The history of two decades of activism by "folk hero" Debby Moore.
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MY MISSION STATEMENT: I am a magnet attracting to myself, the people, the places, the circumstances of life which harmonize with the nature of my dominating thoughts: to be instrumental in the legalization of Cannabis Sativa L Hemp. And through these forces, I can commune with infinite intelligence, and enter at will the store house of the subconscious minds of man, either living or dead, a process which is all there is to genius.

Debby Moore 1990

I believe it is these unknown forces that has brought me the most phenomenal information over the years. When I began my journey in the late 1980's I was light years away from my present position, which has been formed by decades of research. This issue is not about whether one can smoke marijuana. THIS IS ABOUT DELIBERATE IGNORANCE PROMOTED BY THE US GOVERNMENT, OF THE PSYCHOLOGICAL, NUTRITIONAL, NECESSITY OF THIS MOST PRECIOUS PLANT. - GOD DOESN'T MAKE MISTAKES!

This data research base, from 1992 to 1996 was transmitted via the internet, to companies who at that time were connected to the internet, otherwise submitted via the US Postal Service. This target group included the 4,000 Celebrities, Corporate Execs, VIPs listed in THE ADDRESS BOOK by Michael Levine, television and radio broadcasters, newspaper, and magazine publishers world wide. Hard bound copies of these documents have been presented to every US Senator, US Congressman, and related Federal Agency, including the legislature for the State of Kansas, and its related agencies. If I had an internet connection to you, I sent you ten pages a day, the limit of most mailboxes at one time. If I had to physically reproduce the documentation and mail it, you received a packet once a quarter. I continued this to the same growing list for over five years. Then I ran out of money. and spent the next five years scared for my very life.

BASIC INTRODUCTORY LETTER - PLATFORM USED THROUGH OUT 1992 - bsplt_92.hmp - I am writing to bring your attention to the global effects of Greenhouse, and what we as inhabitants of planet earth must do to immediately begin the reduction of CO2, from our atmosphere.

NEW CALL TO LEGALIZE CANNABIS - Local Attorney Launches Grassroots Effort With Class Action Law Suit against Federal Government Agencies 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9)

DR Voth - contributing to computer disappearing March 20, 1996 1) - 2) - 3)

I would imagine that Dr. Voth finally feels like the "ass wipe" I have always thought his thinking made of him. The United States was removed in 2001 from the United Nations International Drug Policy Commission because the rest of the world disagrees with the US war on the drugs.- Dr. Voth has been a dominating contributing factor to the misery my life became once I verbally disagreed with nazi's present drug laws. One more time I repeat myself Dr. Voth. I was right on this hemp thing when we met, I have always been right, you are wrong and have intentional told harmful lies to the people you took a Hippocratic oath to help.

Activitism Archive of letters

Police Reports March 20 & April 4, 1996

Hoods 1) - 2) -

1995 Book Cannabis Sativa L Hemp

Proof that the FBI did as I stated in court, monitor all my communications. They had no rightful reason to take my computer 1)

Cookie Jar 1) - 2) - 3)

Things I find humor in: Bacon,

11 Jan 1997 - Declaration of Independence of the Free States of America - WHEN, IN THE COURSE OF HUMAN EVENTS, it becomes necessary for one People to re-examine the political bonds which have connected them to their government, and to ...

My friend Chris Conrad

My friend Mikki Norris

My Friend Don Wirtshafter - Ohio Hempry

My Canadian Friend Chris Clay and the miracle we worked.

Peter McWilliams was murdered by the Federal Government, he bought my airline ticket so I could participate in the Class Action Law Suit in person in Philadelphia.

July 7, 1997 - Don Wirtshafter, President The Ohio Hempery, Inc. 7002 State Route 329 Guysville, Ohio, USA, 45735 - Dear Don: - I am writing to inform you of the present status of my legal entanglements, and to share with you the enclosed documents.

10 Jul 2000 "human thermal plume." detector is funnel-shaped collector above the heads of people who pass through and pause a few seconds, draw the human thermal plume, analyzed in an ion mobility spectrometer, a device measuring electrons, for the presence of explosive molecules. - detect smuggled money, narcotics, chemical or biological warfare agents, nuclear substances like uranium, or other hazardous material - skin flakes could provide samples of human DNA, patent number 6,073,499.

Des Moines Register (IA) Sun, 6 Sep 98 Author: Rekha Basu, Register Columnist - TWO DRUG-ENFORCEMENT STANDARDS - But that doesn't erase the cynicism that there are two sets of law-enforcement standards, and one is for public officials protecting their own. - It has barely been long enough for wounds to heal from the case of Urbandale Officer James Trimble, the 18-year police veteran who pleaded guilty to a Class C felony for possession and intent to distribute after being stopped driving around in a poor part of town with $20,000 worth of meth in his van. The drugs were stolen from a police department evidence locker. - He could have gotten 10 years in prison, but he got probation, a $1,000 fine and community service. The police department never even pressed charges for the theft.

Associated Press Pubdate: Wed, 03 - Dec 1997 - DRUG CZAR: DRUG WAR REGIONALIZED - In a report, the White House National Drug Policy office spelled out drug threats in each of the 22 regions, including the number and type of trafficking organizations, the number of hard-core drug abusers, the dominant drugs in the market, the number of money-laundering organizations and the geographic factors making each area unique. - The report also prescribed an anti-drug strategy for each region. - In the New York-New Jersey region, for example, suggested initiatives include a regional drug-information clearing house, regional coordination of anti-drug efforts, a photo-imaging network, an information retrieval system, and a firearms mapping system and information sharing by regional prosecutors. - Each anti-drug region will rely on cooperation of a team of police forces, sheriff's departments, federal prosecutors, the Drug Enforcement Administration, FBI, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the U.S. Customs Service, U.S. marshals and treatment and prevention officials. The 22 regions are headquartered in Seattle; San Francisco; Los Angeles; San Diego; Tucson, Ariz.; Las Cruces, N.M.; San Antonio; Houston; El Paso, Texas; Also Denver; Kansas City, Mo.; Chicago; Crown Point, Ind.; Detroit; Philadelphia; New York City; Washington-Baltimore; Atlanta; Metairie, La.; Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. San Diego has two regional headquarters, one focusing on southern California, the other on the Southwest border.

Sunday, December 7, 1997, in the Miami Herald Report: Half of criminal offenders on probation - WASHINGTON -- (AP) -- More than half of all adult offenders serving criminal sentences were on probation at the end of last year, - State and local probation agencies were supervising about three million adults on Dec. 31, 1996 -- about 1.6 percent of the US adult population,

May 1, 1997 Please Copy and Distribute to Friends - As many of you are aware, I am scheduled to begin jury trial on May 19, 1997. Of many injustices that are involved with this case, that began on March 20, 1996 with the seizure of my computer which contained nothing but a research data base about the plant provided by our creator “Cannabis Sativa L Hemp.” My case is also about Kansas Marijuana Tax Stamps which became national news in 1992. See High Times August 1994. ' card party for charlie'

May 1, 1997 - Matthew Kynaston Editor in Chief - Commercial Hemp I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your Volume 1, Issue 1 of Commercial Hemp magazine. I am writing to ask you for another copy for I have given the copy you sent me away. - I printed hundreds of copies of the brochure for the Hemp Symposium you held on February 17, 1997, distributing them to elected officials, and the media in my state of Kansas. Members of the Kansas Senate Agriculture Committee and investors attended the Symposium.

May 1, 1997 Lt. Governor Gary Sherrer, Secretary Department of Commerce & Housing Topeka, KS, 66603 - Dear Lt. Governor, Sherrer - Recently, I received from Minnesota House Representative Phyllis Kahn, copies of the Minnesota - House and Senate Bills for Hemp Cultivation. I am enclosing these copies. (State Representative Phyllis Kahn, State Office Building, 100 Constitution Avenue, Saint Paul, Minnesota, 55155-1298 - Also enclosed is the “Commercial Hemp” magazine, The Trade Journal For Our Growing Industry. This magazine is printed in Canada where hemp cultivation is in full implementation. - Missouri is passing legislation this year. The House & Senate bills are in states of final revision and debate.

My Story - pieces I've put togeather

My Story by Debby - Bits & Pieces

November 20, 1996 I am writing to let friends of mine who have been worried about the massive list of felony charges that have recently been filed against me. I will share details later. Today I was assigned Dec. 4, 1996 for my Preliminary Hearing. The state is calling in 27 witnesses against me. - The state is going for life in prison for me.

375.Htm - July 7, 1997 - Don Wirtshafter, President The Ohio Hempery, Inc. 7002 State Route 329 Guysville, Ohio, USA, 45735 - Dear Don: - I am writing to inform you of the present status of my legal entanglements, and to share with you the enclosed document. - 1) The brief prepared by the appellate public defender regarding my October 23, 1995 arrest. My attorney: Charlie O’Hara has informed me within the last two weeks that a ruling has recently been rendered in another case that justifies them upgrading my charges to a class 4 felony. However he still believes that I will win on the search issue.2) National Interagency Counterdrug Institute Counterdrug Managers’ Course, July 1994. I am told that this organization is so top secret that the US House of Representative for this area of California was unaware of their existence. - 3)

My cases of March 20, 1996, & April 2, 1996: - My trial date has been postponed indefinitely! The reason being is Charlie filed a motion to suppress regarding the fact that law enforcement here in Wichita continue to wear hoods and masks to hide their identify. -

*** This hearing lasted about five hours. During cross examination Charlie also discovered that at some time over the last eighteen months, The Judge who convicted me, and signed my search warrants: Judge Owens, Nola Foulston, the District Attorney, and Lt. Lambdee had a meeting and just decided that police could wear masks. Totally disregarding the previous rulings of seven district court judges.

4) The March 20, 1996. & April 2, 1996 case consisted of over 300 pages of evidence against me. I numbered these pages, and summarized them for Charlie so they would make sense to him. Because you are an attorney, I am sending you these pages of summarization.

5) The tax stamp trial has been postponed presently until October 1997, however, states it will be continued until the state rules on the motion to suppress.

6) A note of good news: Last week I received my Employers Identification Number for “Hemp Industries of Kansas” from the Internal Revenue Service. I filed in January 1996. They sure took their time to reply. This must mean they know it is going to happen?

Love, and thanks for the support! Looking forward to a dance.


March 6, 1998 Associated Press - I hope you enjoy the contents of the enclosed. It has taken years to acquire this information, and much effort and pain to be able to hold onto this information - In November 1992, the police kicked down my doors, wearing hoods and masks, pointing guns at my daughter and my head. Law enforcement confiscated over 500,000 pages of xeroxed data, some of which I mailed to you, and 31 copies of the book The Emperor Wears No Clothes. I received these files and books back in December of 1994 through much court action.

May 1, 1997 Please Copy and Distribute to Friends - ‘Card Party For Charlie’ As many of you are aware, I am scheduled to begin jury trial on May 19, 1997. Of many injustices that are involved with this case, that began on March 20, 1996 with the seizure of my computer which contained nothing but a research data base about the plant provided by our creator “Cannabis Sativa L Hemp.” My case is also about Kansas Marijuana Tax Stamps which became national news in 1992. See High Times August 1994.

June 12, 1995 - Wichita Department of Finance Controller's Office - For purposes of budgetary comparisons, statements presented exclude Federal Funds." Our committee would like a listing of these Federal Funds. Our committee would like to know the department in the federal government that administers the fund, the purpose of the grant, and the percentage of the grant that is considered the drug percentage by the Executive Office of the Presidents National Drug Control Strategy.

Tuesday, February 8, 1994 - It is shocking that former - CIA director James Woolsey -- at one time the chief intelligence gatherer for the whole United States -- information about his client, North American Industrial Hemp Council (NAIHC).