The World of - Hemp:  Contents - Posted August 2001, - then came 9-11, and the Patriot Act

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  • Research Data Base History of Medical Cannabis current through August 2001
  • The Benefits of Marijuana, Physical, Psychological & Spiritual
  • The HempConspiracy, & The Drug War Cheerleaders
  • Government Surveillance "Echelon"
  • Recommended websites for freedom fighters

  • The contents of this data research base, from 1992 to 1996 was transmitted via the internet, to companies who at that time were connected to the internet, otherwise submitted via the US Postal Service. This target group included the 4,000 Celebrities, Corporate Execs, VIPs listed in THE ADDRESS BOOK by Michael Levine, television and radio broadcasters, newspaper, and magazine publishers world wide. Hard bound copies of these documents have been presented to every US Senator, US Congressman, and related Federal Agency, including the legislature for the State of Kansas, and its related agencies.

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