Feng Shui - Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life - How to Use Feng Shui to Get Love, Money, Respect and Happiness .... by Karen Rauch Carter $19.95

Grass .... by Jack Herer $10.00

Grass - A Child's Garden of - The Official Handbook for Marijuana Users (COLLECTORS) .... by Jack S. Margolis, Richard Clorfene $50.00

The Greening of America .... by Charles A. Reich (COLLECTORS) $35.00

Hemp Lifeline to the Future .... by Chris Conrad $13.00

Marijuana - The Law and You A guide to minimizing legal consequences ... by Ed Rosenthal $19.95

Off Beat Marijuana - The life and times of the world's grooviest plant Saul Rabin $19.95

On Liberty and Drugs - Essays on the Free Market and Prohibition .... by Milton Friedman and Thomas S. Szasz $25.00

Pot Stories For The Soul .... by Paul Krassner's $19.95

Shattered Lives - Portraits from America's Drug War by Mikki Norris, Chris Conrad, & Virginia Resner $19.95

War on Drugs, War on People .... by Steve Otto $15.00