Plants & Plant Accessories

Plant baskets beaded any size, velvet barrels - accented with decorator pins*****Collection Pictured includes:

Hemp Industries of Kansas, Art Produced by Debby Moore, Director of Research, CEO, Founder

(316) 524 6001 for Additional Information

Hemp Clothing- Debby's - Couturiere - Hemp Clothing used as MJ possession charges 1992

Wonderful Nutritional Products & 1) Nutritious 2)Snacks

Hemp Jewelry -- Hemp Home Decorating


Plant Holders & Pots ----

Hand Pressed Essential Oils ---- Low Alcohol Extracts ---- Alcohol free Extracts

Hand Crafted Art ---- Ceramics


Collage, a favorite past-time of creative collector Debby's, Wichita, Kansas

Books - with lots of interesting stories and facts - many hand signed by author


Hemp Industries of Kansas * PO 48258 * Wichita, Kansas 67201

PHONE - 316-524-6001******** FAX - 316-524-6001

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