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Political Platforms & PersonalPublished Research 1990 to 2007 - (My Most Significant Research Work Free)
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FreeWill - a beautiful energy.      Mr President I want to grow the Cannabis plant in my garden.
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Hemp: Historical research data-base covering two thousand years.
Political Platforms & PersonalPublished Research 1990 to 2007 - (My Most Significant Work Free)
            Excerpts from Joan Bello - words to feel happy
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To research this site - go to google search - (for instance to find all references to research on bio diesel fuel formula)
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Other Interest of Debby Moore In Addition to Passion for Decriminalizing Cannabis
* Designer Fashion Originals by Debby's, Couturiere and Artist,
* Wicken & Renaissance Extreme Costuming.
* Games - 3D Stack a Rock,        Rocks for Jewelry Making & Collectors
* Vann Indian Family & Vann Cherokee Wildlife Sanctuary
Purchase of Items Support Lobby Costs & Food for Sanctuary Animals
DebbyMoore, the hemplady, a folk hero listed in the 1998 Who's Who in America, Freedom Fighter of the month, August 1994, a researcher, public speaker, publisher, lobbyists, community and global activists of Cannabis Sativa L Hemp. For two decades, Debby has been an elected or appointed representative of her district on many citizen boards to plan the direction of future city and state policies. Registered State Lobbyists for Industrial Hemp, and marijuana decriminalization, since 1970. (Debby Moore - pictures ) Kansas Environmentalists for Commerce in Hemp was Founded by , DebbyMoore, also known as 'The Hemplady', original web-site began 1990 as hemplady@fn.net & hemplady@feist.com. Both ISP compaines have been consumed.

Whether you thinkyoucan, or you think you can't - you're right!
Must Read: Posted: November 13, 2007
Contact me: (316) 524 6001 - Debby Moore, Director of Research - P. O. Box 48258 - Wichita, Kansas, (Photo's 1800's) 67201-48258, - debby  AT  hempforus  DOT  com *** be sure to place Hemp Industries of Kansas in subject line.
I am a magnet attracting to myself the people, the places, the circumstances of life which harmonize with the nature of my dominating thoughts, to be instrumental in the decriminalization of cannabis sativa L hemp aka marijuana; care for the animals I share the Vann Cherokee Wildlife Sanctury with: to gain ownership of the land, and an operation budget so we will all have a home to be safe therein. Through these forces I can commune with infinite intelligence, and enter at will, the vast store house of the sub-conscious mind. Either my own, or that of some-one else, living, or dead, a process which is all there is to genius.  I want to build a home of hemp fiber board.