COLLAGE Is So..o..oo Good for Stimulating the Brain:

Collage Storage Boxes always bring compliments! 1 - 2 -

Plant baskets beaded any size, velvet barrels - accented with decorator pins

Hand made Collages by artist Debby Moore, are created to help you think positively.

As the creator and artist of these pieces, I love to watch a persons eyes dart around the walls I have papered with Collage. I am fascinated to wonder at what they are thinking as I see a visitors eyes focus on one section or another. I personally am often stimulated with new thoughts, or combinations of new ideas to accent the presentation of my clothing style, when I use these collage influences. Walls of Debby's Collage will lift you out of a rut.

Debby's Collage's standard measurements are 33 1/2 inches by 96 inches. Collages are easy to hang. The most simple of suggestions is to use thumb tacks, which make it more easy to remove, and store away for seasonal decorating. The collage is usually a pleasant blend of exciting, vibrant, sexually enticing, but not distasteful at all pictures. Personalizing the Collage with a special picture of you own choosing is very easy. Some of the most attractive Debby's Collaged Walls are finished with strips of decorative wood frames.

Collage can be solely of female pictures, or male pictures, a blend of both genders, and thought provoking items, is more appealing as wall paper. Collage can also be of animals, airplanes, boats, environmental places, specific collections of most anything. You can even supply all of your own pictures if that would bring you more enjoyment from your Debby's Collage's art masterpiece.

No two collage are the same, and custom sizing is affected only by shipping carton sizes. You're sure to love a wall or room in this colorful eye catching presentation of Debby's Collage's.

$190.00 each

Please call (316) 524 6001 and talk with Debby for more personal service. Unfortunately, too often legitimate inquires about purchasing my Collage Art, are lost in deleting spam. I would love to e-mail you a picture of current creations. Be sure you place Debby's Collage's Inquiry in the subject line to help me identify your interest.

Coming soon-digital on line camera for you to view the art piece in detail before you purchase.