Executive Order 12919

June 1994

In September 1994, Debby Moore, founder of Kansas Environmentalists for Commerce in Hemp filed for application for licensing to benefit the farmers & industrial agri-business investors of Kansas with the: United States Department of Energy, United States Department of Agriculture, United States Department of Defense, United States Department of Commerce, The National Security Council, & The Director, Federal Emergency Management Agency, in compliance with the requirements of Executive Order No.12919.

Several weeks passed with no response from the petitioned federal departments inquiry into Cannabis Sativa L. Hemp licensing under E.O. 12919, so in mid October, 1994, Ms. Moore wrote to the same offices again.

The first response arrived November 17, 1994 from the Department of Agriculture Office of Assistant Secretary for Administration, Wardell C. Townsend, Jr. Assistant Secretary for Administration.

January 5, 1994 another response arrived from the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense, Michael C. Corridore, Chief, Production Resources Division.

Things were not looking bright until March 9, 1995, the United States Department of Energy responded by acknowledging: "Short rotation, high yield crops, such as Cannabis, by their very nature, are an excellent potential bio-mass source to be converted to fuel. Our bio-mass to energy programs are pursuing these types of crops as a priority." Using this statement as a tool, Ms. Moore wrote to the same designated departments again, sending them a copy of the letter from the Department of Energy.

March 15, 1995, The National Institutes of Health, Department of Health & Human Services, Office of Cancer Communications, Christy Thomsen, Chief, Public Inquires responded.

March 25, 1995, in response to Moore's third letter accompanied by the copy of the letter from the Defense Department, another response was received from the Department of Agriculture, Office of the Assistant Secretary Administration, Wardell C. Townsend, Jr. In this letter, the Assistant Secretary of Agriculture is more stern in dodging a legitimate response. (At this time there is no actual Secretary of Agriculture, Epsy has been forced to resign.)

March 29, 1995, another letter arrives from the United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Office of the Administrator, R.D. Plowman, Administrator. This letter was forwarded to him from President Clintons office. The letter refers Moore to the Registration Unit of the Drug Enforcement Administration, Department of Justice, for a registration number. Ms Moore, did apply to the Department of Justice, DEA office but received no response.

US Congressman Dan Glickman, from Kansas, who had served in the US House of Representatives for 16 years, was voted out of office by the citizens of Kansas, in November 1994. The district he represented happens to be the one in which Moore resides. Personally familiar with Glickman, and many of his acquaintances Moore took great pride in doing her share in leading a campaign to help him be removed from office. Unfortunately for Kansans, the citizens of the US, and the agriculture department, Glickman was appointed Secretary of Agriculture for the United States Department of Agriculture in late spring of 1995. His letter to Moore dated June 19, 1995, clearly exhibits his lack of agriculture knowledge, especially the cultivation of hemp. In fact, Moore calls the last paragraph of his letter a "joke for farmers"! It is sad, but some time in the future, this particular statement could be considered as fact to ignorant researchers and historians.