daily Times: Friday, February 18, 1994

Nation: Drug War's Strange Target: Toads That Pack a Big Buzz: Camp Angels California: Bufo Alvarius Toad: psychedelic venom from glands on their backs: Scientific journals trace use of the drug to ancient times. In the 1950's, the Pentagon & CIA supported research on bufotenine as part of an effort to develop brainwashing agents

Superbugs: Resistant bacteria on the rise: is infected with a highly contagious, antibiotic resistant version of the bacteria known as enterococcus we re just waiting for the shoe to drop

1991 War on drugs costly for many. Governments, local & federal spent $24 billion, spending increased 13% from 1991, per capita spending on anti drug work ranged widely from $154.44 in Alaska to $13.73 in South Dakota.

Region: 2 US Judges Won't Hear Drug Cases: Federal Judges Jack B. Weinstein of Brooklyn & Whitman Knapp of Manhattan. They say emphasis on arrests and imprisonment rather than prevention and treatment have been a failure.

May 3, 1994: Centre Daily Times: Dear Aby: Legalize Drugs:

May 16, 1994: Centre Daily Times: It's time to say good-bye to the CIA: James McCartney: as Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan D N.Y. crusading to scrap the agency points out: "for a quarter of a century the CIA has been repeatedly wrong about the major political & economic questions entrusted to its analysis. For many years the CIA overestimated Soviet military strength, thus pushing president after president to spend far more than necessary on US defense. @ Ronald Reagans huge US military buildup when Soviet system already had begun to fall apart. Moynihan, a member of the Foreign Relation Committee, and former vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Evidence as early as 1979 Soviet growth coming to a halt. CIA kept reporting the economy was soaring. For 40 years American presidents have been traumatized by the prospect of Soviets becoming economically & militarily stronger than us, when the opposite was happening. 1) CIA reported a bomber gap that did not exist 2) CIA reported a missile gap which did not exist 3) In 1973 CIA failed to forsee the Egyptian attract on Israel 4) In 1979 CIA failed to forsee the revolution in Iran or the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. 5) In 1982, CIA failed to forsee the Israeli invasion of Lebanon 6) In 1990 CIA failed to forsee the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. CIA misread Cuba & ignored Soviet interest in terrorism. In CIA every thing is secret, even the budget, operations, Moynihan wants CIA functions turned over to the secretary of state since 1991

Pentagon changes strategy as it's fighting war on drugs: The emphasis is shifting from interdiction to prevention at home. The Pentagon has eliminated 24 of its 170 counter narcotics programs and cut its spending on anti-drug operations by $273 million. a reduction of nearly 1/4 from the high of 1.2 billion in fiscal 1993. To help countries such as Bolivia Peru & Colombia stamp out drug cartels ...(Note I believe Colombia has already legalized, and Peru told us to stay out of their country in 1993)...

May 15, 1994: Superbugs: Antibiotic resistant bacteria on the rise

Senator Kennedy under the Carter administration failed to bring the Georgia Governor's campaign to decriminalize marijuana to the Senate judiciary calendar for hearings and a vote 17 years and five million arrest ago.

June 1994: Rolling Stone: Drugs in America: Special Issue: ; The Phony War, the Real Crisis Drug Policy Foundation, 13,000 members, including doctors, lawyers, and public officials who seriously want to change the drug laws.

Book World\May 29, 1994 H. R. Haldeman: Diaries stretch between January 1969 - April 1973 Nixon comes across as everything his critics ever said he was: vengeful, egotistical, petty, bigoted. he says: never in history has there been an adequate black nation, and they are the only race of which this is true.: Kissinger looks every bit as bad: vain, paranoid, and childish, convinced Secretary of State William Rogers is doing every thing to poison him. Said Rogers was the one feeding media his affair with actress Jill St. John. Jealous that Nixon invited Roger to the Presidential yacht instead of him

Christopher Columbus wrote, carried "a firebrand in the hand, and herbs to drink the smoke thereof, as they are accustomed."

The Office of National Drug Control Policy is funding such a research agenda. State of the art Positron Emission Tomography, which provides vivid brain scans, is helping researchers develop new treatment modalities. effective for heroin and cocaine This administration is committed to expanding effective treatment services and has recommended an increase of $335 million, plus funds in the Crime Bill which will enable us to treat 140,000 more chronic, hard-core drug users. Lee P. Brown, Director Office of National Drug Control Policy Washington.

Parade: Should Marijuana Be Legal?

June 3, 1994 exhuming of Frank Olson body. Family rewarded $1.2 million

Nature: Volume 359 October 1994: page 666 - 667 Struggles to correct published errors: great paper about how chemistry papers read.

Federal Prison at Marion IL for political prisoners like Leonard Pelter, Manuel Noriega

Harry Anslinger supplied Senator Joesph McCarthy with injectable morphine for may of the years while McCarthy was an addict anti-Communist Senator

It is a sad fact that Reagan/Bush/Quayle also assisted the spread of the human immunodifficiency virus (HIV) throughout the general populations of every country on earth through contaminated blood products, vaccinations, and a vacuum in "family planning". Whether they did this through benign neglect, or their own twisted forethought it is hard to tell and now irrelevant.

Last 3 pages is his response from the US Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration

There are several entities that profit immensely from refusing to reason when confronted with logic to end the drug war. I encourage you to draw you own conclusion, the discoveries are a 'real trip'.

Who Profits The Most By Continuing the War On Drugs?

United States Government Agencies

Pharmaceutical Corporations

Corporations That Contract To the US Government

Seizure and Looting by the United States Governments

Migration toward the New World Order

Is it all about slave labor?

10 Jul 2000 "human thermal plume." detector is funnel-shaped collector above the heads of people who pass through and pause a few seconds, draw the human thermal plume, analyzed in an ion mobility spectrometer, a device measuring electrons, for the presence of explosive molecules. - detect smuggled money, narcotics, chemical or biological warfare agents, nuclear substances like uranium, or other hazardous material - skin flakes could provide samples of human DNA, patent number 6,073,499.