I met my friend Chris Conrad in 1990 shortly after he had completed editing "The Emperor Wears No Clothes" for Jack Herer. While Chris and his wife Mikki were helping us promote hemp cultivation in Kansas in 1994, he and his wife were spending a couple of evenings with me. Knowing that Chris is a great artist, I had my wall prepared for him to paint. After a lovely dinner, a full day of speeches and new presentations, I served a wonderful chocolate mouse and Chris addressed the wall. I sat in the hall awaiting the surprise as we chatted. I asked Chris "what pulled him into the movement?"

Chris replied: "Because I knew there were people like you out here to help."

My challenge to you my friend the surfer: "I know you are here to help, please stand on my shoulders, I stood on the shoulders of those before me."

Business Alliance For Commerce In Hemp - BACH - El Cerrito, CA, May 5, 1995 - From: Chris Conrad, Global Operations Director - To: Debby Moore - Dear Debby, - Thank you again for joining our program in St. Louis to discuss the commercial development anmd market potential of industrial hemp. - Your participation was an invaluaable addition to the presentation, and helped make the event a success. It’s always a pleasure to hear what you’ve been up to and share ideas and strategies.

26 Nov 1997 Page: 3 Photo: Caption: Chris Conrad is the author of "Hemp for Health." - Author Promotes Alternative - For maladies such as migraine headaches, arthritis and anorexia, marijuana can at times be more useful than narcotics in bringing relief, accord to Chris Conrad, author of a new book entitled "Hemp for Health." -

Jun 18 13:40:44 1998 - Received: from ConradBACH@aol.com by - hemplady@feist.com, Hemp Magazine request Hemp Magazine is planning to do an article about my decade in the hemp movement and asked if I could refer them to a few people who might have something to contribute to it. Of course, I thought

Chris Conrad - It is with great pride I accept the opportunity to write a few words about my “HERO” Chris Conrad. - Chris Conrad is the individual who took Jack Herer’s years of collected research and through his journalism skills produced in 1990 the notable book: The Emperor Wears No Clothes. This book changed my life and quite possible motivated millions of others to commit their lives to changing United States Drug Policy. - Chris Conrad with the support of Mikki Norris Conrad, his wife and soul mate, have given unselfishly of themselves, traveling around the globe, influencing the change of consciousness toward

Tue Dec 22 22:44:19 1998 - From: ConradBACH@aol.com CRAW@aol.com, hemplady@feist.com - Subject: Re: Hemp - I'm forwarding your message to the best hempster in Kansas, Debby Moore (316-681-1743). Drop by my website at www.chrisconrad.com, and let me know what it is that you want to be doing. Let's work together.-- Chris Conrad

Tue Jul 06 20:22:09 1999 From: ConradBACH@aol.com hemplady@feist.com, Greetings. - I'm writing to ask your input on two different revisions: - 1) I'm going to update and reissue _Hemp: Lifeline to the Future_, hopefully this fall. If you are aware of any inaccuracies that need to be corrected, please let me know. If you have any information which you deem essential to be included, please let me know that as well. If you need a copy of the book to review for comment, let me know. This is a bit of a rush job, as usual, so I will appreciate hearing from you soon. It needs to be finished by early September, if possible. 2) Business Alliance for Commerce in Hemp (BACH) has a brochure which we issued in 1990 called "The Proven Way to Save America's Family Farms." The back panel lists some uses and hypothetical crop values. These numbers were provided by the Institute for Hemp, and have not