404.htm - Hemp To Save The Planet - Mechell’s first paper - received A-, after the Board of Education in Wichita kept it 90 days for considerations. 1991 - Hemp is a "Perennial, smooth herb with a strong, deep and branching taproot that enables it to endure a period of prolonged drought."[1] "Botanically, hemp is a member of the most advanced plant family on Earth. It is a dioecious woody, herbaceous annual that uses the sun more efficiently than virtually any other plant on our planet,reaching a robust 12 to 20 feet or more in one short growing season. It can be grown in virtually any climate or soil condition on Earth, marginal ones. Hemp is by far Earth's premier , renewable natural resource."[2] "If a farmer wanted soft

BASIC INTRODUCTORY LETTER - PLATFORM USED THROUGH OUT 1992 - I am writing to bring your attention to the global effects of Greenhouse, and what we as inhabitants of planet earth must do to immediately begin the reduction of CO2, from our atmosphere.

425.Htm - Coalition For Hemp Awareness CHA - P. O. Box 68, - - 1_22_92.hmp - Chandler Heights, AZ, 85227, - 602 945 2643 - fax 602 988 1210 - January 22, 1992 - Hi Debby, - On December 19, 991, a teleconference took place equal in statue to the drafting of the Declaration of Independence. - Nine conference calls brought together a cross section of persons and organizations who share a common objective: the Repeal of Hemp/Marijuana Prohibition. - The overall enthusiasm and commitment given by the nearly 100 participants who answered the Call of the Coalition left no doubt:

February 11, 1992 - TO: Governor Bill Clinton - 10 State Capitol - Little Rock, Arkansas, 72201 - February 25, 26, 27, 1992, we are meeting in San Antonio, TX, to choose and commit to our canidate. I know this does not leave much time allowed for you to respond. I am hoping I can present your attitude at this convention. If time does not allow, I will still share your letter in our network.

FROM: Bill Clinton for President - National Campaign Headquarters - P.O. Box 615 - Little Rock, Arkansas, 72203 - 501 372 1992 - Ffax 501 372 2292 - February 26, 1992 - Debby Moore Kansas Environmentalists for Commerce in Hemp - 2742 E. 2nd - Wichita, KS, 67214 - Dear Debby: - Thank you for taking the time to contact me. I value your opinion and appreciate your frankness. - I am running for President because of my concerns for our country, especially in the areas of health care,

In March of 1992, I bought my first tax stamp - directly from Chief - Mark D. Ciardullo of the Buisness Tax Bureau of the Kansas Department of Revenue.

Sonya Live Dr. Sonya Friedman CNN 1050 Techwood Drive, N.W., - Atlanta, GA, 30318 - March 18, 1992 - Dear Sonya Friedman: - Thank you very much for your coverage of the medicinal use of Hemp (Marijuana) during mid March, ‘92 I have presented Governor Bill Clinton with these facts, and asked him to make it part of his political platform. Last week in my home town when Hillary made a campaign stop, I had the opportunity to personally present her with my information on Energy Farmin

432.Htm - Cnn America, Inc.-Five Penn Plaza, -New York, NY, 10001-212-714-7800-Dear Viewer: -Thank you for taking the time to write and give your positve feedback. Sonya really appreciates your letters and support.

Collier Encyclopedia - The reference Service - 5225 Old Orchard Road - Skokie, Illinois, 60077 - Date: 3 22 92 - Subject: Hemp - Debby Moore - Dear Ms. Moore.We regret that we must disappoint you in regard to your recent request. We should explain that our service functions in a manner similar to that of the reference department of a general public library. As such, we are always pleased to provide photo copies of items from standard published resources available in our collections. You’re requirements are more isometric than we’re able to deal with. Therefore, we’re

922 W. Piedmont - Phoenix, Arizona, 85041 - May 6, 1992 -- Dear Environmentalists,I am glad that people are cleaning up. How and when do you get you information? I like to see people pick up trash when they’re walking. It’s really neat at school. We get to plant trees. We even have had a Mother Earth Club. I wonder if people do care about the environment. How does it feel to be an environmentalist? They’re a lot of people that do care about the environment.

1992 River Festival Activities of Drug Policy Reform Activists - May 1992 - Wichita Activists for the decriminalization of Marijuana organized themselves and gained permission of the Wichita River Festival parade committee to participate in opening night festivities. Riding in and own a heavily decorated REO antique fire wagon, the property of Seth Warren a long known “Freedom Fighter”, Libertarian, and Congressional Candidate. Unfortunately, the ‘hemp mobile’ never had the opportunity to complete the parade, for its organizers pulled them from the procession because participants were wearing hemp clothing with labels stating “this is made of hemp”.

The Note - 735.5 New Hampshire, Lawrence, KS, 66044 - 800 766 6561 Hemp Activism in Wichita - May 26, 1992 by Allen Brunson The national hemp Awareness Tour made a stop in Wichita’s Linwood Park on the 26th of May from 4 to 8 p.m. Books, patches, t-shirts, and other hemp related items were for sale. Several addressed those assembled on the value hemp could have in our society were its production and use made legal. People came and went; a crowd of about 150 were present all day during the chilly weather but festive atmosphere. Omnipresence, a band from Rose Hill, played at about 7:30.

June 4, 1992 - To Governor Bill Clinton - 210 State Capitol - Little Rock, Arkansas, 72201 - In late January, 1992, I wrote to your office and expressed my views on Hemp, and the many possibilities it has to cure the ailments of the planet, and the economy. In your reply, you thanked me for my frankness, however, your reply in general was that of a politician, and there was not meat, and no hope. *As I reread this as I inputted it into the computer, I have to shake my head how naively, how stupidly optimistic I once was. After re-reading this letter to Clinton, now I can say he knows everything I knew.*

From Bill Clinton - For President Committee - National Campaign Headquarters - P.O. Box 615 - Little Rock, Arkansas, 72203 - 501 372 1992 - Fax 501 372 2292 - June 22, 1992 Debby Moore, Founder - Kansas Environmentalists for Commerce In Hemp

August 5, 1992 - To Governor Joan Finney - Kansas State Capitol - Topeka, KS, 66612-1590 - Dear Governor Finney: - I would like to congratulate you on your excellent choice of Wichita Mayor Bob Knight as the new Secretary of Commerce and Housing for the state of Kansas. - I also want to commend you for the courage to speak favorably for Medical Hemp AKA marijuana a

August 5, 1992 - To Senator Al Gore - Clinton-Gore Campaign Headquarters - P. O. Box 615 - Little Rock, Arkansa,s 72203 - Dear Senator Gore: - My original motivation for writing you, has to do with an article that was on the front page of my city;’s newspaper during the United Nations Environmental Conference, In Brazil. I was very impressed iwth the courage you, and fellow Democratic Senators, Graham, Kerrey, and Symms, exhibited exposing the tactics of the U.S. diplomats.

August 5, 1992 - To Robert Love Senior - 700 E. 37th North - Wichita, KS, 67219 - Dear Mr. Love, - I recently made a speech to a large organization in Wichita, on “Hemp To Save The Planet”. At the conclusion of my educational seminar, a gentleman approached me and gave me your name and personal address. He asked that I write to you, for he was sure you would want to know the information I shared

Love Box Company, Inc. - P. O. Box 546 - Wichita, Kansas, 67201 - From: Robert D. Love - President - August 17, 1992 - Debby Moore, Founder- Kansas environmentalists for Commerce in Hemp - 2742 E. 2nd - Wichita, Ks, 67214 - Dear Ms. Moore: - Thank you for the Hemp study. I am contacting those who should know!

Sunday Sept 6, 1992 - The Wichita Eagle Beacon - By Frank Greve - Eagle Washington bureau - QUAYLE INTERVENTIONS FOR DRUG INDUSTRY PUZZLE MANY WHO SHY HELP NOT NEEDED. - Washington - The U.S. drug industry has gained regulatory relief worth billions of dollars from recent interventions by the White House Council on Competitiveness, headed by Vice President Dan Quayle. - It is unclear to industry experts why the financially robust drug industry needs the council’s help. In addition, critics assert that some of the council’s actions will raise costs of drugs to consumers, reduce Frank Greve - The Wichita Eagle - Wichita, KS, - September 14, 1992 - Dear Mr. Greve: -


Sunday, September 6, 1992, you had an article published, QUAYLE INTERVENTIONS FOR DRUG INDUSTRY PUZZLE MANY WHO SAY HEMP NOT NEEDED. Please reference President George Bush’s 1979 tax financial disclosure statmeent. - President George Bush, former Director of the CIA under Gerald Ford (1975 - 1977) and past director of President Reagan’s “Drug Task Force” (1981 - 1988). - After leaving the CIA in 1977, Bush was made director of Eli Lilly by none other than Dan Quayle’s father and family, who owned controlling interest in the Lilly company and the Indianapolis Stay. Dan

State of Kansas - Governor’s Office of Drug Abuse Programs - 112 Landon State Office Building - 900 Jackson - Topeka, KS, 66612-1214 - (913) 296-2584 - MEMORANDUM FROM: - Brent Bengtson, Director, Gov’s Drug Abuse Programs

Coalation for Hemp Awareness - CHA - P. O. Box 68 - Chandler Heights, AZ, 85227 - (602) 899-4814 - Fax (602) 988-1210 - September 30, 1992 - Hi Debby:Congratulations! Dr. Jeri Rose called this weekend from California and said Bill Clinton officially endorsed eythanol for fuel - Jeri says the radio program she heard touted the difference - that Bush endorses methynol which still uses petroleum.

From: Bill Clinton - Al Gore - P. O. Box 615 - Little Rock, Arkansas, 72203 - 501 372 1992 - Fax 501 372 2292 - November 1, 1992 - Debby Moore - 2742 E. 2nd - Wichita, KS, 67214 - Dear Debby: - Our Convention was a great success in no small part because you helped us reach out to the American people. And as we have continued our campaign for change, we have received a tremendous outpouring of support. The enthusiasm shown at practically every crossroads on our bus tour has been exhilarating. There is a real hunger for change and new leadership.

November 4, 1992 - International Paper Co. - 401 Kindelberger Road - Kansas City, Ks, 66115 - Resource & Development: - A couple of month’s ago, I would imagine through a referral from Robert Love, Sr. Of Love Box Company, in Wichita, I received a call from a individual with your company, who choose not to leave his name. The gentleman’s interest was in our educational literature explaining how 1 acre of hemp would produce the equivalent of 4.5 acres of trees, in paper pulp production. The gentleman and I had a wonderful twenty minute conversation, with the only conclusion of: we must all start asking why not.

City & State - Law-abiding vs. Law-breaking - Legal-hemp advocate finds tax stamps don’t stop drug charges/1D - Tuesday November 24, 1992 - by Bud Norman - Stamp of disapproval - Paying marijuana taxes just isn’t enough for the law - Picture of Debby Moore seated at a table holding a copy of “The Emperor Wears No Clothes, with a collection of US Department of Agriculture Documents from the turn of the century displayed on the

Wednesday November 25, 1992 - The Wichita Eagle City & State - Section D - By Bud Norman - Call it a Joint entreaty ‘we’re going to get legalization out of this,’ protester claims. - The young man in the intoxicating green army surplus jacket had a simple explanation for why he and about 20 friends were standing outside the Sedgwick County Courthouse on Tuesday afternoon, waving large banners with marijuana leaf designs.

Friday, December 18, 1992 - The Wichita Eagle - City & State - Section D by Hurst Laviana - Marijuana laws will go on trial - Woman bound over on two felony charges - A Wichita woman who claims that the state’s drug tax-stamp law gives her the right to sell marijuana was ordered to stand trial on felony charges Thursday after undercover officers said she had admitted selling large quantities of the drug.

November 23, 1992 - From: Debby Moore, Founder - Kansas Environmentalists for Commerce in Hemp - 2742 E. 2nd - Wichita, KS, 67214 (316) 681-1743 - Merchandise taken from the store at 2740 E. 2nd - Subject: November 16, 1992. Wichita Police raided above address, and Hemp store next door which was obviously a separate and completely different business, Debby Moore lives at 2742 E. 2nd. The search warrant was for the address of 2740 E. 2nd. On the second floor of 2740 E. 2nd, are four small apartments, with separate entrance in the rear of the building. These are numbered A, B, C, & D. Debby

451.Htm - cl123092.hmp - From Bill Clinton, Office of the President-Elect - and Vice President-Elect - P. O. Box 8086, Little Rock, AR, 72203-8086 (501) 374 3322 - 1120 Vermont Avenue, N.W., Washington, DC, 20270 (202) 973 2600 - December 30, 1992 - Debby Moore - Founder - Kansas Environmentalists For Commerce In Hemp - 2742 East 2nd - Wichita, KS, 67214 - Dear Debby: - Thank you for writing. I have been deeply touched by the many letters I have received from people who are trying to hold on to the American dream. Your letter expresses the pain and frustration felt by so many people in America today.

To: ‘Socks’ Clinton - %President-Elect Bill Clinton - 1120 Vermont Avenue, N.W., - Washington, D.C., 20270 - December 19, 1992 - Dear Socks: - I hope that you will enjoy your move to the White House. I know if you are like my three kitties, it will not be very pleasant for anyone for a while. My kitties pout for days when their routine is messed with. When your mother Chelsea was forced to tell the press to “Don’t bother the cat!”, I could thoroughly feel -


January 25, 1993 - The Wichita Eagle - Associated Press - “People” by Cheryl Levenbrown- -Quote-unquote...”Qui, j’ai eprouve de l’herbe aux chats, mais je ne m’sa jamais en rouler.” (“Yes, I treid catnop, but I didn’t roll around in it”) - one of a list of French phrases for Socks Clinton, provided by Henry Beard, author of “Advanced French for Exceptional Cats”

93 Political Platform when running for the office of Citizens Participation Organization -


Election 1993 - Isn’t it a wonderful thing that we do not get all the government that we pay for! - On April 6, once again we will be privilege to cast our vote for local officials. Hopefully, the candidate you choose will share similar ideas of government policy as you. You have until March 22 to register to vote. You can do so at most banks. - If I am elected as your community CPO representative, I would accept the challenges facing our city with the following idealism:

In 1993 Debby Moore, founder of Kansas environmentalists for Commerce in Hemp, contracted with American Telephone & Telegraph to obtain an 800 telephone number. - When Debby arranged with ATT for the service, she was hoping to get a number that actually spelled “hemp”. Debby recalls placing the number, the service representative commented that this number should bring you a lot of calls, it is easy to remember. - About two weeks later, for better than six months, the telephone at the Hemp Education Center rang literally every minute of every hour, twenty four hours a day.

The Note - March 1993 - Taxation Without Legalization - Hemp activists Debbie Moore fights - Kansas drug tax stamp hypocrisy - by C.J. Janovy - Debbie Moore was sitting two feet from the front door of her storefront shop in Wichita when the police burst in. It’s not as if such an intrusion was unexpected, Moore’s front window displays a large cardboard marijuana leaf, and the name of her business is the Hemp Store. - Moore’s store is otherwise known as the headquarters of the State Center of Kansas Environmentalists for Commerce in Hemp. In addition to selling her homemade clothing, Moore

Dan Glickman, Fourth District - Kansas - Assistant Majority Whip- - Committees: Agriculture Chairman, Subcommittee on Wheat, Soybeans and Feed Grains, Judiciary Select Committee On Intelligence, Science, Space, and Technology, Democratic Steering and Policy - 2311 Rayburn Building - Washington, DC 20515-1604 - (202) 225 6161 - Congress of the United States House of Representatives, Washington, DC, 20515-1604 - March 3, 1993 - Debby Moore - 2742 E. 2nd - Wichita, KS, 67214 - Dear Debby: - Thank you for speaking at my town meeting in February and expressing your views on the legalization of

In 1993 and 1994, Kansas Environmentalist's for Commerce in Hemp founded by Debby Moore, presented the "Kansas Cannabis Crime Prevent Act" to the Kansas State Legislature.

Cr - MONA L. FURST, 13162 - Assistant District Attorney - Sedgwick County Courthouse - 535 North Main - Wichita, Kansas, 67203 - (316) 268-7281 - IN THE EIGHTEENTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT - DISTRICT COURT, SEDGWICK COUNTY, KANSAS - CRIMINAL DEPARTMENT - THE STATE OF KANSAS, Plaintiff, - vs - DEBORA A. MOORE, Defendant - Case No. 92CR162, Div. 9 - MOTION IN LIMINE

Charles O’Hara findings regarding the courts filing of the Motion In Limine: May 6, 1993 - From 576PP2d647 - No. 48,732 - 714 - SUPREME COURT OF KANSAS - State v. Bradley - “It is fundamental to a fair trial to allow the accused to present his version of the events so that the jury may properly weigh the evidence and reach its verdict. The right to present one’s theory of defense is absolute.” - Sidebar: almost 5,000 copies of this statement, along with a copy of the above court ruling copied on one side, and the Motion in Limine on the other, was distributed on the streets between the time the intent of motion was received, and the motion hearing, which would prohibit any mention at all.

The Wichita Eagle - Local & State - Section D - Tuesday, May 18, 1993 - Faulty Search Warrant Kills Marijuana Case by Gail Randall - Picture of Debby Moore - caption Moore, Marijuana legalization activists had planned to base her defense on the fact that she paid for marijuana tax stamps. - Faulty Search Warrant Kills Marijuana Case - Wichita Police narcotics officers watched their case against Debora Moore - known as the hemp lady go up in smoke Monday. - A district judge ruled that police misled a judge into signing a search warrant for Moore’s residence.

The Wichita Eagle - Local & State - Wednesday - August 11, 1993 - Harvey County: No ‘bong show’ Pot fest urged to abide by law - by Bud Norman - Led by a Wichita woman whose motto is “Load a bowl and rock ‘n’ roll,” marijuana enthusiasts from across the state are expected to gather near Newton this month for a three-day “Mean Green Marathon Bash.” - Organizer Debby Moore is trying to work out a deal with authorities in Harvey County to allow the event to go off smoothly.

Newton Kansas - August 18, 1993 - by Bill Wilson - County authorities say they’ll crack down on pro-marijuana rally - Three-day outdoor concert scheduled for Aug. 20-22 - Harvey County authorities plan to crack down on a three-day outdoor concert scheduled for Aug. 20-22 by a Wichita pro-marijuana group. - Kansas Environmentalists for Commerce in Hemp, who founder Debby Moore of Wichita faces marijuana sale charges in Sedgwick County, is sponsoring the event at Walton’s Park, a private park that the group rented. It is located east of Newton on First Street. Several rock groups are scheduled to perform during -

Hesston High School - 200 N. Ridge Road - Box 2000 - Hesston, Kansas, 67062 - October 8, 1993 - Ms. Debby Moore - 2742 E. 2nd - Wichita, KS, 67214 - Dear Ms. Moore: - I sincerely apologize for the lateness of this note. It was my oversight, and I’m sorry. - I wish to thank you for generoulsly sharing your time with us here at the Hesston High School. Your willingness to share your viewpoint regarding hempcultivation as it relates to freedom of speech as much

State of Kansas - Office of the Governor - From: Joan finney, Governor - State Capitol, 2nd Floor - Topeka, Ks, 66612-1590 - January 12, 1994 - Members of Kansas Environmentalists for Commerce in Hemp - 2742 E. 2nd - Wichita, KS, 67214 - Dear Member: - Thank you for your letter and information regarding the legalization of marijuana. I will keep your comments in mind during the 1994 legislative session should a bill of this nature reach my desk for

Wednesday, January 12, 1994 - The Wichita Eagle - Hemp activists shutting down shop - Moore to lobby for legalization of marijuana - by Suzanne Perez Toblas - ***Picture ***Caption: “The way I see it, anything that is given to people by God - government should be allowed to tax it but not to outlaw it.” Debby Moore - Imagine a place where you can grow all the marijuana you want, where local “cannabis houses” sell joints like liquor stores sell wine, and where smoking pot is an accepted form of recreation. - Now, imagine that place is Kansas.

Woolsey makes no secret of what CIA is all about - CIA director James Woolsey, answering a question at WSU on Monday, said that the idea that a new spy plane had been developed was “a scam” - The Wichita Eagle Beacon - Tuesday, February 8, 1994 - World In Brief: - by Bud Norman To one young WSU student who posed a lengthy question about whether America should abandon the war on drugs and try a “regulatory” approach to narcotics instead, Woolsey simply said, “no.” (This young man was an activists with KECH. All the literature and information he gave the CIA agents, had my name, address, and telephone number on them.) U. S. Rep. Dan Glickman, Wichita Democrat, head of the House Select Committee on Intelligence and the man who brought Woolsey to Wichita, said the appearances heralded a new era of post-Cold War openness - or glasnost, as Woosley’s Russian counterparts might say - for America’s spies.

***Mena\Iran Contra\Glickman, House Select Committee\Bush\Clinton\Sec. Of Agriculture***

Hightimes - August6 1994 - page 26 - FREEDOM FIGHTER OF THE MONTH DEBBY MOORE: TAX STAMP ACTIVISTS By Libby Halstead - When narcotics officers with masks, shotguns and search warrant entered Debby Moore’s Wicita home the night of November 16, 1992, the first thing she said was “I have marijuana tax stamps,” and she

In 1995 former President Clinton signed EO 12919. Copies of the application, and responses from Federal governement departments included. The Department of Energy prioritized Hemp as an alternative fuel crop.

Business Alliance For Commerce In Hemp - BACH - El Cerrito, CA, May 5, 1995 - From: Chris Conrad, Global Operations Director - To: Debby Moore - - Thanks also for your yellow-covered report on Canna is Sativa L. (Hemp), which is filled with useful information, much of which was unfamiliar to me. I hope you don’t mind my using and citing it as I talk to others. Sincerely, Chris Conrad, Global Operations.

February 20, 1996 "Topekan Pressing for Tough Drug Stance", Dr. Voth stated that all legalizers were well funded, and aught to be removed from the internet. This interview in the Topeka Capital Journal was repeated a week later in Congressional Hearings, my computer disappeared two weeks after that.

The year of 1996 began with the receiving of an e-mail containing - the news clipping of an officer Trimble that was arrested in Des Moines. - Secretary of Agriculture Ron Brown had been killed in an airplane accident. His secretary has been killed - Vincent Foster murdered with gun shots

Clinton contacted the President of Addis told him they could not sell Hemp Earth Shoes in US - sent a mixed message to our children.

I sent Clinton an e-mail at the White House site, it read: " Dear Mr. President: Please read my lips: Hemp shoes are made for walking, and in the 1996 election, I hope they walk all over you." Debby Moore

E-Mailed to - Monday, March 4, 1996 - Received 03/05/96 @ 09:45:36 - Congress might increase marijuana penalities : Act now! - Dear friend, - On Wednesday, March, the house Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime will be holding a hearing to investigate the “adequacy” of existing federal penalities for marijuana-related offenses. - On November 1, 1995, the penalities for certain federal marijuana cultivation offenses were reduced as a result of an amendment to the federal sentencing guidelines which was approved by the U.S. Sentencing Commision. Although Congress had the authority to prevent this amendment from taking effect, Congress did not block the amendment. - However, U.W. Rep. Jim Bunn (R - OR) introduced a bill which would repeal the U.S. Sentencing

On the morning of March 5, I opened this e-mail - from an activists group located in Washington, D.C. I immediately went into action by composing a short response which covered a few points I thought to be important. - 1) That the GAO has documented the DEA reports that the average THC content of all the marijuana seized in the United States was less than 5%. - 2) That our bodies are bio-chemically engineered to have the properties of cannabis in our environment,

From: Clinton * Gore - P. O. Box 57277 Washington, D.C. 20037-7277 202 311 1996 - March 6, 1996 - Ms. Debby Moore 2742 E. 2nd Street State Education Center Wichita, KS, 67214-4605 - Dear Debby: - Thank you for taking the time to write. It’s important for me to know your vies and concerns, and I appreciate your candor.

The day is March 15, 1996. (Please note that - kc3_15_6.hmp this is a matter of FBI & CIA files so you will know, I am not betraying a personal trust by mentioning another name.) A friend of mine KC Steiner, who had successfully completed a term as an “Intern” in the White House in 1995, was again fulfilling the obligations as a ‘fellow’ by attending a meeting being held there. - K. C. concluded his infamous speech by presenting General McCaffey with expired Kansas Marijuana Tax Stamps I had purchased, my 1995 publication, additional literature that had the ‘State Education Center’ address, phone number, my name, ect, as contact person.

November 20, 1996 I am writing to let friends of mine who have been worried about the massive list of felony charges that have recently been filed against me. I will share details later. Today I was assigned Dec. 4, 1996 for my Preliminary Hearing. The state is calling in 27 witnesses against me. - The state is going for life in prison for me.

Debby Moore, Founder Kansas Environmentalists for Commerce in Hemp State Education Center & Political Action Headquarters Elected CPO District 1, Wichita, KS Kansas State Lobbyists 2742 E. 2nd Wichita, KS, 67214 (316) 681-1743 December 15, 1996 To: Neeraj Khemlani ABC News 157 Columbus Avenue New York, NY, 10023 Dear Mr. Khemlani:As per our recent e-mail communication, I hope you will find the enclosed summary of quotes from my 400,000 page data library enlightening. I must apologize for sending only summaries, however, it

In 1997 through continuous efforts of Kansas State Lobbyists Debby Moore, Kansas State Senator Corbin introduced legislation: SCR 1605. Later the same year, the Kansas Department of Commerce received a letter from the Drug Enforcement Adminstration informing the state they would make it economically non-feasible should they proceed.

Hemp World - P.O. Box 550, - Forestville, CA, 95436 - Editor-in-Chief: Mari Kane - Summer 1997 - HEMP POLITICS - Wichita Voters Want Moore Hemp - Debby Moore, Founder of Kansas environmentalists for Commerce in Hamp, was re-elated to another four year term as a Citizens Participation Organization Representative, advising the Wichita city council.

The National Registry of Who’s Who - ...An American Tradition - American Biographical Publications - 2297 Middle Country Road, Centereach, New York, 11720 - Phone (516) 981-2082 - Fax (516) 981-3284

From: Gary E. Johnson - Governor - January 7, 2000 - john1_00 Dear Ms. Moore: - Thank you for your kind words of support for my position on drug legalization. I am overwhelmed at the high level of response I am receiving - from nearly every state in the union and nearly every demographic group. - The concept of legalizing drugs is an issue on which reasonable people can disagree, and the feedback I am receiving illustrates this point. Regardless of whether people accept our position, it is terrific that they

Debby Moore, January 21, 2001 Response to Initial/Final Order Position: The Department of Revenue knew, or should have known law enforcement had in its possession in cash seized $2,026.10 at the time it filed its assessment of $2,866.50, and tax receipts for $700. worth of Kansas Marijuana Tax Stamps. Or 99.06% of the tax it was filing assessment requiring taxes to be paid.

I was always informed that law enforcement would do everything within their power to minimize the existence of tax stamps. As proved by the following court evidence, law enforcement took all the tax stamp receipts when they invaded my property on March 20, 1996. During this invasion they took very few physical tax stamps. When they returned April 2, 1996 they took all the physical tax stamps.